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Electrical Licensing Exam Test Prep

Electrical Code Update

Gain the confidence you need to take the Unlimited Electrical Journeyman License exam in this comprehensive training class. Review the theory, calculations, and applications of the current code version and prepare yourself to navigate the reference books used in the exam. Online practice exams will also be utilized. Home computer and Internet access required. Book cost: $185 Tuition: $295 Hours: 42

NFPA 70 NEC 2014 book required; must be purchased in advance. Photo ID required. Tuition: $79 Hours: 6

ELTC-3357 T/TH 10/24-12/12



ELTC-3356 S 9/9 S 10/14 S 11/11 S 12/9

8A-3P 8A-3P 8A-3P 8A-3P


S150 S151 S152 S153

D. Neil D. Neil D. Neil D. Neil

S100 D. Neil


Required Skills/Experience: 1-2 years as a General Service Technician in the automotive industry.

Ask A Technician! Vehicle maintenance can be the source of many questions and concerns. Enroll in this interactive course designed to educate everyday car owners about common vehicle maintenance, service and repair. Ask a certified technician questions about personal vehicles, while being guided through a basic inspection. Tuition: $189 Hours: 24 AST-3384 T 10/24-12/12 6:30-9:30P


S300 M. Cearley

Would you like to have a career in the high-demand professional detailing trade? Learn scratch and swirl removal and all aspects of exterior and interior cleaning and stain removal. Upon completion, you will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to safely bring automobiles back to new-look standards. Book included. Tuition: $295 Hours: 42 BA BA

Thinking about a career as an automotive brakes technician? Start here and learn the basic operation of automotive braking systems. Designed to teach diagnosis and repair of disc brakes, drum brakes, and basic hydraulic systems. Tuition: $295 Hours: 40 AST-3381 M/W 11/6-12/11



S300 E. Sloan

Automotive Suspension & Steering Required Skills/Experience: 1-2 years’ experience working in the automotive industry as a general service technician.

Auto Detailing Certification

AST-3380 T/TH 9/5-10/24 6:30-9:30P T/TH 10/26-12/14 6:30-9:30P

Automotive Brakes

S300 F. Brown S301 F. Brown

Are you currently working in the automotive industry as a general service technician and considering upgrading your skills? Consider Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification in suspension and steering systems. Topics include steering systems diagnosis and repair, suspension systems diagnosis and repair, wheel alignment, tire diagnosis and more. Tuition: $295 Hours: 40 AST-3382 T/TH 10/10-11/14



S300 S. Kirtley

Great products, materials, and the instructor nailed it. Very productive and had my mind blown many times! Ricky S. - Auto Detailing Certification

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Part-Time Class Catalog - Fall & Winter 2017  

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