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Workplace Spanish

Landscape Planning

Bridge the communication gap. Designed to prepare non-Spanish-speaking supervisors and employees to use Spanish to enhance their ability to interact with Spanish-speakers. No prior knowledge of Spanish necessary.

Wasting money every year planting? Plan, design and properly install your own landscape layout. Sun exposure, soil materials, and care of various plants are highlighted.

Book cost: $20 Tuition: $79 Hours: 15

HORT-3379 T 9/17-10/8 6-9P LEM Bode

LANG-3338 W 9/11-10/9 6-9P LEM Koch

English for Beginners; Ingles Para Principiantes Learn to say and understand everyday English phrases to express common courtesies and preferences, shop for basic necessities, visit a doctor’s office or pharmacy, enroll a child at school, and much more. Book cost: $20 Tuition: $89 Hours: 16

Aprenda a decir y entender frases cotidianas en inglés para expresar cortesías y preferencias comunes, comprar cosas básicas, visitar un consultorio médico o farmacia, inscribir a un niño en la escuela y mucho más. Costo del libro: $20 Matrícula $89 Horas: 16 LANG-3339 T/TH 10/22-11/14

Tuition: $65 Hours: 12

Landscape Projects - Perennials vs. Annual What should you plant to have beautiful landscaping? Perennials, annuals or both? Through lecture and demonstration, discover popular varieties of each and tips for planting and maintenance.



Native Garden Plants, Grasses, & Shrubs Enhance your landscape and be the envy of your neighbors! Plan and grow your own native grasses and shrubs in your yard, containers and much more.

L A ND S C A P E & F L OR A L DE S IGN Fresh Floral Design 1 Does floral design peak your interest? Do you wonder how symmetrical, one-sided, and vase arrangements are designed? Explore the basics of these design techniques. You supply own hand tools. Book cost: $25 Supply fee: $50 Tuition: $99 Hours: 18

HORT-3384 T 10/22

6-9P LEM Bode

Jimmy F. Modern Digital Recording Techniques

Advance your knowledge on how to make 2D animated cartoons using Adobe Animate, starting with the principles of animation. Export and post your videos on YouTube as you enhance your skills.

Tuition: $19 Hours: 3 HORT-3380 T 11/5

Tuition: $175 Hours: 30 GRPH-3367 M 9/9-11/11 6-9P RS Hopkins

6-9P LEM Bode

Landscape Planning - Container Gardening

Tuition: $19 Hours: 3

Building on the basics, take your floral design to the next level with advanced techniques of arranging flowers and greenery in attractive color placements and good symmetry. You supply your own hand tools. Book required

HORT-3385 T 11/19

Part-Time Classes | Fall–Winter 2019

This class helped me with understanding the particular types of equipment to use for my profession.

2D Animation Using Adobe Animate

Prerequisite: HORT-3361.

HORT-3362 M 10/28-12/2 6-9P OWA Young

Tuition: $225 Hours: 40

Get ready for Spring! Explore how to select the right species for your specific landscape while learning about top performing trees and shrubs. Discover techniques for planting that will increase your chances of success.

Fresh Floral Design 2

Supply fee: $65 Tuition: $99 Hours: 18

Explore a variety of recording and mixing techniques focused primarily around Pro Tools recording software. Through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on studio time, you will learn every step of the album making process.

Landscape Projects - Trees & Shrubs

Discover a wide variety of container gardening options as you discuss successful container plants and design considerations. You will plant your own container to take home. Bring your gardening gloves.

HORT-3361 M 9/9-10/14 6-9P OWA Young

Prerequisite: Basic computer proficiency, Mac experience a plus.

6-9P LEM Bode

Tuition: $19 Hours: 3 6-8P

Modern Digital Recording  Techniques

RAPA-3335 M 9/9-11/11 6-10P RS Osborne

Tuition: $19 Hours: 3 HORT-3382 T 9/10


6-9P LEM Bode

Intro to Magic Tricks & Principles Think magic is just deception? Discover how and why certain tricks can fool you. Get hands-on instruction on some of the best magic you can perform to fool your friends. Tuition: $19 Hours: 3 ARTS-3341 M 9/16


OWA Walterschied

More Magic Tricks & Principles Delve into a little deeper philosophy and psychology of why magic fools, along with basic impromptu magic, “how to” resources, and magic show routine development. Supplies needed. Tuition: $19 Hours: 3 ARTS-3342 M 9/30


OWA Walterschied

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Part-Time Class Catalog - Fall/Winter 2019  

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Find part-time, evening and weekend certification and fun, enriching classes that work around your schedule.

Part-Time Class Catalog - Fall/Winter 2019  

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Find part-time, evening and weekend certification and fun, enriching classes that work around your schedule.

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