IQUITOS - Portal to the Amazon by Cliff Tulpa, Author

Page 80

I hope you have enjoyed IQUITOS - Portal to the Amazon as much as I have in putting it all together. This project began as an idea to share a snapshot in time of this rapidly evolving part of the world. As an explorer and adventurer, I love the wild places and the people that I meet along the way in my journeys. It is the different cultures of these native people and their traditions for adaptation to their local environment that makes each place unique and special. The jungle is rapidly changing as the indigenous natives move away from their homes along the great rivers and tributaries to give up their hunting - gathering lifestyle in order to live in the city. Jungle life is not easy. It is hard work to depend on yourself everyday by hunting for food, obtaining or creating shelter, defense and protection, self medicine for health, as well as trying to raise families in a communal village. The awe and impression of the new world life of the city is exciting and alluring to the people of the jungle. They have hope for a better and easier life for their families. However, most find the transition difficult or impossible as they do not have the education or skills to live in the modern civilized world. Many become an ever growing part of extreme poverty, living in shanty -town slum neighborhoods. Losing their proud and independent life where the jungle provides everything they need, and become dependent on the need for money to survive. Just as most people from the city would not be able to survive in the jungle, the natives from the jungle find it equally difficult to make a life in the city. So the jungle, its people and Iquitos will continue to change. The Iquitos you see here in these pages will not last long. If you are in Iquitos now, or are able to get here soon, please enjoy this magical and unique city with it’s wonderful friendly people. Iquitos and the Amazon Jungle, the last great wild place left on earth. If you are dreaming of visiting and experiencing the wonders of the Amazon Jungle, I believe the best place to start is here in Iquitos, Portal to the Amazon. Wishing you the best on your journeys, Cliff Tulpa Iquitos, 2014