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HE A LT HCA RE & WELLNE SS — HE ALTH EDUCATION — Anatomy & Physiology 1 The areas studied will be an integration of biology and chemistry and will include organization of the body, cells, and tissues, integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous and endocrine systems. Enjoy the best of inclass instruction and online learning using a uniquely personalized and interactive tool sprinkled with hands-on anatomy dissections. Book cost: $75 Tuition: $295 Hours: 60 HLTH-3447A T 6/11-7/30




Anatomy & Physiology 2



Quality customer service is particularly important in the healthcare setting. You will explore techniques for creating positive internal and external customer service experiences as you practice communication techniques and identify ways to deal with stressful situations. Tuition: $25 Hours: 4 HLTH‑3469 W 5/15 W 7/24

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Continuation of the integration of biology and chemistry with focus on circulatory, lymphatic and immune systems, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems. Online learning plus in-class hands-on anatomy dissections. Tuition: $295 Hours: 60 HLTH‑3447B T 8/6-9/24

Customer Service in Healthcare


Core Medical Terminology Develop a working knowledge of the language of medicine using word building skills. Relate these terms to body systems and identify the proper use of words in the medical environment. Tuition: $245 Hours: 45 HLTH-3446 [ More classes coming this Fall. ]

Health Sciences Center Adult Coordinator

Coordinating health courses for adult learners, networking with industry partners, assisting in the development of quality instructors, and aiding in the success of our students are a few of Laurie’s primary roles. As a registered nurse, she has 40+ years of experience in acute care, maternal health, geriatric education, and has served as a director of nursing, clinical coordinator, and educator in both Long-Term Care and Hospice. She enjoys facilitating learning and transitioning students into health careers.

HIPAA / Safety Increase your understanding of HIPAA, hazard communications, bloodborne pathogens, fire safety, and personal safety. Tuition: $0 Hours: 2 HLTH‑3464 FLEX-Choose any day/time T/W/TH 11A-2P or 4P-7P and some scheduled Saturday’s 8A-12P (excluding holidays or school closures)

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