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Low Voltage Systems

Install & Repair Motor Control Circuits*

Enhance your electrical skills by stepping into the world of wiring for low voltage systems. This includes jobs such as security and fire alarm systems and communication cabling for data, voice, video, coax, and cat 5 as well. Book cost: $135 Tuition: $325 Hours: 42

Prerequisite: INDT-3348.

ELTC-3362 T/TH 7/18-9/3

Programmable Controllers* 6-9P



Electrical Code Update Photo ID required. Cover new Electric Code Updates as put forth by OK CIB. Latest NFPA 70 NEC Book suggested. Tuition: $79 Hours: 6 ELTC-3356 SA 4/13 SA 6/1 SA 8/10

Hands-on experience installing, operating and troubleshooting the motor control circuits used with DC and three-phase motors. INDT-3349

8A-3P 8A-3P 8A-3P


Neil Neil Neil


Prerequisite: INDT-3349.

Learn to identify and install, specify and select, analyze and design industrial hydraulic systems. You will also work with advanced circuits, pressure regulators, and solenoids, and learn how the components and circuits interact. INDT-3350

Industrial Hydraulics* Thorough instruction and lab exercises develop refined skills in installation, programming, and troubleshooting Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). INDT-3345

Industrial Pneumatics*


Prerequisite: INDT-3345.

The following 6 classes* are offered at the Broken Arrow campus. Self-paced, instructor supported. Tuition: $245 Hours: 40 T/TH T/TH

5/7-6/6 7/9-8/8

5-9P 5-9P


Lewis Lewis

Circuits & Measurements* Take a close look at how circuits work. Use printed circuit boards to learn basic electrical theory, meter measurements, and troubleshooting techniques. INDT-3347

Motor Control Circuits* Prerequisite: INDT-3347.

Install, operate, and troubleshoot motor control circuits, including a switch, relay, and timer circuits. Take your first look at operating and troubleshooting single-phase motors. INDT-3348

Part-Time Classes | Summer 2019

Experience a comprehensive grounding in the principles of pneumatics, types of components, and design of typical pneumatic circuits. Learn to construct complex industrial pneumatics circuits efficiently with emphasis on safety, valves, controls, actuators, timers, gauges, manifolds, motors, troubleshooting and more. INDT-3346

NONDES TRUCTIVE TESTING (NDT ) Tulsa Tech’s Nondestructive Testing classes are designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills necessary to perform specialized testing methods that are required by industries for quality control. Your on-the-job training along with our classroom training hours will provide you with the required hours to qualify for certification through your employer. Call (918) 828-5000 for testing methods and class scheduling options.

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