IQUITOS - Portal to the Amazon by Cliff Tulpa, Author

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In and Around Iquitos

Quistococha Zoo and Tunchi Beach

102 top The Jaguar or “tigre” or “otorongo” as he is called locally, is the largest cat predator in the western hemisphere. With powerful jaws and a strong swimmer, he rules the jungle. 102 bottom left El Tunchi Beach - clean sand, warm bathing water, good food and cold beer. Tables with leaf roof to shade from the hot tropical sun.

102 bottom right - Tapir or “sachavaca” one of the largest mammals in the jungle. Very elusive, rare to see one in the wild. 103 top right The scarlet macaw or “guacamayo” is a colorful bird of the jungle. Some people have them as pets. 103 bottom left El Tunchi Beach at Quistococha is a favorite for families.