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Get Fit and Toned with Tummy Tuck San Francisco There is nothing sexier than a lean and trim tummy. It streamlines the figure for men and adds a cinched-waisted, hourglass appearance for women. But yet, the stomach area is the one place that most are insecure with and have the hardest time trying to get rid of. Belly fat is notorious for being difficult to shed all the fat and no amount of crunches, sit-ups and extreme diet can trim down the flabby belly. Fortunately, Tummy Tuck San Francisco is a surgical procedure that is designed to smooth out and flatten the tummy area to give a sexier, leaner figure that anyone would want to want to show off. By removing the excess skin and fat, this procedure will reveal and accentuate the abdomen muscles underneath.

No matter what circumstances causes those to want this procedure, a lot of people can be candidates for tummy tuck Bay Area: women whose abdomen frame has been weaken through pregnancy or aging, excess fat that won’t budge from the lower skin area or extreme weight loss that results in sagging skin.

During the initial consultation, the doctor and patient will discuss the specific areas and trouble spots that patients want to be targeted. Digital photography and computer imaging will be used during the consultation to go over the before and after results from the procedure. The doctor will also perform a physical examination to review the skin’s elasticity, any existing scars, level of fat removal, and nature of the underlying muscle framework.

After the consultation to ensure that patient will experience the smoothest procedure that will produce the best results, Tummy Tuck San Francisco can began. There are actually two different

types of tummy tucks that caters to how extreme the loss of fat and skin would be. The complete abdominoplasty suits those that require the abdomen be trimmed from hipbone to hipbone to for the maximum level of fat removal. There, the doctor will contour the skin, muscles, and tissues to design the patient’s ideal figure. Because the belly button must be freed from the surrounding tissue during the procedure, the patients will be drafted out a new one.

On a different scale, those that just need a minute nip and tuck will benefit from a partial or mini tummy tuck San Francisco. This type of surgery specifically targets the fat deposits that rest below the navel. An endoscope, a small camera at the end of a tube, will be used to make the sure the fat removal is precise and accurate.

Recovery period may either be short or long depending on which procedure was performed. No matter if it is complete or mini Tummy Tuck Bay Area, all incision sites will be stitched and bandaged. Patients must rest in bed and avoid strenuous exercise as the doctor directs. And in no time, any man or woman can achieve the streamlined and trimmed look and has been hiding underneath all this time!

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Get Fit and Toned with Tummy Tuck San Francisco  
Get Fit and Toned with Tummy Tuck San Francisco Itstreamlines the figure for men and adds a cinched-waisted, hourglass appearance for women. But yet,...