IQUITOS - Portal to the Amazon by Cliff Tulpa, Author

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Cliff Tulpa Author / Photographer Adventurer, Explorer, Expedition Leader, Photographer and Videographer, Cliff Tulpa has traveled the world through 40 different countries on 6 continents from the highest mountains, to the coldest frozen Arctic, to the hottest and driest desserts to the flooded tropical rainforests of the Amazon and Africa. Leading expeditions into the most remote places on earth to film and to host the award winning television series, Cliff’s Wild Outdoor Adventures. Cliff’s love of wild places allowed him to film and photograph the wild animals and the local native indigenous people with their cultures and lifestyles for more than 20 years. Those extensive international expeditions, sometimes several months in duration, have included:  traveling by dogsled with the native Inuit across the frozen Arctic Ocean and Arctic Islands filming Polar Bears and Muskox  trekking into the Outback of Australia 8

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climbing in the high altitude air-less “roof of the world” of the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan to film Marco Polo Argali, Ibex and snow leopard; climbing the vertical Caucuses Mountains of southern Russia to film Tur; the north and south islands of New Zealand filming Tahr, Chamois and Red Deer South Pacific island nation of New Caledonia to film Java Rusa Deer; filming giant Alaska Brown Bears in the falling ash as Mt. Shishaldin Volcano erupted on Unimak Island; horseback and climbing throughout the northern Canadian Rocky Mountains of British Columbia filming Stone Sheep, Mt. Caribou, Moose and Mt. Goats; living with the nomadic Kazak people in the Altai Mountains of far western Mongolia filming Altai Argali Sheep and Ibex;