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July 2010

World Cup at the River Spirit Casino in south Tulsa

More than a hundred people gathered at the River Spirit Casino in south Tulsa to watch the televised broadcast of the soccer games of the World Cup. The events, organized by the Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber pf Commerce, KTXTD 1530AM La Que Buena and the Hispano de Tulsa newspaper, included games and prizes, including jerseys of the Mexican national soccer team and soccer balls provided by Farmers Home Insurance. Wearing Mexico's official team uniform, Jonathan Alavez eased his anxiety about the game by playing with a soccer ball. "This match is very important," he said, with his eyes fixed on the television screen. "My dad always tells me that the best game in history was during the World Cup semifinal in Mexico '70, you

know, between Italy and Germany," said Antonio López, dressed in the typical green color of the Mexican national team and wearing soccer shoes. "I'm still looking for a game like that, so I can tell my kids in 20 or 30 years."

when South Africa scored the first goal of the 2010 World Cup, a blast from Siphiwe Tshabalala. But the party came back to life in the 79th minute when Márquez scored from close range. The game ended in a 1-1 tie.

Women also were present to cheer the team: "I understand the game and I love it," said Anita Bracamonte. "Well, actually I love the players, especially Rafa Márquez."

Span played the Netherlands for the Worl Cup on on July 11 th and won 1-0.

During the game it was common to hear the crowd offer instructions, complaints and some off-color comments directed at the Mexican squad. "It is a religion that does not forgive mistakes," explained José Castro, a native of Guatemala, but a Mexican team supporter. The only moment of silence came in the 55th minute of the opening game on June 11,

The Monthly Newsletter is published monthly by The Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. If you would like to place a display ad, gives us a call 664-5326 Francisco J. Treviño Executive Director Juan Miret Executive Assistant

Spainbecame the world cup winner for the first time in history.

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The Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

Gubernatorial candidate Jari Askins meets with Hispanics

Candidate Jari Askins meeting the Villalobos family Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jari Askins met with about 20 people during a forum June 8 at the St. Thomas More Church on Tulsa's east side, where she answered questions and told the group, nearly all Spanish-speaking, about herself. "People fear those things they don't know,"? said Askins, who is Oklahoma's lieutenant governor. "That's the reason I'm here today, so all of you can know me." She was asked about the proposed English-only question that will be voted on during the November elections. "Some states have passed English as the official language bills, but this is something very different,"? she said. "We need to deal with strategies before these things are passed in the legislature."

Eduardo Mora, president of the Coalition of Hispanic Organizations, asked about the possibility of legislation being introduced next year that is similar to the law passed in Arizona, S.B. 1070. "The federal government has created problems and continues creating them when they don't provide solutions,"? said Askins. "I fear another states will adopt similar laws like the one in Arizona."? Members of the Villalobos family, originally from Mexico but how have been in Tulsa for 11 years, talked with Askins after the meeting about immigration issues and a greater integration of the Hispanic community. "It is important that Hispanics participate in the democratic process,"? JosĂŠ Villalobos said to Askins. He spoke in Spanish and his daughter Yareli translated into English. "Our community deserves the best. I will

work to integrate all the communities,"? Askins answered. Asked about supporting state legislation similar to the proposed federal DREAM Act, which would help undocumented immigrant youth, Askins said, "Yes."? Askins discussed her experience as a judge and state lawmaker, saying she was "very different from the other candidates."? She said: "I'm surprised about how shortsighted our legislators are. One example is (immigration law) H.B. 1804, businesses don't like it. Askins faces Oklahoma's Attorney General, Drew Edmondson, in the Democratic Party primary on July 27 for the gubernatorial nomination. The general election is set for Nov. 2.

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The Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

President talks about immigration reform

Ed Martinez and Marvin Lizama At KXTD studios President Barack Obama gave his

to citizenship for many of the 11 million

Obama rejected mass deportations

first speech devoted entirely to immigra-

people in the United States without doc-

and he said they would be “logistically

tion policy since taking office last July 1,


impossible and wildly expensive." He






Washington, D.C.

Under Obama's proposal, undocumented immigrants who wish to remain

also said that “in sum, the system is broken and everybody knows it.”

"I’m ready to move forward, the

in the country would be required to

In order to avoid misunderstandings

majority of Democrats are ready to

admit they broke the law and pay fines

of the presidential address, Francisco

move forward, and I believe the majority

and back taxes, pass background

Treviño, President & CEO of the Greater

of Americans are ready to move for-

checks and prove that they can speak

Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

ward,” said Obama. “But the fact is,

English before going to the back of the

(GTHCC); Ed Martínez, Vice Chairman

without bipartisan support, as we had

line of those seeking permanent resi-

of the Board of Directors of the GTHCC

just a few years ago, we cannot solve

dency. It would also strengthen border

and Marvin Lizama, President of the

this problem.”

security and interior enforcement, cre-

American Dream Coalition broadcasted

Obama described the immigration

ate a process for temporary workers

a special radio program hosted at the

issue from the two extremes of the mat-

and require Social Security cards with

KXTD 1530AM La Que Buena.

ter, defending his efforts to strengthen

biometric data like fingerprints or retinal

border security while promoting a path

patterns. PG 3

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The Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

Monthly Luncheon

Steven A. Broussard H.B. 1804 and labor matters were the topics for our most recent Monthly Networking Luncheon, presented by Hall Estill last June 23 at the Renaissance Hotel. Since the mid-1960s, Hall Estill has been delivering powerful results to its clients nationwide. A full-service business law firm, it has created a practice that taps the knowledge of skilled attorneys while maintaining focus on meeting clients’ needs. Our guest speaker was Steven A. Broussard, which addressed about Laborand Employment Law and H.B. 1804 We will meet again next July 28 at 11:30 a.m. at the Renaissance Hotel

Growing Business Through People and Partnerships.

Winner of the Small Hispanic Chamber Award for Region III, from The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in 1998 PG 4

The Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

Monthly Luncheon

Wednesday July 28th, 2010

Guest Speaker Laurie Sundborg Interim CEO Tulsa City-County Library 11:30 am-1:00 pm Renaissance Tulsa Hotel & Convention Center $20/member $25/non-member The cost of the function includes lunch. Please RSVP at (918) 664-5326 or e-mail

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The Greater Tulsa

Hispanic Chamber’S Radio Show

This is an informative radio show recently launched by the Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber in partnership with KXTD La Que Buena 1530AM.

‘Negocio para Todos’ or

‘Business for Everyone’

Once a month the Hispanic community may learn the latest news about the Chamber’s programs, services and events. Our next show will be aired on Saturday, July 31st from 9 to 10 a.m. You may listen live at or on you radio at 1530 AM. ‘Negocio para Todos’ is produced by Francisco Treviño, President & CEO of the Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Juan Miret PG 6

The Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies RIBBON CUTTINGS, GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONIES & OPEN HOUSES Won't You Join Us! Do you have a new business, new location an expansion or an anniversary? The Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is pleased to assist you with your grand opening or ribbon cutting. Here are the answers to a few commonly asked questions:

please coordinate this with the Chamber if at all possible well in advance to avoid date and time conflicts You provide any refreshments for those in attendance – this is entirely up to you Invite Your Board of Directors, if applicable and friends and family


Those who helped with your new location like contractors, bankers, etc.

All free of charge, to our Chamber member

You provide any refreshments for those in attendance - this is entirely up to you

Sends out a broadcast email our members on our email list to notify them of your opening

Provide background information on your company ahead of time to those who are speaking so they can prepare remarks (we can help with that)

Provides the “giant scissors” and bows and ribbon to cut (we usually deliver them the day before or several hours before the event – please let us know what color bows and ribbon, and how long) Podium and microphone

HOW IT RUNS : Your agenda could be something like this: Welcome Guests – done by a company rep

Attends the event and takes pictures for our e-newsletter and web page

Intro on the company – done by a company rep – Explain what you do if a new business, about your new location – if a second location or a move, your hours, introduce your staff

Typically our Chamber Executive Director, President of the Board, some Board Members will attend.

Congratulatory Remarks – from Chamber, other dignitaries – these are 1-3 minutes each – very brief

Publicizes the event in our e-newsletter and web page with a photo after the fact in the next edition

Cut the ribbon – usually done by dignitaries and head company rep, some choose to have all employees do the cutting

Keeps track of RSVPs, unless you prefer to handle that yourself

KEEP IN MIND: Weekend grand openings (including Friday after 5:00) are harder for the Chamber to draw attendance to than weekday events. Hanging your ribbon – should be placed in front of the doorway – you and the “cutters” would stand behind the ribbon facing the crowd Keep in touch with the Tulsa Hispanic Chamber as your plans progress As mentioned above, the Tulsa Hispanic Chamber will handle RSVPs, unless you prefer to do it yourself. As you may know, people will wait until the last minute to RSVP, or will show up without RSVPing. Call the Tulsa Hispanic Chamber during the morning of the day before the event to get the latest count, and add a little cushion before communicating a final number to your caterer. If experienced, your caterer can probably help with your estimate. Will parking be an issue? If so, please let us know where you would like guests to park so we can inform them in advance The farther ahead you contact us the more publicity we can give your event If you have a digital version of your logo, please email it to the Ribbon Cutting Coordinator so it can appear on our email

To arrange for your special event, please contact:

Invite the media We will help you prepare an agenda WHAT THE COMPANY DOES Sets the date and time of the event – typically first thing in the morning (8AM or 9AM), Noontime, end of the day (4PM or later) or evening (7PM) –

Thank you for attending – by a company rep Then you offer everyone to come take a look at your facility, and if large enough, you might want to offer tours

The Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 918-664-5326 or email

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The Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

Winner of the Small Hispanic Chamber Award 2008 for Region III, from The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce &

2009 the Whitney M. Young, Jr. award for unselfish service to the youth of America. 297 Members! In the 11 years history of the The Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, membership levels have had their peaks and valleys, with the 297 membership mark being achieved. We are extremely enthusiastic. Thank you for your extraordinary support.

Our next monthly luncheon is July 28th, 2010 at 11:30 am Renaissance Tulsa Hotel & Convention Center PG 8

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