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— L AW & PUBLIC SAFE T Y / CE — Security Guard: Phase I & II Unarmed private security guards acquire skills in writing accurate field notes, responding to emergency situations, honing your observation skills, interpreting legal documents, discussing patrolling techniques, public relations, documentation tips, and investigative procedures. Book cost: $25 Tuition: $145 Hours: 40 CLEET-3334 M/T/TH 9/5-10/3



S300 H. Adair

M/T/TH 11/6-12/5



S200 H. Adair

Security Guard: Phase III (Investigation) Advance your skills in surveillance, investigations, communications and court testimony. A strong emphasis is placed on the importance of developing and maintaining client trust. Study federal and state statutes, contracts and disclosures. 100% attendance is required. Book cost: $10 Tuition: $145 Hours: 35 CLEET-3336 M/T/TH 10/9-11/2



S200 J. Jakubowski

Private Security: Phase IV (Firearms) Required skills/experience: Prior to enrollment, successfully completed Phase I/II or Phase I/III prior to enrollment, minimum age 21 years, and pass the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) test. Prior to class start date, obtain from the Sheriff’s Dept. within your county of residence; a copy of fingerprints and background check specific to Private Security (not included in the cost of the program).

Required training criteria for Armed Security and/ or Armed Private Investigator Licensing. Instruction includes: weapon nomenclature and inspection, shooting fundamentals, and safety per CLEET standards. Training will include 12 hours of classroom learning and 20 hours of on-range instruction and qualifying exercises. Successful completers will have 100% attendance, score 85% or better on written tests and pass all CLEET qualifications on-range, and pass the CLEET Phase IV testing to be eligible for making application for licensing. You will be required to supply all personal protective equipment, weapon, belt, holster, 3 magazines, and 400-450 rounds of NEW (continued on next column)

Part-Time Classes | Fall-Winter 2017

ammunition. No weapons are allowed on campus. Class is held at TCSO Range. Book cost: $10 Tuition: $239 Hours: 32 CLEET-3337 T-F 9/12-9/15 S/SU 9/16-9/17

6-10P 8A-5P


S200 T. Wilkens

Law Enforcement Handcuffing Learn basic handcuffing philosophies and techniques used by law enforcement personnel, such as speed cuffing and partner cuffing/restraint methods typically used in felony take-down situations. You will be exposed to multiple handcuff application and removal techniques. Liability and relevant case law will also be covered. CLEET approved 4 hours CEU. Tuition: $35 Hours: 4 CLEET-3340 T 10/10



S200 T. Wilkens

OC/Pepper Spray Prerequisite: Current law enforcement officer or licensed private security guard.

Ideal class for Private Security Guards, Law Enforcement and Bail Bondsmen. Learn the use of force continuum, defensive tactical concepts, liability aspects, and types of sprays. You will be sprayed during class and travel will be restricted for 1 hour after spraying. You need to bring extra clothes to wear that can be disposed of after class. Class is held at TCSO Range. Tuition: $69 Hours: 6 CLEET-3347 F 10/13 S 10/14

6-9P 9A-12P

Other Other

S200 D. Whittaker

Tulsa County Sheriff's Office Gun Range 6691 East 66th Street North and North Lakewood Ave.

To get to range, take the gravel road that is just to the East of the City of Tulsa Police Training Facility and the US Shooting Academy. Look for the sign that says "TCSO Gun Range."

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Part-Time Class Catalog - Fall & Winter 2017  

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