IQUITOS - Portal to the Amazon by Cliff Tulpa, Author

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Front Cover: top left right

Balsa raft brings bananas down the Amazon to Iquitos. Peki peki on a river in Iquitos Casa Fierro— the Iron House by Gustave Eifel at the Plaza de Armas, Iquitos

Back Cover: “Boora Snake Dancer” Artwork by Iquitos Artist, David (Slocum) Hewson. 2-3 Photo of Iquitos from space taken by astronaut. The Amazon River, at bottom and golden brown color as it is full of silt from draining the Amazon basin. Image courtesy of the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center. 5 A young Iquitos woman with a symbol of the Amazon Jungle Rainforest, a Green Anaconda. She is holding a small Green Anaconda of about 10 feet. A large adult female Anaconda can grow to over 30 feet and weigh over 600 pounds. Anacondas, the world’s largest snake, are constrictors and non-poisonous. 6-7 Common method of transport is by use of “peki-peki” - A large wooden canoe with an 8hp to 15hp motor. The propeller is on a long drive shaft for use in shallow water. 8 top

Author Cliff Tulpa on the Amazon River onboard his speedboat, the Maranatha I.

9 top Cliff Tulpa visits with the native children in an Amazon Jungle village along one of the many rivers he has traveled to film and photograph. 9 bottom On one of his expeditions of several months, using small dugout canoes, Cliff Tulpa journeys deep into the flooded Amazon Jungle.