IQUITOS - Portal to the Amazon by Cliff Tulpa, Author

Page 34

On the east side of Iquitos, the neighborhood of Belen is most known for its open street markets full of items from the jungle and from all over the world. Belen is also a landing place for many of the natives that immigrate from the Amazon Jungle villages to Iquitos. Some come to sell jungle fruits, vegetables, fish and meats. Belen is the center of commercial activity in Iquitos with trade from the Ama62

zon Jungle. In return, the jungle villagers will buy shoes, boots, clothes and other necessities to take back to their jungle villages. Belen is also known for its floating houses built on rafts or balsas. The shanty-town Belen homes are built of wood poles, boards, plastic, clay brick and whatever other materials they can find to use for building. The roofs are made of either leaves or sheet metal.