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CNC Programming Using Esprit

Advanced SolidWorks®

Required skills/experience: Basic computer skills and knowledge of the Cartesian Coordinate System (X,Y,Z) is required.

Required skills/experience: Basic Computer and working knowledge of SolidWorks®.

Program CNC toolpaths using the most current version of ESPRIT CAM software. Upgrade skills in 2 and 1/2 axis and 4 axis milling, 3D milling, and 2 axis and 4 axis turning. Tuition: $370 Hours: 40

Further enhance your SolidWorks® skills by learning new and intricate 3-D editing techniques! Efficiently learn to model complex parts and create detailed drawings in a matter of minutes. Classroom topics will include global variables, linked dimensions, design tables and equations. Tuition: $295 Hours: 42

MACH-3345 T/TH 9/14-10/17



S300 D. Bushyhead

MACH-3384 T/TH 10/26-12/14 6-9P

FeatureCAM Fundamentals

BA S300 E. Rodriguez-Santos

Required skills/experience: Basic computer skills.

SOLIDWORKS® CSWA Exam with Review

Improve your professional skill set by using a leading design and manufacturing software. You are introduced to basic drawing tools, geometry and curves, part features, and more. Knowledge of FeatureCAM is useful in today's CNC production environment. Tuition: $295 Hours: 39

Required skills/experience: Strong knowledge of SOLIDWORKS®.

MACH-3380 M/W 10/9-11/20



S300 Staff

CATIA V5 CATIA is the leading product development solution for manufacturing organizations. You will design sketches and develop projects into solid modeling through building assemblies and making prints of models. Book cost: $90 Tuition: $995 Hours: 42 MACH-3361 T/TH 10/31-12/19



S300 D. Bushyhead

MACH-3386 M/W 12/4-12/13 6-9P

BA S300 E. Rodriguez-Santos


SolidWorks® Use SolidWorks®, the powerful and widely used 3-D mechanical design automation software, to design parts quickly and accurately! Build parametric models of parts and assemblies, as well as create drawings of those parts and assemblies. Tuition: $295 Hours: 42 MACH-3349 T/TH 8/31-10/17 6-9P

Distinguish yourself from the competition! Become a Certified SOLIDWORKS® user. Designed to include a review of the essential components with practice to better equip your successful achievement of the Certified SOLIDWORKS® Associate (CSWA) credential. The successful candidate will have a strong working knowledge of SOLIDWORKS®. The final session will be the 3-hour exam. Tuition: $189 Hours: 12

BA S300 E. Rodriguez-Santos

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Ethel, a graduate from the Tulsa Tech CNC Operator certification program, is currently employed in the aerospace industry. His on-the-job experience and hands-on training make him a valuable asset to his SolidWorks students. Ethel’s enthusiasm and energy motivate his students to build their manufacturing career skills.

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