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Lemon Desserts FOOD-3485 Prepare refreshing lemon desserts that are perfect for a warm summer day. Lemon meringue tartlets, lemon raspberry cake and homemade lemonade are just a few of the tangy lemon treats you will make in this hands-on class. Supply fee: $15 Tuition: $35 Hours: 3

Paraprofessionals. Book included. Tuition: $132 Hours: 24 Instructor: D. Brown M TH 2/27-3/2 M TH 7/24-7/27

Instructor: S. Leavell W


6-9P OW S800

Summertime Pies FOOD-3442 Pies aren’t just for the winter holidays; summertime is the perfect time to enjoy delicious fruit pies and cold cream pies like grandma used to make. Nothing says summer like a refreshing piece of lemon meringue pie or a slice of tangy key lime. We will learn to make three different pies using three kinds of crust. Bring your apron and rolling pin and get ready to have some fun! Supply fee: $15 Tuition: $35 Hours: 3 Instructor: S. Leavell T

S300 S300

6-9P OW S800

Instructor: S. Leavell




Easy Icebox Pies FOOD-3447 Nothing says summer like a refreshing icebox pie. With little or no baking and a few key ingredients, you can treat your family and friends with this classic cool treat. Supply fee: $15 Tuition: $35 Hours: 3


8A-3P 8A-3P

Workplace Spanish LANG-3338 Bridge the communication gap. Designed to prepare non Spanish speaking supervisors and employees to use Spanish to enhance their ability to interact with Spanish speakers. No prior knowledge of Spanish necessary. Book cost: $30 Tuition: $79 Hours: 15 Instructor: C. Koch W 2/1-3/1 6-9P L S100 W 5/31-6/28 6-9P L S100

Beginning Sign Language EDTR-3338 It’s estimated that over 2,000,000 individuals are deaf and use sign language. Practice the alphabet, basic vocabulary, and simple sentences. Focus on fingerspelling, numbers, and colors. Tuition: $69 Hours: 12 Instructor: D. Lane M 3/20-4/10 6-9P L S100 M 6/5-6/26 6-9P L S101 M 7/10-7/31 6-9P L S101


6-9P OW S800

I liked the way you adapted the class to meet our needs and interests. Pam M.


Special Ed EDTR-3334 Paraprofessional Training Required by Oklahoma State Department of Education for all Special Education Paraprofessionals, content focuses on skills and topics important for success as Special Education

Advanced Sign Language EDTR-3339 Continue advancing your sign language skills to bridge the gap, to help improve the quality of life of those affected by hearing loss. Tuition: $69 Hours: 12 Instructor: D. Lane M 1/23-2/13 6-9P L S100 M 5/1-5/22 6-9P L S101



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M 8/22-10/3 6-9P



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