IQUITOS - Portal to the Amazon by Cliff Tulpa, Author

Page 40

74 top At one of the main entrances to the Belen Market vendors sell chicken & pork products- staples in Iquitos. There are many poultry and pig farms just outside the city.

74 bottom- Harvest time for beans (frijoles)

75 top left Children sleep while their parents sell the bananas they helped bring to the to market. Unfortunately many children work and do not go to school. Child labor is a problem in Iquitos.

75 top right Jungle native is selling a large wild white caiman or lagarto. He will cut and sell by the kilo.

75 bottom left The market has many vendors for mapacho tobacco grown locally in the jungle. Cut and rolled into cigarettes or rolled into cigars or “puros�. Also available is toe’, similar to tobacco but can be a strong hallucinogenic.

75 bottom right Salt fish is common in the jungle and in Iquitos. Necessary without having the luxury of refrigeration in the jungle. Fish not sold fresh that day will be salted for sale the next day.

76-77 Commercial wild bush meat. Much of it is illegally sold in the Belen Market.