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H E AT I N G , V E N T I L AT I O N & A I R C O N D I T I O N I N G ( H VA C ) L I C E N S I N G T R A I N I N G Do you want to get started with an entry-level position in residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning? A bright, lucrative future awaits for individuals interested in beginning or furthering a career in the HVAC industry. Tulsa Tech’s Construction Industry Board (CIB) approved program provides both theory and hands-on training. » Apply for an apprentice license before or during your first class » OSHA 10 Construction included » Classes prepare you to take the HVACR Journeyman Limited or HVACR Journeyman Unlimited exams » Submit successfully completed certificate to the CIB for one-half (1/2) year credit of the three years apprenticeship requirement » Complete the certificate and 6 optional classes for a total of 500 hours and submit your transcript for a full year credit of the three year apprenticeship requirement » For more info, please visit the Oklahoma Construction Industry Board at

The following classes are available to increase your skill set:

» (HVAC-3354) Light Commercial, 40 hours

» (HVAC-3353) High Pressure Boilers, 30 hours

» (HVAC-3355) Commercial Refrigeration, 40 hours

» (HVAC-3342) EPA Section 608 Certification, 8 hours

» (HVAC-3352) Low Pressure Boiler & Chillers, 30 hours

» (HVAC-3343) Mechanical License Exam Prep, 40 hours

A/C Electrical* HVAC-3338

A/C Mechanical* HVAC-3336

A/C Systems Load Calculation HVAC-3334

Residential Cooling** HVAC-3339

Residential Heating** HVAC-3340

Heat Pumps HVAC-3341

A/C Systems Distribution & Duct Sizing HVAC-3335



*Both classes must be completed but either can be taken first    **Both classes must be completed but either can be taken first

A/C Systems Load Calculations and A/C Systems Air Distribution & Duct Sizing will be offered in spring 2018.

A/C Mechanical

*One-time book fee for the next 7 classes is $225.

HVAC-3336 T/TH 10/26-12/19

A/C Electrical



S100 T. Hodges

Residential Heating

Class includes OSHA -10 Construction Industry Training. Supply fee: $25 Tuition: $345* Hours: 60 ®

HVAC-3338 T/TH 8/31-10/24

Tuition: $345* Hours: 60



S100 T. Hodges

60    Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation

Prerequisite: HVAC-3336 and HVAC-3338.

Tuition: $245* Hours: 40 HVAC-3340 M/W 9/11-10/11



S100 T. Fleetwood

Enroll Now  |  (918) 828-5000

Part-Time Class Catalog - Fall & Winter 2017  

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