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39 top Overlooking the Plaza de Armas, one of the most famous buildings in Iquitos is the Casa de Fierro or “Iron House”. Designed by famous French architect, Gustave Eiffel. It was shipped from France to Iquitos and reassembled in 1890 during the Rubber Boom era. 38 opposite Also overlooking the Plaza de Armas is the clock and bell tower of the Catholic church “San Juan Bautista Church, or “Iglesia Matriz”. The church, built in 1919 is listed as an historic site. 39 right Many elegant mansions were built during the Rubber Boom. Faced with painted tiles “azulejos” from Portugal, is the former Palace Hotel, built between 1908 - 1912 on the corner of the Malecon Tarapacá and Putumayo.