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The markets in Iquitos are filled with the many different tropical fruits from the jungle. Visitors to the markets see all the fruits and wonder what they are. So here is a reference for your next trip to the market. As with most natural fruits, some of these have seasons and you may not find them all at the same time. Some of the fruits are eaten, some are used to make the sweet refresco drinks that you find in

Cacao (also page 138)

the Iquitos restaurants and in the street markets. Maracuya (passion fruit), camu camu, cocona and carombola are the most popular. More of the fruits are starting to be sold and shipped internationally, like the antioxidant rich Camu Camu, with one of the highest vitamin C content (up to 60 times more than orange juice). Camu Camu can be eaten raw although a bit tart. Best in a refresco!

Arasa - Guayaba Brasilera







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IQUITOS - Portal to the Amazon by Cliff Tulpa, Author  

Iquitos, Peru. Isolated, deep in the Amazon Jungle without any roads connecting to the outside world. One of the last great wild frontier t...

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