IQUITOS - Portal to the Amazon by Cliff Tulpa, Author

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Quistococha Zoo and Tunchi Beach are located just south of Iquitos at kilometer 6.5 on the Iquitos—Nauta road. The zoo holds many of the jungle animals including jaguars, ocelots, margay, tapirs, monkeys, caiman, anacondas, dolphins, paiche, capybaras, pumas, and giant river otters. There is also a serpentarium to see the snakes, an aviary for birds and an aquarium to see many of the fish of the Amazon. Enjoy these rainforest animals at Quistococha. Most people will not get to see these animals in the wild as they are naturally deep in the jungle, shy and mostly nocturnal. 105 opposite Blue and Gold Macaw or “Guacamayo”. The largest in the macaw family. Popular for pets, as they are friendly and with their ability to mimic or “talk”.

104 top Within the Quistococha complex is a white sand beach on the lake called Tunchi Beach. The waters of the lake are clean and warm to swim.


104 bottom Many pools are open for display of the Amazon aquatic animals. A river dolphin entertains the children that come to see him. There are both the grey and pink dolphins in the local rivers and lakes.