IQUITOS - Portal to the Amazon by Cliff Tulpa, Author

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In and Around Iquitos

Belen Market

The commerce center of the Amazon region is the Belen Market. One of the largest open air markets and largest in the Amazon, the native villagers bring their products to trade and sell. You will find tobacco and toe’; rice; fish of all kinds from the Amazon rivers and lakes: paiche or arapaima, sabalo, doncella, corvina, paco or gamitana, sardines, ractacara, tucunare or peacock bass, carachama, boca chico, arawana, jacunda, payara and piranha; vegetables, yuka

or cassava; jungle fruits; chicken - both domestic raised and wild from the jungle; wild bush meat (some illegal) from caiman or lagarto, peccaries, red brocket deer, turtles and turtle eggs, monkeys, majas and armadillo; bananas, jungle honey, spices, oils, coconuts, aguajes, peanuts, beans, sacha inchi and other medicinal plants, roots and potions; clothing and house supplies. Almost everything available in Iquitos can be found in the Belen Market.