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Monday Night Combat I have tested the new game called “Monday Night Combat” it is a third-person game where you can play as six classes Engineer, Assault, Assassin, Medic, Tank and Sniper. The game is all about destroying the opponents so called “Money Ball” together with your bots. And you defend your money ball with your turrets that you can upgrade with the money you get from killing the opponent and their bots and you can upgrade your skills to be stronger so that you can survive longer from the opponents.


Assassin: When you are an assassin it is all about sticking to the shadows and wait for the opponent to come to you and kill them with your blade without them noticing you. Assassins have weak armor and they have fast and strong attacks so that you can take out your opponent fast and easy. Assault: Assault class is an ordinary soldier that has

even offense and defense. Assault is about leading your team in to combat and burst the opponents with damage from your assault rifle as fast as you can and to secure the rest of the team so that they can advance forward to the opponents so called “Money Ball”.

Engineer: Engineers take care about the turret so

that they can become more powerful to protect the “Money Ball” from the opponents. Engineers can

also make a lot of damage against opponents with his shotgun and he can cover for pretty much the whole team with his mechanical traps that put out a lot of damage to.

Medic: Medic does pretty much as the name tells

you they can heal harmed allies and do a little damage against opponents and they can also set up small booby trap to damage opponents.

Tank: Tanks are the ones with the most defense and

they also have pretty much power to do damage. Tanks are about standing in front and take the damage up front and covering for the rest of the team and do damage against the opponents assassins.

Sniper: Snipers are the ones that stand somewhere

high up and shooting down the opponents from far away. They are like the assassins they have little armor but have high damage and a very good eye for headshot on targets.

After playing

After I tested the game I wanted to play the game again because it had such thrilling effect on you. You only wanted to get back in the game and sit down and kill the opponents to win and get cash for better upgrades but the funniest thing about the game is that you can play it with your friends and playing it together with someone is much funnier than playing alone.

Micro transactions vs. Initial game price

This is the safest one of the three but it limits the amount of money you can pull in.

The decision when creating a game or releasing it is the way of witch they’re going to make money on it. It can be about three different methods of payment witch are F2P (Free To Play), one time buy or Subscription-based.

Subscription-based games are the biggest moneymaker of them all because if you want to keep playing it you have to keep paying them. This method is the most profitable of them but also have the most expenses tied to them as you need to have a constant support channel up and keeping the servers up a all times For the free to play ones they rely on them selling with very few exceptions of a update. The problem a lot of in-game items for real money however the game itself does not cost anything at all. And there are with this is that they have to keep on creating more several pros and cons for this. Free allows for people and more stuff on the game so that people will keep to try the game out first before they actually get into playing it, and have events so that people have soit. However a con is that you will not make a big pool mething to compel them to keep playing and setting of initial money and you cannot be sure that you will up own personal goals within the game. This is done actually have anyone that is going to buy something through constant updates and changes and also trough expansions and more content. within the game. Free to play is the most risky one but can be extremely The One time buy games have been dominating the market for the most of the years however subscripprofitable later on if the game is a success. tion-based games took them by surprise and became bigger than ever. One time buy games are now a days the worst of them all in my opinion. However there is again some pros However more and more realize that people love free and cons for it. A pro is that they can be a huge suc- stuff and to try the game before spending money on it. More and more developers choose to get their games cess and sell an extraordinary amount of copies of free to play as it can be more profitable further on their game however even more will get stolen from and easier to keep up. Take Bloodline Champions or them in the long run. Also if you sell this kind of games you can be sure that it will die sooner or later Champions on-line as examples, one of them was Subas there will not be any developers updating the game scription-based and the other one time buy however as they won’t be making more money out of it in the they choose to go free to play with huge success. This future unless they plan to put out another game with proves that Free to play may very well be the future of the same ground as the last game, compelling people the gaming industry. to get the next one as well.


How good dead space than was and is disturbed myself that the player rarely rewarded with more Dead Space from EA is sure to please any action- than a new, similar task. Dead Space 2 is designed in exactly the same way, the difference here is that I adventure gamer looking for a bloody battle feel that it is at least moving forward when you have against deadly aliens. performed a task. You can maybe try some varied Dead Space for PC begins when a massive mining gameplay, you may find something useful, perhaps a ship, the USG Ishimura, comes in contact with pause for breath or discover new environments in a a mysterious alien artifact and suddenly loses its different way than you could do in Dead Space.

communications with Earth. Engineer Isaac Clarke is sent to repair the Ishimura’s communications, Equipment Changes but arrives to find a floating vessel that has become a complete bloodbath. The crew is mutilated and On the weapons front, it has not happened like infected with an ancient alien scourge. Clarke’s repair mission is transformed to one of that very much. I belong to the band that played survival as he fights to save himself and return the through all the dead space with only plasma cutter as a weapon and it did go very well, I felt artifact to the planet at any cost. honestly never any need for a new weapon. In Dead Space 2, you get access to some new opportunities as well as the old. For example, you can ’Review use the Javelin Gun to poke Necromorphs for a happy life. Seeker is a pure military weapon that Something I bothered me a bit on the dead space delivers a punch that almost resembles as a shotwas the fact that it never seemed to get ahead, but gun, with the slight difference that you can zoom only sideways. Each time they were performing a in and use it in the distance. For those who want mission, repairing something, for example, was so- to be a little tactical is also a weapon that can mething else on the USG Ishimura break and then emit mines that can maim enemy quite firmly on had to go there and fix that problem and so it went the wrong pedal. through more or less the whole game.

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Sources: Dead Space is a self made articale with out any sources because he had played both of the games in order. F2P is a self made articale on speculations about free to play games and games you pay to play. Monday Night Combat: review-monday-night-combat/ articles/111/1111207p1.html

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