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Tom Hanlon Client, Visiting Nurse Association of Tulsa

Tulsa Area United Way

An Historic Year

A Joint Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the President and CEO


he Tulsa Area United of us – whether we give, Way experienced a truly receive or both. From all historic year in 2013. of us associated with the Tulsa Area United Way, a For the first time in its 89- heartfelt thanks to each and year history, our United every one of you who parWay surpassed $26 million ticipated in the campaign. during the annual campaign for the community. The surplus provided us with a unique and excitAt the annual Unite! Cel- ing opportunity to further ebration in November, strengthen our investmembers of the Tulsa ments in the community, Area United Way fam- including much-needed ily announced that, to- additional funding for gether, we raised a total partner agencies, as well of $26,159,826 to help as our new Community improve the lives of our Collaborations and Venfriends and neighbors. ture Grants initiatives. The astonishing amount was $959,826 beyond ou r or ig i na l goa l of $25,200,000. This success is truly a testament to the deep and far-reaching generosity of our community, and places the Tulsa Area United Way among the most elite United Way organizations in the U.S. The record-breaking 2013 campaign belongs to all

The Community Collaborations encourage local non-profit organizations to work together in addressing broad-based community needs, such as homelessness or neighborhood improvement. The Venture Grants program provides funding to jump start new and creative approaches to community challenges. Both programs foster innovation, shared responsibility and efficiency among agencies in


making the Tulsa area a better place to live, work and raise a family. This year, our United Way will continue to drive collaborative responses among funders, partner agencies and other organizations to address some of our community’s greatest social challenges. 2014 promises to bring exciting challenges and opportunities, and we look forward to conducting another highly successful campaign.

Chet Cadieux Chairman, Board of Directors 2013

Mark R. Graham President and CEO

I feel better

EVERY DAY and you can’t put a PRICE on that

Mark R. Graham President and CEO Tulsa Area United Way Margo Smith Client, YWCA Tulsa


Tulsa Area United Way Building Blocks

Our Vision

The Tulsa Area United Way envisions a community where all individuals and families achieve their full human potential.

Our Mission

The Tulsa Area United Way unites people and resources to improve lives and build a stronger community.

What Makes Us Unique?

The Tulsa Area United Way is the heartbeat of our community, bringing people and resources to bear on our most pressing social issues. We are the only nonprofit organization in the six-county area funding 61 partner agencies whose critical services deliver the three building blocks to a better life: Education, Financial Stability, and Health/Safety. By focusing on these essential building blocks, community volunteers, along with the United Way, help identify urgent community needs and ensure that all donations are wisely invested to meet the highest identified necessities. The funds target community initiatives and help sustain our 61 partner agencies in providing services for citizens of every age and circumstance, through all stages of their lifetimes from prenatal to end-of-life.



Our Process All contributions have a direct and profound impact on improving the lives of people you know – living in your neighborhood, attending your children’s school, working alongside you every day. In addition to meeting the needs of our community, these combined donations also create a significant economic return on investment in this six-county area. A recent research study shows that our United Way is truly an economic engine for this community: • For every dollar given, our partner agencies leveraged an additional $11.30 from other resources • Our investment in partner agencies directly and indirectly supported 5,760 jobs


submitted funding requests



spent 5 months reviewing community needs and agency effectiveness




• Annual economic impact was $285,544,318 The economic and social impact of the Tulsa Area United Way is far-reaching. This is why our United Way exists: to improve lives and build a stronger community by bringing citizens together to give, advocate and volunteer. The Tulsa Area United Way Economic Impact Study was completed in December 2012 by the Community Service Council with assistance from the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University.

contributed to assess and recommend wise investments of your dollars



assessed recommendations and determined final campaign goal




raised in 2013 by over 2,000 volunteers and more than 47,000 donors




in the six-county area last year



% of TAUW FUNDING invested in

Including: Family and individual counseling n Youth development and mentoring n Family/parental education n High school completion n Early childhood development



youths participated in Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS) Education and Outreach Program, increasing knowledge about domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.



children and teens were provided a safe and nurturing place to develop socially through Youth at Heart’s Recreation and Sports Program.


at-risk youth received character training b y Yo u t h a t Heart to motivate them to a life of excellence and community service.

We Believe‌

Education is a fundamental building block to a better life. That is why TAUW and its partner agencies support lifelong learning from the youngest members of our community to its most senior citizens through educational information, training or counseling.


% o f deaf ind iv id ual s participating in the TSHA, Inc. Independent Living program implemented their own plan for self sufficiency.

,000 2 10,000 MORE THAN


individuals gained a better understanding of people with developmental disabilities and the services available to them through education from Tulsa Advocates for the Rights of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (TARC).

girls were introduced to Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma through partnerships with 40 Tulsa and Union Public Schools, allowing them to participate in bully prevention training.

everyone deserves a quality education for success in life from the youngest members of our community to its most senior citizens.


Tulsa Boys’ Home taught me


Jesus J. Client, Tulsa Boys’ Home

From Rebellion to Responsibility Jesus J. is a man of few words, but he could admit he was in trouble and needed help. That help came in the form of Tulsa Boys’ Home. A regular day starts with stretches and exercise, chores and breakfast. The boys attend three group sessions each day where they work through a 12-step program with a therapist. Then they talk about their goals for the day. “The group times help me keep my sanity – keeping me from using,” said Jesus. Before coming to the Boys’ Home, Jesus

was rebellious. “Being intoxicated drove everything, it was my main focus. I was running in the streets.” Before long he got into trouble, which led him to the Tulsa Boys’ Home and a new life.

his primary goals is to fix his relationship with his family and he’s well on his way.

He’s taking part in the on-campus Virtual Academy, a computer-assisted program that helps students in credit recovery “I’d never had responsibility before, it efforts so they can graduate from high feels good,” said Jesus about his time at school. TBH. “At first I thought it would be a drag, but they’ve taught me leadership “I want to catch up to my grade level – to and responsibility.” give me hope for the future. At the Boys’ Home, my mind has been cleared, it’s not Now all the relationships in Jesus’ life are foggy – I realized it was time to grow up.” very different. “I get along with everybody now, before I didn’t care.” One of



% of TAUW FUNDING invested in

Including: Employment skills training n Homeless prevention n Basic needs support n Financial education n Foreclosure prevention

92 $183,000 $1,220,610

individuals placed in jobs by A New Leaf resulting in

in earned wages which had an economic impact of




Through the services of our partner agencies, thousands of Tulsa area residents have been placed in jobs, pulled themselves out of debt, been able to put food on their tables or stayed in their homes thanks to your contributions.

adults living with developmental disabilities lead a more independent lifestyle by maintaining employment through The Bridges Foundation.


individuals received food assistance and 662 received fresh fruits and vegetables from Caring Community Friends, Inc.

We Believe‌



% of formerly homeless p eopl e who obtained housing through the Mental Health Association in Tulsa remained in their homes for at least 12 months.


senior citizens received counseling and were enrolled in Medicare Part D by LIFE Senior Services, saving beneficiaries

$1,300,343 $1,676

families avoided in prescription costs, an average of eviction through the Emergency Rent Assistance program at Owasso per person. Community Resources.

Every family should be able to earn an adequate income to sustain their lives, regardless of the economic climate of the country.


They helped me put my



Carldell Pearson

Gaining an Apartment, a Job and a Purpose Previously convicted for drug possession, 55-year-old Carldell Pearson opted for life on the streets to escape a home where he was surrounded by drugs. Even in the coldest winter months, Carldell could be found perched on a bench beneath a streetlight in downtown Tulsa, reading his stack of library books. Averaging five books per week, reading was his therapy.

He wanted purpose and to stay focused in dividuals and businesses, helped piece the right direction. Carldell’s life back together.

Last year, Carldell befriended Jack and Becky Frank, who recently moved to downtown Tulsa. Becky, the 2013 Tulsa Area United Way Campaign Chair, took a special interest in Carldell and helped him receive help from several Tulsa Area United Way partner agencies, inCarldell slept in doorways, bathed in pub- cluding Mental Health Association in lic restrooms, attended classes at a neigh- Tulsa, Community Service Council, borhood church, attended church services Eastern Oklahoma Donated Dental Serwith a street ministry leader, and volun- vices, The Salvation Army and Goodwill. teered to feed the homeless at Iron Gate. These agencies, along with countless in-


Through their work, Carldell was lifted off the streets. First he was given a warm bed at the Tulsa County Shelter. And now he lives in his own apartment, which he maintains with great pride. Today, he’s employed, working part-time at Iron Gate and full-time on the overnight shift at the Tulsa World, with a reputation as a hard worker.


% of TAUW FUNDING invested in

Including: Health education n Mental health n Disabilities n Addiction treatment n Disaster response n Emergency shelter


senior citizens received hot lunches through Broken Arrow Seniors Center Nutrition Site.


child abuse victims were provided healing and hope by the Child Abuse Network (CAN).


% of clients in Palmer’s Outpatient Adolescent Program successfully maintained their sobriety.



HEALTH & SAFETY From first aid to basic emergency

needs and more, the Tulsa Area United Way is committed to fostering a safer and healthier community. Over half of TAUW’s partner agencies offer information, training and/or counseling to help Tulsa area residents live longer, healthier and more productive lives.


victims of dochildren mestic vioreceived lence and/or personal sexual assault advocacy received meals, shelter and a violence-free environment at the by Creek County CASA at the Safehouse at Okmulgee County Okmulgee Family Resource Homeless Shelter, Inc. Center.

We Believe…


% of homeless veterans receiving treatment from 12 & 12, Inc. moved into permanent housing, the highest level in the nation, according to the Veterans Administration.

468 $561,600

emergency room visits were averted by the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless free Nurses Clinic, resulting in savings of

to the City of Tulsa.

182 $300,000

people at risk for homelessness remained safely housed after receiving more than

in mortgage, rental and utility assistance from Tulsa CARES.

everyone deserves to live in a safe environment with access to health care and support that leads to a healthy lifestyle while avoiding risky behavior..


I don’t think I would have


Claudette Akers Client, American Red Cross Tulsa Area Chapter

Hope in a Difficult Situation Claudette Akers went through a nightmare, not once, but twice. In 2010, after back surgery and a debilitating car accident, Claudette’s house caught on fire. Her disabled husband was inside at the time. They were both able to escape unharmed, but the couple lost everything.

The Red Cross was able to secure a hotel “It was a nightmare I couldn’t wake up room for the Akers, as well as a debit card from. But The Red Cross kept the nightand cash to cover immediate needs. mare from being so bad – I don’t think I would have survived without them.” “They took care of us until insurance could take over.” “They come in, very calm, very gentle. They make you feel better. They won’t Then in January 2013 the unthinkable let you get sidetracked by making you foThat’s when Claudette’s “angels” showed happened, their house was ablaze again. cus on details. They don’t let you become up – The American Red Cross. A family friend was the first to report the hysterical. They help you not dwell or fire. Claudette pulled up to her home at concentrate on the fire. By the time I got “They were first on the scene and stayed the same time as The Red Cross. around to thinking about what I lost, I was until the fire was out,” said Claudette. already thinking of what I had.”


Far More Than a Funder

New and Continuing Initiatives in 2013 and Beyond Women’s Leadership Council TULSA AREA UNITED WAY

The Women’s Leadership Council unites women – their time, talent and resources – into a powerful network of individuals. WLC focuses on developing new leadership for the community through encouragement of intergenerational interaction and mentoring. WLC members have a passion for improving the lives of others. The Tulsa chapter is more than 1,000 members strong, and is one of 120 Women’s Leadership Councils across the U.S., representing more than 50,000 women. Members may participate in monthly tours of local United Way agencies, an innovative mentor-protégé program, and a wide variety of community enrichment projects. The Hille Foundation, and another anonymous foundation, provided a $50,000 challenge grant for new and increased leadership gifts from WLC members in 2013.

Emerging Leaders Society

The goal of the Emerging Leaders Society is to prepare the next generation of leademerging leaders society ers and philanthropists. Membership is open to young professionals in their 20s, 30s Tulsa Area United Way and 40s, at various levels of support. Members at the highest levels of support will be paired with mentors who share their goals and interests and who are members of the United Way’s Alexis de Tocqueville Society. Members at all levels have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, learn more about philanthropy and participate in a wide variety of community enrichment projects. The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation has provided a challenge grant of $50,000 that matches all contributions by new members of the Emerging Leaders Society in 2013 and 2014.

Community Collaborations

The Tulsa Area United Way’s Community Collaborations initiative fosters cooperation among local non-profit organizations to meet specific community challenges. Collaborations must respond to systemic community needs that cannot be adequately addressed by a single organization, obtain support of multiple community funders, demonstrate a planned approach to serving a defined population with measurable outcomes, identify an administrative structure for accountability, and ensure an adequate budget for the full term of a project.

Venture Grants

Venture Grants are awarded to programs or collaborations that offer creative, innovative approaches to intractable community challenges. Funded initiatives must not be otherwise available in the community, and may be an adaptation or replication of a program proven successful in another part of the country. The Tulsa Area United Way awarded a wide spectrum of Venture Grants in 2013 to its partner agencies as well as other non-profit organizations.


Girl Scouts helped me find

ROLE MODELS and helped keep me off THE STREETS

Jolaunda Luper Client, Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma


What a Year it Was

A Message from the 2013 Campaign Chair


hat an honor and pleasure it has been to serve as your chair for the 2013 Tulsa Area United Way Campaign…and what a year it was.

bers of the Campaign and Community Investments Cabinets, 180 Community Investments panelists, 261 members of the Alexis de Tocqueville Society, 1,000 members of the Women’s Leadership Council, 1,300 company and organizational campaigns, 5,000 volunteers at the Day of Caring, 7,000 leadership donors, 47,000 individual gifts, and more than 630,000 people served.

Most of you know by now that 2013 was a record-breaking year. This phenomenal success is due to you. Because of the overwhelming generosity of our community, we exceeded our campaign goal by nearly one million dol- During our 2013 camlars. paign, we encouraged these individuals to idenI began my journey by tify their face of the camtouring our 61 partner paign – an individual who agencies, meeting with provided their source of instaff and many clients. I spiration. There were a few learned so much and have who were my faces of the great respect for the staff’s campaign including my compassion for individuals friend, Carldell, who last and the extraordinary ser- year traded his downtown vices they provide in our Tulsa bench, where he community. lived and read books, for an apartment and a job at The Tulsa Area United the Tulsa World. And NiWay is a team effort. In cole, who is taking it a day fact, you might even call us at a time overcoming suba family. The numbers help stance abuse after being tell the story – 19 Loaned injected by her boyfriend Executives, 29 United with meth three times in Way staff members, 50 her sleep and, last month, members of our Board celebrated one-year of soof Directors, 100 mem- briety.


And, we remembered individuals we lost who inspired us to do more for the United Way including my friend and mentor, Clydella Hentschel, who was the first woman to co-chair a United Way campaign and was the founder of the Day of Caring in Tulsa over 20 years ago. And Nate Waters, a member of our Campaign Cabinet and long-time advocate for the physically challenged. And on a very personal level, my brother Billy, who I lost last fall due to his struggles with addiction. We miss them but will long remember and be grateful for their lives and their inspiration to us over the last year and in the future. Thank you for your most generous support of the Tulsa Area United Way.

Becky J. Frank 2013 Campaign Chair 2014 Chair, Board of Directors

2013 Campaign Cabinet Becky J. Frank Cabinet Chair

Schnake Turnbo Frank

Dr. Gerard Clancy, Team Chair

The University of Oklahoma - Tulsa Alexis de Tocqueville Society Patricia Chernicky Community Volunteer Foundations Alana Hughes Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation Labor David Barker United Aerospace Workers Local 952 Loaned Executives Dr. Gerard Clancy The University of Oklahoma - Tulsa Marketing David Wagner Schnake Turnbo Frank Direct Mail Mark Jennemann Bullseye Database Marketing

Howard Barnett, Team Chair

John Hewitt, Team Chair

City Jim Twombly City of Tulsa Mayor’s Office

Aerospace Basil Barimo NORDAM

Combined Federal Campaign Jeffrey Callison United States Postal Service

CommTech David Littlefield Littlefield Brand Development

County Karen Keith Tulsa County Board of Commissioners

Hospitality Devona Haslam Mazzio’s Corporation

OSU - Tulsa

Education Dr. Steve Tiger Tulsa Technology Center Healthcare Lynn Sund Saint Francis Health System

Matrix Service Company

Manufacturing Dave Pariseau T.D. Williamson, Inc. Port of Catoosa Kevin Cavanah Matrix Service Company

Transportation Nonprofits Jim Norton Lori Long Jim Norton Toyota The Center for Individuals w  ith Small Business Council Physical Challenges Tracy Poole State Charitable Campaign New Gulf Resources, LLC Mike Rhoads Oklahoma Department of Insurance

Ted Haynes, Team Chair

Stuart Solomon, Team Chair

Architecture/Construction Shane Fernandez Crafton Tull

Accountants Anita Holloway Ernst & Young, LLP

Bob Jack Manhattan Construction Company

Business/Retail Cary Taylor Premier Consulting

Attorneys Mike Cooke & Betsy Jackson Hall Estill

Energy Stacy Schusterman Samson Energy Company, LLC

Bristow Scott West Bristow Medical Center

Energy Services Dave Ysebaert Explorer Pipeline

Finance David Stratton JP Morgan Chase & Company

Sapulpa Erin Brook Youth Services of Creek County

Insurance Chuck Rygiel & Ted Haynes Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma

Women’s Leadership Council Caron Lawhorn ONEGas

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma

Okmulgee Aaron Abbott Covington Aircraft Engines, Inc. Real Estate Tom O’Brien & Cary Phillips CB Richard Ellis | Oklahoma

Preston Doerflinger Office of State Finance Oklahoma

Emerging Leaders Karisha Wagoner ARVEST Bank Trailblazers Matt Pivarnik Tulsa Regional Chamber 15

Public Service Company of Oklahoma

Chet Cadieux 2012 Chairman Campaign Cabinet

Financial Review For years ended 12/31/13 and 12/31/12 (1) 2013 2012 Where


the Dollars Come From

Contributions - Current Campaign $ 24,433,574 (2) $ 24,768,669 Contributions - Prior Years’ Campaigns 1,006,256 984,126 Collection Loss Provision (903,442) (648,025) Non-Campaign Contributions 250 7,682 Special Grants 190,000 150,000 Net Investment Return 267,096 179,599 Other 5,549 16,199 Total Revenues $ 24,999,283 $ 25,458,250


Program Services Education $ 7,733,018 $ 8,573,566 Health/Safety 9,472,947 8,573,566 Financial Stability 2,126,580 1,491,055 Collaborative and Venture Grant Funding 1,055,037 791,543 Other Special Funding 818,398 612,172 Partner Agency Relations 464,156 402,984 Total Program Services $ 21,670,136 $ 20,444,886 Management and General Expense 1,043,042 1,006,695 Fund Raising Costs 1,483,250 1,323,367

Total Expenses

$ 24,196,428

$ 22,774,948

Change in Net Assets 802,855 2,683,302 Less Change in Restricted Net Assets (586,862) 1,180,750

11% Foundations 26% Corporations 63% Employees and Individuals

Where the Dollars are Invested

Unrestricted Change in Net Assets 1,389,717 1,502,552 Unrestricted Net Assets, Beginning of Year 10,218,889 8,716,337 Unrestricted Net Assets, End of Year

$ 11,608,606

$ 10,218,889

(1) 2013 amounts are unaudited. (2) As of 12/31/2013. The Tulsa Area United Way does not charge membership fees or dues to its partner agencies.

8% Financial Stability 46% Education 46% Health & Safety


2013 Board of Directors Officers Board Chair Chet Cadieux QuikTrip Corporation

Chair Elect

Dr. Keith Ballard Tulsa Public Schools

Kevin Gross Hillcrest HealthCare System

Basil Barimo NORDAM

Ted Haynes Blue Cross and Blue Shieldof Oklahoma

Jim Bender WPX Energy, Inc.

Becky J. Frank Schnake Turnbo Frank

D. Bruce Binkley T.D. Williamson, Inc., Ret.

Vice Chair

Jeff Callison United States Postal Service

Robyn Ewing Williams

Steve Capron Capron & Edwards, PC


Daniel L. Christner John Christner Trucking

David Keglovits GableGotwals

Assistant Secretary

Dr. Gerard Clancy The University of Oklahoma-Tulsa

Clint Swanson Rogers & Bell

William J. Collins, III American Airlines


Paul Cornell SpiritBank

Mike Rhoads Oklahoma Department of Insurance

Jeff Crippen Omni Air International

John Hewitt Matrix Service Company Betsy G. Jackson Hall Estill

Eric Draheim Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Cathy Gates Ernst & Young, LLP

Dan Ellinor Bank of Oklahoma

Steve McIntosh Williams

Ethics Officer

Elizabeth Frame Ellison Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation

Mike Mears Magellan Midstream Partners, L.P.

Shane Fernandez Crafton Tull

Mike Messick Transport Workers Union of America, Local 514

Page Bachman St. John Health System

Jim Norton Jim Norton Toyota


New Board Members for 2014 Monica Basu George Kaiser Family Foundation

Dave Ratcliff CWA, Local 6012

Tracy Hardin Transport Workers Union of America, Local 514

Michael Rider AFSCME, Local 1180

John Hickey Hall Estill

Jim Langdon Langdon Publishing Company J. Brad Roberts Hilti, Inc. Caron Lawhorn ONEGas, Inc. Eli Smith Saint Francis Health System John W. Lindsay Helmerich & Payne, Inc. Stuart Solomon Public Service Company of David Littlefield Oklahoma Littlefield Brand Development Stuart Sullivan Bobby Lorton QuikTrip Corporation The F & M Bank & Trust Company Don Walker ARVEST Bank Dean Luthey GableGotwals Steve Mackin Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Southwestern Regional Medical Center

Assistant Treasurer

Dennis Neill Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

Board Interns Amy Berry Leadership Tulsa

Dezeray Edwards TYPros Melvin Murdock New Voices

Anita Holloway Ernst & Young, LLP Phil Lakin Tulsa Community Foundation Chad Miller Tulsa Fire Fighters, Local 176 Chuck Mitchell OG&E - Sapulpa Mark Wilson OU-Tulsa

2014 Board Interns Kevin Gore BKD, LLP Brooklyn Green TYPros

Ex-Officio Members Michael Redman Neuens Mitchell Freese, pllc Mark R. Graham Tulsa Area United Way

Leaders in Giving Leaders in Total Dollars Raised The following companies, foundations and trusts are ranked by employee gift and corporate gift combined.

Cornerstone Million Dollar Plus

$999K - $200K Alliance Resource Partners, LP American Airlines, Inc. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma H.A. & Mary K. Chapman Charitable Trust Herman Kaiser Foundation Hertz Corporation/Dollar Thrifty J.E. & L.E. Mabee Foundation, Inc. Kaiser-Francis Oil Company Kimberly-Clark Corporation Magellan Midstream Partners, LP NORDAM Omni Air International Saint Francis Health System Samson Resources Company T.D. Williamson, Inc. WPX Energy, Inc. The Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation $200K - $100K ARVEST Bank AT&T Broken Arrow Public Schools

City of Tulsa D&L Oil Tools Enterprise Holdings Ernst & Young, LLP Explorer Pipeline Family & Children’s Services The F&M Bank & Trust Company Hall Estill Hilti Hogan Taylor Holly Frontier Refinery Jim Norton Auto Group Ketchum Charitable Foundation Matrix Service Company Pepsi Beverages Company Public Service Company of Oklahoma Samson Energy Company, LLC Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation Senior Star Living St. John Health System Tulsa Area United Way Tulsa County Tulsa Public Schools

Union Public Schools United States Postal Service - Customer Service Administration VA Regional Office $99K - $50K American Residential Group BancFirst - Tulsa Cimarex Energy Citizens Security Bank and Trust Company CommunityCare, Inc. Conner & Winters, LLP Frederic Dorwart Lawyers GableGotwals Goodwill Industries of Tulsa Helmerich & Payne, Inc. Hillcrest HealthCare System Hille Foundation The Holmes Organisation, Inc. John Christner Trucking, Inc. Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation Melton Truck Lines, Inc. OSU in Tulsa OU-Tulsa Schusterman Center


Spirit AeroSystems State Farm Insurance Companies Tulsa Community College Tulsa World Media Company Unit Corporation United States Postal Service - Plant University of Tulsa UPS VA Medical Center - Jack C. Montgomery Hospital Warehouse Market, Inc. Whirlpool Corporation Zarrow Family Office $49K - $30K AAON, Inc. American Heritage Bank Anchor Gasoline Corporation Arby’s AVB Bank Baker Hughes BKD, LLP Commerce Bank Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa Cyclonic Valve Company, Inc.

Deloitte First National Bank & Trust of Okmulgee First Oklahoma Bank Flintco, LLC Grant Thornton Jackie Cooper Imports of Tulsa, LLC LIFE Senior Services Luxa Enterprises, LLC Mid-Continent Group MidFirst Bank Nadel & Gussman, LLC PennWell Corporation Ramsey Industries, Inc. Seminole Energy Services Target Corporation TTCU - The Credit Union Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Regional Chamber Tulsa Technology Center U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Willbros Engineering Youth Services of Tulsa John Steele Zink Foundation

New Campaigns in 2013 from Companies, Organizations and Foundations A & W Towing Aberdeen Enterprizes II Accent Mayflower AcctKnowledge Accurate Fire Equipment Company Added Touch Florist, LLC Advantage Glass AJ's Pawn Shop Alexander & Associates Alfa Laval, Inc. Allen Bowden School Alloy Welding Supply, Inc. American Abstract & Title Company, Inc. Anchor Stone Company Aspen Vision Clinic ATC Freightliner Group Avitrol Corporation Bartlett Equipment Company, Inc. Bearskin Services Benefit Plan Strategies Bestwell Services Black Optical - Center 1 Blue Ribbon Foods Blue Stone Natural Resources, Inc. Bob Nale, Realtor Boese Group Agency Bolin Ford, Inc. Bolin Ranch and Real Estate Bookkeeping Express Bowen's Discount Carpets Bowers & Company, Inc. Brazeal Masonry, Inc.

Bristow Body Shop, Inc. Bristow Social Services Bristow Tire & Auto Service Bristow Veterinary Hospital Bronco Manufacturing, LLC Carpenter Insurance Carson Foundation Catalyst Financial Group CCRS Center for Employment Opportunities Central States Orthopedic Specialists Cetcon, Inc. Charles L. Campbell, CLU, LUTCF Charles Pest Control, Inc. Cherokee Nation and Cherokee Nation Businesses Chuck McKinney Agency Cintas Corporation City Map Service CNI Technical Services, LLC Coble's Flowers & Gifts Coldwell Banker Select Commercial Insurance Brokers Covington & Poe Crossland Construction Co., Inc. Crown Auto World Bristow Cubic, Inc. Curtis Restaurant Supply DE Holman Distributing, Inc. Dandi Pest Control Delta Manufacturing Drs. Hiskett, Elliott & Cantrell

Duane A. Woodliff Dynamic Restoration Earnhardt & Root, CPA's Eller & Detrich, PC EMJ Company/Jorgensen Steel Employees Federal Credit Union Fabsco FasCast, Inc. Fensco, Inc. Fenster Investments Finishing Touches Auto Body Shop, Inc. Fisher Ag Enterprises, Inc. Flameco Industries, Inc. Frito-Lay, Inc. G E A Rainey Corporation Gatesway Foundation, Inc. GH2 Architects, LLC Graphic Resources & Reproduction Green Hill Memorial Gardens Green Operating Company, Inc. Group Services, Inc. HL Hughes Construction Happy Kids Harlan E. Yocham II Affiliates, LLC Hawkins International, Inc. Hawkins Oil, LLC Heat Transfer Equipment Company Hughes-Anderson Heat Exchangers Hutchins & Maples Funeral Home Ian M. Shahan, Attorney at Law


Impson Enterprises, LLC Indian Health Care Resource Center IPSCO Tubulars JR McGinley, Jr. Jack Young Glass Co. Jim Norton Chevrolet Johnson Construction, LLC Kantor Oil Company KBI Construction Kemp Pharmacy Kennedy Funeral & Cremation Key Personnel Kinder Morgan, Inc. Kinslow, Keith & Todd KREK Radio LaFevers Insurance Agency Leadership Tulsa Level 3 Communications Limited Brands Linde Process Plants, Inc. Liquid Compass, LLC Magoon & Associates, Inc. Marshall's #347 - Broken Arrow Marshall's #1040 - Tulsa Hills Mayberry Accounting Services McGregor Insurance Group Mike Stroup Modern Woodmen of America Monnet & Associates Murphy Properties Muscogee Creek Nation Tribal Offices Mysock, Chevaillier & Bolden Nabholz Construction

Newfield Exploration MidContinent Newton, O'Connor, Turner & Ketchum, PC Nike Exploration, LLC Norman, Wohlgemuth, Chandler & Jeter Northside Nursing Center Northwestern Mutual Financial Network NOV Ameron International OfficeMax Oklahoma Benefits and Consulting, LLC Oklahoma Electrical Supply Oklahoma Upholstery Company Okmulgee Memorial Hospital Parkhill Liquor Paving Maintenance Supply, Inc. Pendergraph, Inc. PetroQuest Energy, Inc. Philbrook Museum of Art Power Dyne, Inc. Pro Tech Termite & Pest Services Pugmire Investments Rancher's Pipe and Steel Corporation Richard N. Womack, CPA Robert H. Jones, Broker Robert K. McNett Agency Robert Laird, CPA Rosenheck & Company, Inc. Ruhrpumpen, Inc. Rustic Cuff

New Campaigns in 2013 from Companies, Organizations and Foundations Ruth's On 66 Saint Simeon's Saks Fifth Avenue Sand Springs Chamber of Commerce Sand Springs Home Sapulpa Daily Herald Second Chance Consignment Senior Helpers SGA Design Group Sister Act Salon SM Energy Smolen, Smolen & Roytman, PLLC Solaray Sornora Landscape, LLC Southwestern Gunite Company

Stagg Enterprises Stava Building Corporation Super H Pharmacy Syntroleum Corporation T & W Tire Tallent's Oil Field The Link Oil Company The PENTA Building Group The Summit Club The Tristesse Grief Center Thermo King Think Propeller Thixton & Associates TJ Maxx #1020 - Owasso TJ Maxx #336 - Tulsa Together Properties, LLC Townes Properties Travers Real Estate Appraisal

Travis Chiropractic Tulsa Athletics Tulsa Medical Laboratory, LLC Tulsa Spine and Rehab Tulsa Truck Depot Utility Tri-State, Inc. Vernon E. Mudd Real Estate Vicki Berg Property Manager, Inc. Video Gaming Technologies, Inc. Volunteers of America Oklahoma W & B Service Company Waterfront Capital, LLC West & Associates X Corp Yocham Enterprises, Inc.


York Electronic Systems Young, Bowden & Bailey, PC Zenergy, Inc. New Gifts in 2013 from Foundations/Donor Advised Funds Camp Family Fund Cardin Family Philanthropic Fund Joe and Jean Holliman Family Foundation Jeff and Jill James Trust George Kaiser Family Foundation Directors Fund The Oxley Foundation Sallinger Family Fund William S. Smith Charitable Trust

Daniel and Jeanne Strope Family Foundation Dave and Barbara Sylvan Foundation Deb and Martin Thalken Charitable Fund Tricorn Foundation Emily & Phil Wood Fund



Mary Ann Hille

2013 Clydella Hentschel Award Recipient


o Bob and Mary Ann Hille founded the Hille Foundation in 1997. It was a natural outgrowth of the spirit of giving in which they had been raised and of the basic Christian principle of lending a hand where needed. Feeling a deep loyalty to the people and state of Oklahoma where they both had grown up, they established the Hille Foundation to focus on benefiting those closest at hand, hoping to extend to others the opportunities that had been generously given to them. Mary Ann is a true champion for people young and old through her work with the Crosstown Learning Center and Saint Simeon’s Episcopal Home. She is leading a capital campaign for Crosstown Learning Center, a Tulsa Area United Way partner agency, which is currently in the planning phase. Mary Ann served on the Saint Simeon’s Board of Trustees for nine years. In 2005, she advocated

for the redesign of Saint Simeon’s Healthcare Center, proposing changes to enhance the lives of residents and the working environment of staff. As a member of the Saint Simeon’s Foundation Board of Trustees, Mary Ann’s wisdom and personal experience brought a reasoned and compassionate approach to the issues of aging. In 2014, she has agreed to once again serve on the Saint Simeon’s Foundation Board.

Mary Ann Hille grew up in Tulsa, graduated from Edison High School, and attended Oklahoma University where she was a member and officer of Delta Gamma. She met her husband Jo Bob there and later completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Tulsa. She went on to receive a master’s degree in human relations from the University Center at Tulsa, graduating magna cum laude. She worked as a high school and elementary school teacher, a case manager, and as a volunteer for many positions on PTAs, boards, church groups, and community service agencies, and presently serves as a trustee for the Hille Foundation.

Mary Ann is also a generous supporter of the Tulsa Area United Way and the Women’s Leadership Council. She has served on the Advisory Board of the WLC since its inception and provided two generous challenge grants to help increase women Mary Ann and Jo Bob donors. raised four children together and were married Mary Ann is the author 43 years at the time of his of Ruby The Rowboat, death in 2006. Their famStinkbait, and Other Fishy ily believes passionately Stories, Tall Tales, Mostly that contributing to the True, From The Lake, a common good is both an book about funny stories expectation and a reward. that happened with her family at Grand Lake.


Contributing to the common good is both an



Corporate Leadership Awards The Williams Summit Leadership Award ONEOK

ONEOK is this year’s recipient of the Williams Summit Leadership Award for the Best Overall Campaign. ONEOK conducted a stellar campaign in 2013, recording an overall six percent increase in giving, including an increase in contributors giving at the Leadership Level. ONEOK has long sponsored the United Way’s Loaned Executive Program, participated in the annual Day of Caring and provided members for the United Way’s Board of Directors. In addition, the company actively promoted membership in the United Way’s new Emerging Leaders Society.

Combined Federal Campaign Eagle Award VA Regional Office and VA Medical Center – Jack C. Montgomery Hospital

The VA Regional Office and VA Medical Center – Jack C. Montgomery Hospital conducted the Best Overall Combined Federal Campaigns (CFC) in 2013, despite employee furloughs during the federal government shutdown. Half of overall giving by employees was at the Leadership Level of $500 annually or above.

Leadership Giving Award D&L Oil Tools

D&L Oil Tools recorded an outstanding 70 percent increase in the number of Leadership Givers as well as a 90 percent increase in Leadership Dollars. The company generously matched its employees’ gifts and conducted a Leadership Giving incentive program, and demonstrated strong support by management.

Trailblazer Award Tulsa Federal Credit Union

The Tulsa Federal Credit Union helped blaze the trail this year by running a model campaign. The credit union recorded a 35 percent increase in its overall campaign as well as the number of employees giving at the Leadership Level. Leadership Givers represented more than half of all employee pledges in 2013.

Illuminate Award Tulsa: Palmer

Palmer conducted a model campaign this year, earning it the Illuminate Award for the Best Campaign by a United Way Partner Agency. Palmer boasted a 29 percent overall increase in the size of its campaign, as well as excellent participation by members of its staff and Board of Directors.

Green Country: Youth Services of Creek County

Youth Services of Creek County also receives the Illuminate Award this year, conducting a model campaign with a 29 percent increase and a high level of staff and board participation. In addition, Erin Brook, its Executive Director, served as this year’s Chair of the Sapulpa Campaign. 24

Corporate Leadership Awards Ignite Award Jim Norton Chevrolet

Jim Norton Chevrolet receives the Ignite Award this year for the Best First-Time Campaign. The company ran a model campaign and matched all employee contributions dollar-for-dollar. They demonstrated company leadership, volunteer involvement and followed all the Steps to a Successful Campaign. They also offered an incentive program to successfully increase employee participation.

Small Business Award Cyclonic Valve Company, Inc.

Cyclonic Valve Company, Inc. is the recipient of this year’s Small Business Award for the best overall campaign by a small business with fewer than 50 employees. The company recorded a 16 percent increase in the size of its campaign over last year, including an 18 percent increase in the number of donors. They held regular campaign meetings and demonstrated involvement with the United Way’s new Emerging Leaders Society.

Community Collaboration Award Growing Together

Growing Together is a community partnership established in 2011 to bring organizations and Tulsa residents together for collective impact in neighborhoods. The new program has several dedicated local and national partners who are aligned and working together toward the same goals. Partners include school districts, colleges and universities, municipalities, and non-profit organizations such as the Tulsa Area United Way. The lead partner is the Community Action Project of Tulsa County. The program focuses on the key pillars of early childhood education, high-performing elementary and secondary schools, affordable and accessible health care, high-quality housing, safe streets and parks, and small area plans (available retail, libraries and other businesses). The two neighborhoods selected to participate in the program during its inaugural years are the Eugene Field and Kendall-Whittier neighborhoods in Tulsa. Growing Together is a prime example of a community coming together to improve the lives of children and their parents. Talent Development Libby Tillotson City Year Neils Ribiero-Yemofio Communities in Schools Omare Jimmerson Reading Partners Barry Maxwell University of Tulsa Susan Neal

Tulsa Public Schools Dr. Keith Ballard, Gary Percefull, Stacey Vernon Kendall-Whittier Resident Council Diana Downing Eugene Field Resident Council Gail Rose

Educare Caren Calhoun CAP Steven Dow City of Tulsa Jim Coles TCC Ric Baser OSU Jim Hess, Leigh Goodson, Bria Taylor


Community Health Connection Jim McCarthy Crosstown Learning Center Debbi Guilfoyle

Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation Joe Robson Covanta NeighborWorks America Tulsa Public Schools

Funders Tulsa Area United Way George Kaiser Family Foundation Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

JP Morgan Chase & Company City of Tulsa/HUD (CDBG) Federal HUD Choice Neighborhoods Federal DoE Promise Neighborhoods

Best of the Best






The Best of the Best Award recognizes organizations with a campaign increase of at least 5%, employee participation of 75% or more, and employee per capita giving of $250 or more.




Award-Winning Campaigns



Adams Hall Asset Management, LLC

Camp Fire Green Country, Inc.

Hogan Taylor


Tulsa CASA, Inc.

Child Abuse Network (CAN)

Hospice of Green Country

Patriot Bank

Alliance Resource Partners, LP


Jim D. Burwell, CPA

American Residential Group

Cyclonic Valve Company, Inc.

Kinder Morgan, Inc.

Resonance Center for Women, Inc.

Tulsa County • Board of Commissioners • IT Department

D&L Oil Tools


Samson Energy Company, LLC

BancFirst - Tulsa

Tulsa New Holland


DVIS/Call Rape

Sapulpa Chamber of Commerce

Tulsa Regional Chamber

Blue Stone Natural Resources, Inc.

Eastern Oklahoma Donated Dental Services

Leaders Life Insurance Company

The Bridges Foundation

Ernst & Young, LLP

Bristow Social Services

First Oklahoma Bank

Broken Arrow Seniors

Frederic Dorwart Lawyers


Hall Estill

Littlefield Brand Development Magellan Midstream Partners, LP

Schnake Turnbo Frank Senior Star Living Show, Inc.

Neosource, Inc.

Tulsa Area United Way




Valley National Bank Williams World Travel Services, LLC Youth Services of Creek County Zenergy, Inc.

Award of Excellence






The Award of Excellence recognizes organizations with employee participation of 75% or more and per capita giving of $185 or more.




Award-Winning Campaigns



A New Leaf, Inc.

Community Bank - Bristow


Ability Resources, Inc.

Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa

GlobalHealth, Inc.

AmeriTrust Corporation Anchor Gasoline Corporation AVB Bank BancFirst Jenks Broken Arrow Public Schools Margaret Hudson Program Central National Bank

Goodwill Industries of Tulsa

Credit Counseling Centers of Oklahoma

Harlan Motor Company

Crossroads, Inc.

The Holmes Organisation, Inc.

Crowe & Dunlevy, Attorneys and Counselors at Law

The Journal Record

Hertz Corporation/Dollar Thrifty

Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc. and members of LSUW Local 2320

Oklahoma Department of Insurance Omni Air International Parent Child Center of Tulsa Peoples Bank PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP QEP Energy Company QuikTrip - Division RSVP

Elliott Dozier & Helland, PC The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges Evanson & Associates, PC

LIFE Senior Services

City of Tulsa Finance Department

The F&M Bank & Trust Company

MidFirst Bank

Sand Springs Community Services

New Gulf Resources, LLC

Street School

Commerce Bank

Firstar Bank

Melton Truck Lines, Inc.


Rogers & Bell

TSHA, Inc. The Trane Company and members of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 430 Tulsa Boys’ Home Tulsa County • Clerks Office • Court Services • Social Services • TAEMA Visiting Nurse Association of Tulsa Wal-Mart #4615 - Glenpool Windstream Youth Services of Tulsa

Gold Award






The Gold Award recognizes organizations with employee per capita giving of $125 or more.




Award-Winning Campaigns



American Bank & Trust Company American Heritage Bank Beggs Arby’s ARVEST Bank BancFirst • Coweta • Sand Springs Bank of Oklahoma Broken Arrow Public Schools • Alternative Center Academy • Aspen Creek Early Childhood Center

Capron & Edwards, PC

Eagle Fuels

Ceja Corporation

Eastern Oklahoma Ear, Nose & Throat

Chubb & Son Citizens Security Bank and Trust Company • Bixby • Okmulgee City of Tulsa • Auditing • Communications • Legal Department • Mayor’s Office Clifford Power Systems Communication Graphics CommunityCare, Inc.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma

Compression Solutions, Inc.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma

Court of Civil Appeals - Tulsa Divisions

Broken Arrow Area Chamber of Commerce Broken Arrow Neighbors Capital Advisors, Inc.

Davis Bros., LLC Dayco Products, LLC Deloitte Doerner, Saunders, Daniel & Anderson, LLP

Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma Grant Thornton

Langdon Publishing Company Luxa Enterprises, LLC

eLynx Technologies

Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Manhattan Construction Company

Empire Petroleum

Hilti, Inc.

Margaret Hudson Program

Energy One Federal Credit Union

Holly Frontier Refinery

Marti Levinson, DDS

Horizon Well Logging, LLC

Matrix Service Company

Hub International CFR, Inc.

McAfee & Taft

James, Potts & Wulfers, Inc.

Mental Health Association in Tulsa

Enterprise Holdings Excel Therapy Explorer Pipeline Family & Children’s Services First Fidelity Bank The First National Bank & Trust Company of Broken Arrow First National Bank & Trust of Okmulgee First United Bank of Sapulpa Flintco, LLC

Jim Norton Auto Group • Chevrolet • Toyota John Christner Trucking, Inc.

Mid-Con Energy Partners, LP

John F. Carletti & J. Andrew Carletti, DDS

Mid-Continent Group

Johnson & Jones, PC Kaiser-Francis Oil Company Kevin Grover GMC Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Gerdau Ameristeel - Sheffield Steel Corporation and members of USW Local 2741


Metropolitan Tulsa Urban League

KWB Oil Property Management, Inc.

Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney Nadel & Gussman, LLC Newmark Grubb Newton, O’Connor, Turner & Ketchum, PC NORDAM

Award-Winning Campaigns Northeastern Oklahoma Central Labor Council

Ramsey Industries, Inc.

Seminole Energy Services

RCB Bank - Owasso 96th Street

Singer Bros.

NOV Ameron International OG&E - Sapulpa

Rhodes Hieronymus

Oklahoma Central Credit Union

Rich & Cartmill, Inc.

Southwestern Payroll Service, Inc. Sapulpa Public Schools Bartlett Academy

ONB Bank

Riggs, Abney, Neal, Turpen, Orbison & Lewis, Inc.

Optimus Corporation

Robinowitz Oil Company

Stillwater National Bank

Owasso Community Resources

Rodolf & Todd

Sullivan & Company

The Rowland Group of Staffing Companies

T.D. Williamson, Inc.

Pepsi Beverages Company PetroQuest Energy, Inc.

Safety Training Systems, Inc.

Physical Therapy of Tulsa

The Salvation Army - Tulsa Area Command

Public Service Company of Oklahoma and members of IBEW Local 1002 QuikTrip Corporation

Samson Resources Company Security Bank

Stanfield & O’Dell, PC

THG Energy & Technology Solutions, LLC Together Properties, LLC Tulsa Public Schools • Communications Department • Office of the Superintendent


Tulsa Advocates for the Rights of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities

US Pioneer

Tulsa County • Administrative Services • Election Board • Human Resources • OSU Extension Center

Williford Companies

Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless Tulsa Federal Credit Union Twenty First Properties, Inc. Unit Corporation Union Public Schools • Alternative School • Andersen Elementary • Darnaby Elementary • Education Service Center • Jarman Elementary • Moore Elementary • Rosa Parks Elementary

Vertical Aerospace

Woodard Technology and Investments Woodrum,Tate & Associates, PLLC WPX Energy, Inc. Youth at Heart Zebco, a WC Bradley Company

Silver Award







The Silver Award recognizes organizations with employee per capita giving of $90 - $124.




Award-Winning Campaigns



American Heritage Bank Sapulpa

Chris Nikel’s Chrysler Jeep Dodge

American Red Cross - Tulsa Area Chapter and Blood Services

Cimarex Energy

APSCO, Inc. Broken Arrow Public Schools • Creekwood Early Childhood Center • Creekwood Elementary • Education Service Center • Park Lane Early Childhood Center

City of Tulsa • Housing Authority • Human Resources • INCOG Cortrol Process Systems, Inc.

Oklahoma Tax Commission

Philbrook Museum of Art

Target Corporation • Target #2357 - Tulsa Hills • SuperTarget #2542 -101st & Memorial

Pray Walker, PC

Sutherland Global Services

Red Crown Federal Credit Union

The Trust Company of Oklahoma

OSU in Tulsa

Ricoh USA, Inc.

Emoteq Corporation

Tulsa Public Schools • Clinton Middle Sheehan Pipeline Construction • Mayo Demonstration Company Center

Grand Bank

Sneed Lang, PC


International Insurance Brokers, Ltd.

Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Boy Scouts of America, Indian Nations Council

The Leinbach Company

Sapulpa Public Schools Holmes Park Elementary

Cargill Steel and Wire CB Richard Ellis|Oklahoma, Tulsa Properties

Crafton Tull

Midas Morris State Bank

TTCU - The Credit Union

Stonebridge Technologies, Inc. Stuart C. Irby Company


Tulsa Community College • Conference Center • Southeast Campus Tulsa County Treasurer’s Office Tulsa World Media Company

UPS and members of Teamsters Local 516 Union Public Schools • Boevers Elementary • Briarglen Elementary • Cedar Ridge Elementary • Eighth Grade Center • High School • McAuliffe Elementary • Peters Elementary • Rosa Parks Early Childhood Center • Roy Clark Elementary • Thomas Jefferson Elementary Western Sun Federal Credit Union

Bronze Award






The Bronze Award recognizes organizations with employee per capita giving of $55 - $89.




Award-Winning Campaigns



American Heritage Bank Sand Springs AT&T and members of CWA Local 6012 Broken Arrow Public Schools • Aspen Creek Elementary • Centennial Middle • Country Lane Elementary • Country Lane Intermediate • Ernest Childers Middle • Liberty Elementary • Oliver Middle • Rhoades Elementary • Sequoyah Middle • South Intermediate High BRG Energy, Inc. City of Tulsa • Council • Engineering Services • Municipal Court • Planning and Economic Development CJC Architects, Inc.

CompSource Oklahoma

JPMorgan Chase & Company

Covington Aircraft

KOTV - The News On 6

Crane Carrier Company and members of USW Local 6157

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc.

SMG - BOK Center and Cox Business Center SpiritBank • Bristow • Tulsa

FedEx Corporation

McIntosh Services, Inc. and members of Plumbers and Sapulpa Public Schools Pipefitters Local 430 and Administration Sheet Metal Workers Local 270 SPX Heat Transfer, LLC McJunkin Red Man Corporation TCI Services, Inc.

Frontier Plastic Fabricators, Inc.

Morton Comprehensive Health Services

Glass Design, Inc.

Okmulgee County Family Resource Center

DHS Child Support Enforcement West Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Grand River Dam Authority Head, Johnson & Kachigian, PC Hughes-Anderson Heat Exchangers Ihloff Salon & Day Spa

Tulsa Public Schools • Academic Achievement Zone Okmulgee-Okfuskee County • Campus Police and Youth Services Security Services • Emerson Elementary PACCAR Winch Division and School members of IAMAW Local 1461 • Financial Services • Lanier Elementary PennWell Corporation

Jackie Cooper Imports of Tulsa, LLC

RCB Bank • Broken Arrow • Union

Jeanmarie Creations

Saks Fifth Avenue

Commercial Financial Services Jones Gotcher - CFS II

Terra Nitrogen, LP, a CF Industries Company


True Digital Security Tulsa Community College • Metro Campus • Northeast Campus • West Campus

Tulsa County • Building Operations • Highway District #3 • Parks Department • Public Facilities Authority • Tulsa City-County Library

Tulsa Technology Center UBS Financial Services Inc. University of Tulsa Union Public Schools • 6th/7th Grade Center • Grove Elementary White Star Machine & Supply Company Willbros Engineering WorleyParsons YWCA Tulsa

Achievement Award






The Achievement Award recognizes organizations with employee per capita giving of $45 - $54.




Award-Winning Campaigns



Bank of America Broken Arrow Public Schools • Arrowhead Elementary • Highland Park Elementary • Leisure Park Elementary • Lynn Wood Elementary • North Intermediate High • Spring Creek Elementary • Wolf Creek Elementary City of Owasso City of Sand Springs City of Tulsa • Customer Care • Fire Department and members of Tulsa Firefighters Local 176 • Information Technology Department

• Performing Arts Center (PAC) • Water and Sewer and members of AFSCME Local 1180 • Working in Neighborhoods Coldwell Banker Select Community Action Project of Tulsa County DHS - Downtown 72C First Oklahoma Federal Credit Union Oklahoma Blood Institute Phillips 66 Saint Francis Health System Selco, LLC Sherry Laboratories, LLC

Southern Aeroparts Sapulpa Public Schools Freedom Elementary Tulsa Public Schools • Federal Programs • Gilcrease Elementary • Grimes Elementary • Grissom Elementary • Hoover Elementary • Human Capital • Jones Elementary • Lee Elementary • Marshall Elementary • Porter Early Childhood Development Center • Salk Elementary • Wilson Teaching & Learning • Wright Elementary Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Union Public Schools - 9th Grade Center


Volunteers of America Oklahoma YMCA of Greater Tulsa

Public School Employee Union Awards American Federation of Teachers Local 6049 Oklahoma Education Association Tulsa and Green Country Area Classroom Teacher Associations

Award-Winning Campaigns Combined Federal Campaign Awards

The Combined Federal Campaign Awards recognize leading campaigns conducted by employees at federal government agencies.

Best of the Best

Social Security Administration - Okmulgee United States Postal Service • Customer Service Administration • Eastside Station

Award of Excellence

10th Circuit Court of Appeals National Weather Service Hydrology

Gold Award

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation National Weather Service Meteorology Office of Natural Resources Revenue Office of Surface Mining Office of U.S. Trustee Northern District

Social Security Administration - Bartlesville

Social Security Administration • Office of Disability Adjudication and Review • Tulsa

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Eastern District

Southwestern Power Administration

United States Postal Service • Donaldson Station • Morris Post Office • Northside Station

Tulsa Field Solicitor’s Office U.S. Attorneys Office - Eastern District United States Postal Service • Adair Post Office • Chimney Hills Station • Downtown

• East Arrow Post Office • Jenks Post Office • Northeast Station • Owasso Post Office • Plant & Distribution Tour 2 • Plant Administration • Robert Jenkins Station • Sheridan Station • Southeast Station • West Tulsa Station

Silver Award

United States Postal Service • Bixby Post Office • Bristow Post Office • Broken Arrow Post Office • Henryetta Post Office • Okmulgee Post Office • Sapulpa Post Office • Skiatook Post Office

Achievement Award Internal Revenue Service

Oklahoma Army National Guard

U.S. Attorneys Office Northern District

Social Security Administration - Muskogee

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Northern District

United States Postal Service • Plant - Processing • Sand Springs Post Office

United States Postal Service • Bartlesville Post Office • Claremore Post Office • Miami Post Office • Muskogee Post Office • Vinita Post Office

Bronze Award

Bureau of Land Management Oklahoma Field Office Comptroller of the Currency U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Federal Employee Union Awards American Postal Workers Union Local 1348

National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 1358 National Postal Mail Handlers Union Local 324 National Rural Letter Carriers Association

2013 Community Investments Cabinet Steve Capron, Chair Capron & Edwards, PC Dennis Neill, Co-Chair Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation John Hickey, Chair Elect Hall Estill Cindy Webb, Division 1 Chair State Farm Insurance Companies

Community Investments Panel Leaders

Elizabeth Echols Bank of Oklahoma

Bill Gertsen KPMG, LLP Daniel Weintraub Bank of Oklahoma

Division 2

Sherry Marcum, Venture Grants Chair Williams Brent Johnson, Audit Review Curzon, Cumbey & Kunkel, PLLC

Therese Reusser State Farm Insurance Companies

Stephania Grober Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma

Lori Shaw, Division 3 Chair Williams

Frank Janowski, Division 6 Chair Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma

Crystal Farrimond Community Volunteer Bill Cartwright Tulsa Transit

Byron Corwin KPMG, LLP

Don Mustain, Division 5 Chair State Farm Insurance Companies

Division 5

Division 1

Teri Dreyer, Division 2 Chair Williams

Janet Gaskins, Division 4 Chair The University of Oklahoma - Tulsa

Division 3

Brent Sadler State Farm Insurance Companies Chuck Rygiel Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma Jim Coles City of Tulsa Ali Bills River Spirit Casino

Bob Stewart Tulsa Automatic Music Company

Bob Hulsey Williams Melinda Kirk Conner & Winters, LLP Pam Iacoe Williams

Division 4 William Buergler Ernst & Young, LLP Steffanie Bonner Tulsa Community Foundation Alisa Davis-Bell State Farm Insurance Companies Lisa McLarty Bank of Oklahoma

Judy Gadlage Hertz/Dollar Thrifty Corporation Stephanie Regan Bank of America, U.S. Trust Josh Miller George Kaiser Family Foundation Steve Percefull Bank of Oklahoma

Division 6 Norma Tyler Community Volunteer Judi Mills Bank of Oklahoma Richard Lawson Tulsa Police Department

Danny Tuttle Nexcor, LLC

Annie Tomecek T.D. Williamson, Inc.

Sara Anderson Bank of Oklahoma

Randy Mathews ClearView Baptist Church

Robert Babcock ONEOK Carol Bird Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma


Annette Stewart Covington Aircraft Engines, Inc.

2013 Partner Agencies 12 & 12, Inc. nn A New Leaf n Ability Resources n American Red Cross Tulsa Area Chapter nn Arthritis Foundation nn Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma n Boy Scouts of America, Indian Nations Council n The Bridges Foundation n Bristow Social Services, Inc. n Broken Arrow Neighbors n Broken Arrow Seniors n Camp Fire USA Green Country Council n Caring Community Friends, Inc. n Center for Employment Opportunities n The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges nn Child Abuse Network (CAN) n Circle of Care - Frances E. Willard Ministry Center nn Community Action Project of Tulsa County nn Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa n Credit Counseling Centers of Oklahoma nn Creek County Literacy Program n Crossroads, Inc. n

Call 2-1-1

Crosstown Learning Center, Inc. n Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS)/Call Rape nn Eastern Oklahoma Donated Dental Services n Family & Children’s Services nn Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma n Goodwill Industries of Tulsa nn Homelife Association n Hospice of Green Country n KIPP: Tulsa College Preparatory n Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma nn LIFE Senior Services nn Margaret Hudson Program nn Mental Health Association in Tulsa nnn Metropolitan Tulsa Urban League n Morton Comprehensive Health Services n Okmulgee County Family Resource Center nn Okmulgee County Homeless Shelter, Inc. nn Okmulgee-Okfuskee County Youth Services nn Operation Aware of Oklahoma, Inc. n Owasso Community Resources nn Palmer nn The Parent Child Center of Tulsa nn RSVP nn

The Salvation Army nn Sand Springs Community Services n Show, Inc. n Street School n TSHA, Inc. n Tristesse Grief Center n Tulsa Advocates for the Rights of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (TARC) n Tulsa Boys’ Home nn Tulsa CARES n Tulsa CASA, Tulsa Court Appointed Special Advocates nn Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless nn Visiting Nurse Association of Tulsa n Wagoner Area Neighbors n YMCA of Greater Tulsa nn Youth at Heart, Inc. nn Youth Services of Creek County nn Youth Services of Tulsa nn YWCA Tulsa nn OUR 61 PARTNER AGENCIES AND THEIR BUILDING BLOCKS: EDUCATION n FINANCIAL STABILITY n HEALTH & SAFETY n

2-1-1 Helpline responded to 143,072 calls in 2013. Dialing 2-1-1 connects callers to trained specialists with access to multilingual translations and a database of thousands of services. 2-1-1 Helpline now serves 37 eastern Oklahoma counties and over 1.7 million people. 79% of calls come from the TAUW service area.


2013 Sponsors Campaign Sponsor

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 627 Laborers’ International Union of North America Local 107

Blue Stem Printing Pat Chernicky Go Fresh Greater Tulsa Reporter Newspapers

Northeastern Oklahoma Central Labor Council

Evelyn Hatfield

Major Event Sponsors

Oklahoma State AFL-CIO

Hundred Acre Winery

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Oklahoma State Building & Construction Trades Council

Jack Frank Productions

Covanta Energy

Pipeliners Local Union 798

Hillcrest Healthcare System

Transport Workers Union of America Local 514

Holly Frontier

United Aerospace Workers Union of America Local 952

MidFirst Bank Public Service Company of Oklahoma QuikTrip Corporation

United Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 430

Jay Litchfield, Grand American Auction Company James E. McNellie’s Public House Langdon Publishing/TulsaPeople Oklahoma Center for Education Policy Rosemont Realty Services RSVP “A Team” Schnake Turnbo Frank

Unite! Sponsors

General Sponsors

Stokely Outdoor Advertising

American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Local 1180

Abco Rents

Ryan Tanner and Jay Krottinger


TES Productions

Communications Workers of America Local 6012

American Airlines

Susan and Bill Thomas

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 584

Bank of Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma – Tulsa

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma

TULSA AREA UNITED WAY STAFF Mark R. Graham President and CEO Derk Tenzythoff Senior Vice President, Resource Development Tom Albaugh, Jr. Vice President, Labor Relations

Kathy Seibold Vice President, Community Investments Jessica Knobbe Vice President, Finance/CFO Brent Ortolani Vice President, Marketing

Gary Szabo Vice President, Information Technology and Infrastructure Sharon Gallagher Director, Collaborative Initiatives

Laura Bell Heidi Braver Haley Buzzard John Cory Bobbie Cremer Sharon DeLaughter Karen Ellenbarger

Anna Gross Vanessa Herrera Terry Horry Cindy Longacre Ryan Oliver Matthew Pockrus Diane Powell

Cynthia Qualls Hannah Ralston Jeff Rogers Bonnie Rucker Maxine Street Steve Sumrall Eric Sundene

This publication represents gifts from the 2013 TAUW Campaign. The United Way regrets any errors or omissions. Please notify us with corrections.


It really changes your

PERSPECTIVE when you realize how many people are STRUGGLING

Lisa Devins United Way Campaign Coordinator, Production Line Associate, Kimberly-Clark Corporation


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Tulsa Area United Way 2013 Annual Report  
Tulsa Area United Way 2013 Annual Report