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Based on: The Omega Man by Richard Matheson


Edgar Brutian

EXT.DOWNTOWN CHICAGO-NIGHT NATHAN and JACKSON running and gunning Zombies NATHAN Jackson they’re over taking us just call Reggie and tell him to bring the truck and trap and let’s go! JACKSON There are too many of them we can’t capture one yet! Nathan shoots down a big group of zombies. NATHAN It’s either tonight or tomorrow, Reggie said that there are a big group coming from a different city, he said they are crawling underground. JACKSON When will they arrive? NATHAN They are almost here! It will take about a day for them to dig their way out! So basically most of them will be out and about in Chicago the day after tommorow. Jackson trips over a rock and a big group of zombies converges onto him. Jackson opens fire and most of them die, at the same time he runs out of ammo and a zombie crawls onto him it’s about to bite and finish him, but Nathan shoots it and the other remaining zombies. JACKSON Thanks! I think we can capture one now. Jackson takes out his phone and quickly calls Reggie while Nathan covers him. Jackson put his phone away and guns a lot of zombies down. NATHAN They won’t stop coming! JACKSON We still took out a big number of them.




NATHAN Your right about that. Jackson and Nathan look back and they see some headlights and see Reggie’s black face in the window. NATHAN Here’s our ride home. The car pulls up and Reggie steps out holding a pistol and the contraption that would capture Zombies. REGGIE Hey Boys! How you holdin up? NATHAN AND JACKSON Shut up and set the trap up! REGGIE Chill dudes! Im working! Reggie is working on the trap for a while Nathan and Jackson shoot down the Zombies. REGGIE Alright it’s finished! JACKSON Okay Reggie stand behind the trap and the Zombies will be lured to you. Once one steps into the trap you shoot the remaining Zombies with your pistol and the trap will do it’s own work. REGGIE I ain’t gettin eaten by no zombie! NATHAN AND JACKSON Reggie! Do it! REGGIE Ok, Ok! Reggi stands behind trap while Nathan and Jackson watch. A zombie steps into the trap and before they hear the click of the trap shutting Reggie opens fire on the rest of the zombies. NATHAN Reggie now take the rope and drag the trap.




Reggie grabs the rope and starts dragging the trap to the truck. JACKSON Reggie when you reach the truck pick the trap up and throw it into the car. The Zombie won’t bite it should still be confused about the trap. When Reggie reached the truck he quickly threw the trap containing the Zombie onto the back of the truck and got in to the drivers seat. REGGIE Alright finished come on! Jackson and Nathan get in the car and Reggie drives Forward and does a U turn running over some zombies in the process. CUT TO: INT.CAR-NIGHT NATHAN Now we have the zombie, but we don’t have the vaccine. JACKSON Well Gordon back at the house should have a start on the vaccine. He has probably started on Rats. I mean we have the original infection. It started with a Cure for Alzheimer’s and now we have to find a counter. CUT TO: EXT.DRIVEWAY-TOWNHOUSE-DAWN All get out of the Truck. Jackson picks up the Trap and puts it down all the while trying not to get in the Zombies bite zone. He takes the rope and drags the trap to the door. Reggie opens the door and they all walk in. CUT TO:


INT.TOWN HOUSE-DAWN Jackson drags the trap in to the house and drags it to a corner. REGGIE Gordon we home! GORDON I’m home too! NATHAN We have your zombie! Gordon comes around a corner looking pale. JACKSON What happened? Gordon hides something on his arm. GORDON I was up all night trying the possible vaccines that we had earlier. None of them have had effect on the zombie rats in the past 2 hours. NATHAN Well we have the zombie so you can test your vaccine on that. We’re not trying to vaccinate the rats we’re trying to vaccinate the zombies. They’re the ones that count. GORDON Just give me the zombie and I’ll test. I’ve thrown away 49 vaccine test tubes maybe number 50 will be the one. REGGIE Hopefully it will be. JACKSON Did you make us dinner? GORDON Yep, the pizza is in the fridge.




REGGIE Pizza! I havn’t had that since the infection started. I even saw the Man on TV who had said he had found the cure to Alzheimer’s. CUT TO: INT. DINER-NIGHT-2 YEARS IN PAST Reggie sits waiting for his Pizza to come. He watches the TV in the diner. TV ANCHOR So Mr.Brown you have found a cure for Alzheimer’s, how do you feel about it? MR.BROWN You know it’s kind of great that I found a cure for a disease which devastates many elderly. TV ANCHOR It’s worked on over 1000 people already! It’s free right now, do you plan on making it cost? MR.BROWN No I do not. I don’t plan on making people pay to fix what they don’t deserve. TV ANCHOR So that’s Mr.Brown everybody. Thank you for being with us Mr.Brown. MR.BROWN No, thank you. Reggie’s pizza comes. WAITRESS Great man isn’t he? REGGIE Yeah(with doubt) CUT TO:


INT.TOWN HOUSE-DAWN-PRESENT All the men are eating pizza while Gordon is downstairs with the zombie trying the vaccine. GORDON Guys! Guys! One of the rats is stable and non-aggresive! NATHAN Jesus let’s go down. CUT TO: INT.TOWN HOUSE-LAB-DAWN Nathan, Jackson, and Reggie go downstairs to the lab. Gordon "escorts" them to the rat section and points out the rat. The rat is calm and slowly walking around. GORDON I gave them all the virus and waited 1 day. Now I gave them all a different vaccine and only 1 is calm, the others are either dead or they are aggressive. REGGIE It’s amazing! NATHAN Now do it on the zombie! JACKSON Holy Crap! It’s awesome. GORDON Yep. It’s pretty cool, but now we have to do it on the zombie. Gordon takes a needle filled with liquid from a small cabinet labeled G3-13. He then walks to the zombie and injects the IV leading to the zombie. The zombie is hooked up to and Oxygen, BP, and Heartbeat machine. Right now the Heartbeat is 250. GORDON Well we will know how the zombie is tomorrow, right now we need some sleep.



7. NATHAN We sure do.

They all go to bed, but Gordon stays behind. He looks at the bite on his arm. CUT TO: INT.TOWN HOUSE-LAB-DAWN-PAST Gordon injects an infected rat with a sedative. He waits a while and then picks up the sedated zombie rat. He studies it’s features and then it’s eyes open. The sedative didn’t work and it turns out the rat was faking. It bites his arm and runs away. CUT TO: INT.TOWN HOUSE-LAB-DAWN-PRESENT GORDON (To Himself) Now I am infected and we have a zombie rat somewhere in the house. This vaccine better work. He walks to the cabinet and takes out G3-13. e injects himself in the arm. He then prays. CUT TO: INT.TOWN HOUSE-GORDONS BEDROOM-MORNING Gordon wakes up in zombie form. Gordon is a zombie and the vaccine didn’t work. He walks to the door and walks downstairs. CUT TO: INT.TOWN HOUSE-MORNING All the guys are eating. REGGIE Man where Gordon at? NATHAN Probably still sleeping. They hear a thump, thump, thump going down the stairs. (CONTINUED)



REGGIE What you doing there Gordon? ZOMBIE GORDON RAAAHHHHHHH! Zombie Gordon then runs down the stairs and runs at them. JACKSON Oh my God! He’s a zombie! Zombie Gordon then jumps over the counter with his increased senses and powers. Nathan who luckily has gun on him at all times pulls it out and fires a whole magazine into what used to be Gordon’s Chest. Zombie Gordon then falls on the floor. NATHAN He must’ve gotten infected yesterday. That’s why he was pale. Nathan then walks to Zombie Gordon’s limp body and studies it for bites. JACKSON Get back! He could still be alive, He can still bite you! NATHAN The bite has to be lethal, Im immune to the virus remember? JACKSON Oh Sorry. Forgot. Nathan looked all around Gordon’s body and found some marking on his arms. NATHAN They bit his arms. Nathan further examinated him more for other marking and saw a band-aid on his other arm. NATHAN I think he tryed to vaccinate himself. It didn’t work thought. REGGIE Lets see what happened to the zombie. The 3 guys walk downstairs to the labratory. Jackson took his gun with him.


INT.TOWN HOUSE-LAB-MORNING Nathan walks in the room first and turns the lights on. Right when the lights turn on he sees something scurry. NATHAN There is something in here. Jackson your gun. JACKSON Alright here you go. Jackson gives Nathan his gun. Nathan takes the gun and fires where he thought he saw the thing run into to. There is a moan and a thump. NATHAN Well whatever that was it’s dead. They all go to check out the thing and it’s a rat, a zombie rat. REGGIE That’s what infected Gordon. How’s the zombie though? Nathan walks to where the zombie is and looks at it. The zombie has developed smoother skin, it’s iris’ have turned from yellow to green. NATHAN It’s amazing. It worked and it probably only works on zombies that are fully developed. When Gordon took it earlier he wasn’t fully developed.s

Zombie Infection  

Zombie Infection by Edgar

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