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knowledge and skills necessary to safely bring automobiles back to new-look standards. Class includes certification testing. Book included. Tuition: $295 Hours: 42

may be accepted, pending instructor approval. Tuition: $275 Hours: 40

Instructor: F. Brown

M/W 3/27-4/26

T/TH 1/17-3/2 6:30-9:30P BA T/TH 3/21-5/4 6:30-9:30P BA T/TH 5/16-6/29 6:30-9:30P BA T/TH 7/11-8/24 6:30-9:30P BA

Automotive Brakes

S300 S301 S300 S301


Required Skills/Experience: 1-2 years as a General Service Technician in the automotive industry.

Thinking about a career as an automotive brakes technician? Start here and learn the basic operation of automotive braking systems. Designed to teach diagnosis and repair of disc brakes, drum brakes and basic hydraulic systems. Tuition: $295 Hours: 40 Instructor: E. Sloan M/W 1/23-2/27


Automotive Suspension & Steering

BA S300


Required Skills/Experience: 1-2 years experience working in the automotive industry as a general service technician.

Are you currently working in the automotive industry as a general service technician and considering upgrading your skills? Consider Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification in suspension and steering systems. Topics include: steering systems diagnosis and repair, suspension systems diagnosis and repair, wheel alignment, tire diagnosis and more. Tuition: $295 Hours: 40

6-10P BA S300

Automotive Heating & AST-3383 Air Conditioning Maintenance Automotive Air Conditioning Technicians specialize in the service and repair of your car’s climate control system. Come and learn about the basic fundamentals of air conditioning operation, diagnosis and repair. This hands-on class is packed with live demonstrations and troubleshooting tips! Some student projects

T/TH 3/21-4/20 T/TH 5/23-6/22

6-10P 6-10P

BA S300 BA S300

Preventive Maintenance AST-3379 Tech Specialist Looking for an entry-level career in the automotive industry or need to gain additional knowledge in the field? Utilizing industry driven standards, instruction is designed to provide a consistent, credible message about the methods and rewards of effective automotive maintenance. You will obtain the skills necessary to maintain vehicles through high quality services for fuel systems, engines, transmissions, brakes, power steering, cooling, battery, drive line and climate systems. You will have the opportunity to validate your knowledge by completing 14 industry recognized certifications during class. Tuition: $275 Hours: 40 Instructor: S. Kirtley

6-10P BA S300 6-10P BA S300

Collision Repair Technology 1 CRT-3334 Hands-on class teaches the basics of metal working, dent repair and prep; oxyacetylene and MIG welding; shrinking and stretching; application, sanding, and blocking of automotive body fillers. Small projects, with instructor approval, allowed last 4 weeks of class. Proper PPE required. Tuition: $245 Hours: 40 Instructor: M. McNally


BA S300

Instructor: K. Richardson




OK CNG/NGV Tech AST-3374 Certification Prep Interested in becoming knowledgeable about CNG/NGV powered vehicles? You will cover the latest NFPA Compressed Natural Gas Vehicular Fuel Systems Code including safety and installation principals in preparation for State certification tests. State Testing Day and Fees not included in class. Book cost: $50 Tuition: $345 Hours: 40

T/TH 4/4-5/4 T/TH 7/11-8/10

Instructor: S. Kirtley T/TH 2/7-3/9

Instructor: E. Sloan

1/30-4/17 5:30-9:30P BA S300


Part-Time Class Catalog - Spring 2017  

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Find part-time, evening and weekend certification and fun, enriching classes that work around your schedule.

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