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CISCO Certificate Training Tulsa Tech is a Cisco Networking Academy partner and offers the CCNA® Routing and Switching and CCNP® Routing and Switching classes. The curriculum is ideally suited for individuals who want to increase their value to employers and those wishing to stay current with advances in networking knowledge and skills. Training is designed to prepare students to take the associated Cisco certification exam/s. You can find more information about this program at and click on “Part-Time Classes”

Certification Training CCNA® Routing & Switching CompTIA Network+ Certification Training CompTIA Network+, Part 1


Basic skills/experience: CompTIA A+ certification, equivalent coursework, and/or comparable experience highly recommended.

Ready to kick off your network technician career or improve on the networking skills you already have? Prepare for the CompTIA Network+, N10006 exam as you learn how to maintain, secure, troubleshoot, install, control and configure basic network infrastructure. Book cost: $45 Tuition: $295 Hours: 32 CompTIA Network+, Part 2 Prerequisite: CSC-3420.


Introduction to Networks CSCO-3336 Receive an introduction to the architecture, structure, functions, components, and models of the Internet and other computer networks. The principles and structure of IP addressing and the fundamentals of Ethernet concepts, media, and operations will be introduced to provide a foundation for the curriculum. Build simple LANs, perform basic configurations for routers and switches and implement IP addressing schemes. Tuition: $545 Hours: 80 Instructor: J. Brigance/Staff M/W 2/22-5/8 M/W 5/17-7/31 M/W 8/9-10/18

6-10P RS S400 6-10P RS S400 6-10P RS S400

Tuition: $295 Hours: 32 Instructor: R. Shelton M/W 1/9-2/6 M/W 2/15-3/22 M/W 4/3-4/26 M/W 5/8-6/5 M/W 6/14-7/12 M/W 7/24-8/16


6-10P 6-10P 6-10P 6-10P 6-10P 6-10P

OW S800 OW S801 OW S802 OW S800 OW S801 OW S802

Date Time


M 8/22-10/3 6-9P


Section #


BA - Broken Arrow, H - Health sciences Center, L - Lemley, OW - Owasso, P - Peoria, RS - Riverside, SS - Sand Springs, TC - Training Center/BIS 25

Part-Time Class Catalog - Spring 2017  

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