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122 Making “farinaâ€? - yuka is cooked and stirred over fire until it becomes a dry granola. This can be kept for months and eaten as is or in soups or other dishes. 123 top PlĂĄtanos Maduros (ripe bananas) on the charcoal bar-b-q. Once cooked, they are soft and very sweet, sometimes as desert. 123 bottom Menudensia (chicken hearts, liver, gizzards, neck and feet) are cooked with aji panca (chili sauce), sliced aji dulce (sweet chili peppers) and onions. Usually served with rice. 124-125 Asado de Suris- Live Suri worms are marinated, then put on skewers for the BBQ.


IQUITOS - Portal to the Amazon by Cliff Tulpa, Author  

Iquitos, Peru. Isolated, deep in the Amazon Jungle without any roads connecting to the outside world. One of the last great wild frontier t...

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