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Anatomy & Physiology 1 HLTH-3447A The areas studied will be an integration of biology and chemistry and will include organization of the body, cells, and tissues, integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous and endocrine systems. Enjoy the best of in class instruction and online learning using a uniquely personalized and interactive tool sprinkled with hands-on anatomy dissections. Book cost: $75 Tuition: $240 Hours: 60 Instructor: L. Lydem Blended Blended Blended

1/17-3/7 H Lab T 6-10p 5/9-6/27 H Lab T 6-10P 8 /15-10/3 H Lab T 6-10P

S600 S601 S600

Anatomy & Physiology 2 HLTH-3447B Continuation of the integration of biology and chemistry with focus on circulatory, lymphatic and immune systems, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems. Online learning plus in class hands-on anatomy dissections. Tuition: $240 Hours: 60 Instructor: J. Airhart Blended Blended

3/9-5/4 H S600 Lab TH 6-10P 6/29-8/17 H S600 Lab TH 6-10P

HEALTH CAREERS Medication Administration HLTH-3340 Training (MAT) Tuition does not include cost of required book. Tuition: $65 Hours: 16 Medication Administration HLTH-3341 Training (MAT) Refresher Copy of previous training certificate required. Tuition does not include cost of required book. Tuition: $35 Hours: 8

Health Careers Classes Online-Ed2go Explore Career in: Medical Transcription, Dental Office, Veterinary Assistant and more. Visit for additional information. EMT Transition EMS-3337 NREMT and OSDH EMS require a review of several areas for renewal of your EMT Basic license and registration. Review areas and meet your license requirements. Tuition: $75 Hours: 24 MTW 3/20-3/22 8A-5P P S200 S 2/4-2/18 8A-5P H S600

EMT Advanced Transition EMS-3335 For professionals renewing their EMT Intermediate license and registration, NREMT and ODSH EMS require a review of some key topics. Cover all these specific topics, preparing you to renew your license. Tuition: $109 Hours: 36 M-F 3/20-3/24 8A-5P P S200 S 2/4-3/4 8A-5P H S600

EMT Paramedic Transition EMS-3336 Cover the topics you’ll use on the job daily and required by NREMT and ODSH EMS for renewal of your EMT Paramedic license and registration. Tuition: $145 Hours: 48 M-F 3/20-3/24 8A-5P P S200 S 3/25 8A-5P H S 2/4-3/25 8A-5P H S600 (No class 3/11 or 3/18)

Certified Nurse Aide & Certified Medication Aide Long Term Care/ Nurse Aide (CNA)


M-F 1/9-2/1 7:45A-2:45P H M-TH 1/18-3/1 5-9P H M-F 2/6-3/2 7:45A-2:45P H *M-F 3/2-3/31 7:45A-2:45P H *M-TH 3/20-4/17 3:30-10P H M-TH 4/26-6/7 5-9P H M-F 5/15-6/7 7:45A-2:45P H M-TH 6/14-7/26 5-9P H *M-F 7/6-7/28 7:45A-2:45P H *M-TH 8/14-9/12 3:30-10P H M-F 8/21-9/13 7:45A-2:45P H

Jumpstart: Jumpstart course may apply toward a full time career program.

*Limited seats are available for these dates. Additional dates may become available.

BA - Broken Arrow, H - Health sciences Center, L - Lemley, OW - Owasso, P - Peoria, RS - Riverside, SS - Sand Springs, TC - Training Center/BIS 39

Part-Time Class Catalog - Spring 2017  

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Find part-time, evening and weekend certification and fun, enriching classes that work around your schedule.

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