IQUITOS - Portal to the Amazon by Cliff Tulpa, Author

Page 44

78-79 Fresh Fish in the upper Belen Market. Some of the popular fish here are tucunare (peacock bass), paco, gamitana, corvina, sabalo and boca chico. 80 top Almost all items needed by the native villagers can be found in the Belen market including clothing, shoes and housewares. 80 bottom At one of the main entrances to the Belen Market are many vendors of juanes (rice wrapped in bijou leaves) and tropical fruit juices.

81 top Fresh fish is cooked on the bar-b-que in Belen Market. Here they are cooking carachama, boca chico on bijou leaves, and sweet ripe bananas (maduros). Tell them which one you want and take a seat for lunch! 81 bottom A very tasty and popular fish is the carachama. Almost prehistoric looking with hard bony exterior scales, fresh carachama with the eggs is a local delicacy. Chili Cano is a favorite soup made from carachama, onions and cilantro. Usually for breakfast, so you need to get to the market very early! 82-83 next pages Many illegal sales in the market tropical birds, bush meat of brockett deer and other jungle animals. Also protected turtle eggs.