IQUITOS - Portal to the Amazon by Cliff Tulpa, Author

Page 35

Neighborhoods of Iquitos

Belen 63 top Children play in their houses during the rains and high water. Many of the children will work in the market with their parents. Some will go to school.

62 oppositeThe Belen neighborhood floods annually as the Itaya River rises during the high water season of January through May. Wooden plank walkways are built and used as roads to access the homes in the neighborhood. They must be adjusted frequently as the levels of the river rise and fall. Sanitation is almost nonexistent as residents use the river directly for their water supply and waste. Some will buy water for drinking, but many will drink and use water directly from the polluted river.

63 bottom Typical Belen house on stilts. The houses in Belen are mostly one room. Some may add a small partition or plastic for a toilet area. Many have open walls to allow the breezes to help cool the house in the hot tropical weather of Iquitos.