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The Highlights of the Wedding a Camera Should Capture The wedding photos are, perhaps, important aspects overlooked by some couples who are planning their Big Day. While they may think it’senough to keep a thing or two documented, it’s always better if the couple has specific ideas about which parts of the wedding are worthy of the camera’s flash. This is because they’re not just doing photography to fill their beautifully designed wedding album; they’re also creating a story that they can look back on for years to come. Below are some of the wedding highlights the couple and the photographer should focus on.

Pre-Ceremony Moments Couples should include these moments in their album, as these will show how the people around them, especially their families, helped them in making the Big Day a reality. Such moments include the time when the bride’s parents shake hands with the groom (or vice versa), bridesmaids dressing the bride, or when the best man fixes the groom’s lapel.

Handing the Bride Over Across different cultures and over many generations, it’s been customary to include in the ritual the physical and symbolic manifestation of handing the daughter to her husband. Photographers should capture this, as this moment will show everyone how great the bride’s parents’ trust is.

The Kiss Needless to say, this symbolic action is perhaps the biggest highlight of the ceremony. The photographer should be very careful when capturing it, as the smooch can be quick and may lose its candidness when reenacted. The photographer may also make arrangements with the couple prior to the ceremony so he will know from what angle he should capture the moment.

The Most Important Guests This wedding is the right moment to gather the people who are dear to the couple. The photographers should capture the guests in print while they’re socializing and enjoying the fine frenzy. It should include grandparents, closest friends, and respected advisers. You may also rent a photo booth to have photos that are casual and can be easily given away as souvenirs.

Of course, the couples and the photographers are free to choose what other moments to capture. But they must be sure they also choose a great wedding album design that will make the photographs more special. SOURCES:

The highlights of the wedding a camera should capture  

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