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Amanda Bynes plastic surgery is never new. She is open about this and she even had her pictures posted on Twitter with the current look she has after plastic surgery. But there is just one thing that she is consistently saying. Amanda Bynes plastic surgery is said to be done to cover up the birth defects she has. But looking at her old photos, you may see that there have been no evident birth defects and she totally looks good with it. But, she claims of feeling the insecurities before surgeries were made because of this defects that she believes it is best to have it corrected.

Though Amanda Bynes plastic surgery is openly talked about, this lady has gathered a lot of public scrutiny still. One is people believing that she had never had major defects in the first place and this is just used as an excuse to undergo surgery. Just try to look and compare the pictures of her and you will see that she even looked good.

Amanda Bynes’ life has been one that people closely monitors. From a child star who has been involved in Nickelodeon shows to having the show of her own, she is really someone worth following. Then up to her teenage years when she starred at famous movies that made a boost on her career.

One of her reasons for having plastic surgery is her problem in between her eyes. She said that she grew up having webbing where the skin is abnormally stretched in between her eyes.

This is not that bad at all though as her pictures before the surgery may tell that she really looked beautiful even when she had the “supposed� birth defect. But then again, when she got the chance, the surgery did go on. It did not take a single surgery though beca

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