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Is your body having trouble bouncing back after you had your baby? Time for a Mommy Makeover!

It is pretty common knowledge that the majority of the effects of childbirth are unfavorable on a woman’s body: the abdominal muscles stretch, stretch marks appear on parts of the body they’ve never appeared before, weight has been gained on every square inch of the body, etc. For a small group of lucky women, however, these unfavorable effects of childbirth seems to escape them. After giving birth, their bodies immediately revert back to its pre-pregnancy state, but with new curves and overall, a more aesthetically-pleasing figure- all without the aid of strenuous exercising and strict dieting. But the majority of women will all experience more or less the same thing: the inability of their bodies to get back to their prepregnancy states, even with daily exercise and a calorie-counting, fat-free diet. There is a good chance that every single one of these women will deploy everything in their arsenal of weightloss know-how to bring their bodies back to a place that they once were. But, unfortunately, all their trials-and-errors will have been in vain: there are certain things a pregnancy can do to a woman’s body that makes it near impossible to get back a pre-pregnancy figure after the birth of a child. For many women who have just had a child, a Tummy Tuck in San Francisco may be the answer to their post-pregnancy body woes. Many women will get muscle damage, especially women who have larger-than-average babies, near their abdominal areas, making losing weight via exercise in those areas after pregnancy incredibly difficult to do on their own. These women will most likely need a little help to have their pre-pregnancy bodies return. Almost all women will experience some sagging and skin elasticity loss in their breasts region after nursing their children. This is due to the fact that while nursing, the breasts will have swelled and filled up with the milk that is necessary to nurture the woman’s child or children. However, once breast-feeding ceases and the breasts return to their normal volume, the woman will more than likely find that her breast skin will not revert to its normal elasticity, meaning that while the size of the breasts will have returned to a similar size as their pre-pregnancy state, the breast skin will not be so fortunate, leaving behind excess, loose skin in which to house the breasts. These women will find that their breasts will benefit most from a breast lift. There are a good number of women out there who need help in more than one area of their bodies after pregnancy. For these women, the best course of bringing their bodies back to their

pre-pregnancy figure is to undergo a Mini Tummy Tuck San Francisco or a Mommy Makeover in San Francisco. A mommy makeover is essentially three individual cosmetic surgeries customized specifically for new mothers: a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a breast lift (with or without breast implants, whichever is needed or preferred).

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