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H257 happy birthday to you!

H219 have a strappy birthday! cha cha cha!

H203 happy birthday wild thing!

H212 happy birthday to you!

H221 two hugs & one kiss! happy birthday

H202 happy birthday girlfriend!

H210 happy birthday!

H258 wishing you a very sweet sweet birthday!

H223 happy birthday happy birthday to you!

H264 happy birthday!

H263 three cheers for your birthday!

H259 happy birthday to you!

H266 happy birthday to you!

H236 happy birthday! cheers!

H235 cheers! happy birthday!

H262 wishing you the sweetest birthday ever! p 914 282 5050 f 914 241 2648


birthday H256 “3 wishes”

a happy birthday wish (and two to spare)


“redeem for one wish” wish token happy birthday

H217 happy, happy birthday!

H265 happy birthday to you!

H246 bar mitzvah H247 bat mitzvah congratulations!

H248 bar mitzvah H249 bat mitzvah

H237 bar mitzvah H238 bat mitzvah

H225 happy birthday to you!

H205 hap-py birth-day to inside: you!

H245 happy birthday!

H250 wishing you a sparkling birthday!

H275 a little birdie told me it’s your birthday!

H269 happy birthday to you!

H270 happy birthday to you!

H267 happy birthday to you!

H268 happy birthday to you! p 914 282 5050 f 914 241 2648


birthday H273 happy birthday to someone special

H276 wishing you a fabulous, fantastic frosting-filled birthday!

H274 happy birthday to a very special person!

H277 wishing you a fabulous, frosting-filled birthday!

a birthday wish for you...

H281 wishing you the sweetest birthday!

H278 wishing you the sweetest birthday!

H279 a birthday wish for you...

H280 it’s a birthay celebration!

B201 oh baby!

B212 oh baby!

baby B222 two peas in the pod!

B205 baby shower!

B202 oh baby! baby!

B203 Pink Rick Rack B204 White Rick Rack oh baby! p 914 282 5050 f 914 241 2648


baby B215 congratulations!

B223 sweet baby girl

B226 first communion

B218 Pink Bead, B219 Blue Bead B220 Yellow Bead christening

B208 baby shower!

B209 baby

B207 congratulations!

B224 sweet baby boy

B210 oh baby!

B229 congratulations on your first holy communion

B221 christening

B225 confirmation

B235 baby shower!

B234 little princess!

B214 oh baby!

B211 oh baby! p 914 282 5050 f 914 241 2648


love &


A205 a perfect pair... happy anniversary!

L205 “redeem for one kiss” kiss token

A206 a perfect pair... happy anniversary!

L204 “good for one roll in the hay” love token

A201 happy anniversary!

L206 “redeem for one hug” hug token

L201 “xox”

L209 i love you

L202 olive you! p 914 282 5050 f 914 241 2648

engagement &




E205 congrats on your engagement! you kissed the right frog!

E206 congrats on your rock!

W212 with best wishes on your wedding day...

if the world is your oyster you’ve found your pearl. congratulations on your wedding!

W206 for your wedding...

W219 for your wedding

(made with real pearls)

W221 wishing you a wonderful wedding day

W222 congratulations to the perfect couple!

E204 congrats on your engagement!

W211 happy wedding!

W218 for your bridal shower

E201 congratulations on your rock!

W215 congratulations on your wedding!

w220 (shower)

with much happiness on your bridal shower

W217 (wedding)

wishing you a beautiful wedding

W224 bridal shower!

W223 for your wedding shower! p 914 282 5050 f 914 241 2648


thank you

T208 thank you thank you thank you very much!

T209 thank you so much!

S207 with deepest sympathies...

S208 with deepest sympathy...

T207 thanks a bunch!

T213 thank you so much!

T211 you are such a peach! thank you so, so much!

sympathy S204 with deepest sympathy

S201 with sympathy

S210 with deepest sympathy (made with real pearls)

S203 with deepest sympathy

S209 with deepest sympathy...

S205 with sympathy

S211 with deepest sympathy... p 914 282 5050 f 914 241 2648


other categories

M202 princess

M223 let’s celebrate! whoopie!

M228 get well soon!

M222 prince

M216 wishing all birdies & eagles to my favorite golfer

M214 get well very soon!

M219 good luck!

M229 good luck!


M215 congratulations!

“good for one favor” happy birthday! favor token

M208 get well soon!

M232 thinking of you p 914 282 5050 f 914 241 2648

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