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Bycykel Mobil enhances personal mobility by using wireless technology to set city bikes free.

Bycykel Mobil User

Commuters, Tourists, and Copenhageners can open a Bycykel Mobil account and have unlimited access to bicycles equipped with a secure lock, GPS, and wireless communications. A central server approves transactions and tracks the bike in the system.

Central Server

Wirelessly Mediated

Bycykel Mobil Bicycle


Registration Process To use the system, you must first create an account. You can register online using your personal computer, via mobile phone, or by using a kiosk. Enter your credit card number and purchase access for a day, week, or year. All three access plans provide 30 minutes of free use each time a bike is unlocked, with escalating charges after the first half hour. This pricing system has been proven to keep trips short and bikes circulating.

Street Kiosk Use an on-street kiosk found throughout the city or a train ticket vending machine at a metro station.

If you wish to access the bikes using your mobile phone you must provide your mobile number. If you do not have a mobile phone, you are issued an account number, which is printed on the confirmation receipt. You must also select a four-digit pin number to confirm all transactions.

Home Computer


Visit for quick and easy registration.

Call customer service or download a smartphone application that takes you through the process.

Welcome Name:

Mobile Number:

Welcome Credit Card Info:


Choose Pincode:




Name: Mobile Number:

Credit Card Info:




Choose Pincode:





Lock Interface Once an account has been created, you can immediately access a bicycle. The simpleto-use keypad system eliminates the need for RFID keys and control stations. Unavailable

The keypad has soft-touch buttons in intuitive forms. The unlocked and locked buttons are briefly illuminated at the beginning and end of the transaction.

Enter PIN












Hold Locked



An adhesive label containing all printed words and numbers allows inexpensive language localization.


Bicycle Access Paths

as: Logged in John Smith


Return To:


18 bikes Logged in as: John Smith

Available Bicycle ID: 212965 Unlock this bike?

Pick Up:

Drop Off:

3 bikes


Home Computer

1 2



Street Kiosk


With thousands of city bikes on the street, a bike may find you!

View a map of available bicycles

Reserve a bike during peak hours at Central Station to ensure that a bike is available when you arrive. Reserved bikes are delivered according to demand and can be unlocked only by connecting commuters who have made a reservation.

Map Application Select a bike on the map and press ‘unlock’ when prompted. You have up to 10 minutes to enter your pincode, but the meter is running.


Select a bike from the map and place it on hold until you arrive. The bike will be unavailable to others for up to 10 minutes, but the hold time is included in the total transaction time.

SMS Text the Bike ID number of the desired bike to the phone number on the lock. Automated Call Enter the Bike ID when prompted. Accelerometer Application Hold the Enter button (>) and shake the phone. The central server matches the bike to the phone using GPS data.





After an unlock request has been made, the server verifies the account number and sends the pincode to the bicycle. The user enters the pincode into the keypad and if the pincode matches, the bike is unlocked and the transaction begins.

Enter your account number into the keypad and press Enter (>).

Locking the Bike Once finished with a bike you end the transaction by engaging the manual lock. The lock design allows for two types of locking. The first immobilizes the bike by locking the back wheel and the second immobilizes the bike while also securing it to a rack or pole.


Immobilize & Secure

Once the lock is engaged, the lock box sends a message to the server to update the bike’s status. Not finished? Press the Hold Button before engaging the lock and the bike will be unavailable to others for up to 10 minutes. Hurry back, the hold time is added to your total transaction time. Bicycle Broken? Hit the Repair Button before engaging the lock and an alert will be sent to the system.

10cm 4 in


Lock Components The lock box contains electronic components with a water tight seal.

Microprocessor Cellular Module Security

GPS Module

Keypad Battery Power Control & Data Processing

Power Converter

Electromechanical Lock



Design Dimensions

9.5 in 24.13 cm

The lock box has a slim form and compact footprint.

8 in 20.32 cm

SCALE 1 in 5 cm

8 in 20.32 cm

4 in 10.16 cm

2 in 5.08 cm

10 in 25.4 cm

4 in 10.16 cm

2.5 in 6.35 cm


Technology Power is provided by a rear-wheel hub dynamo, and all security, power control, data processing, and telecommunication functions are contained in the lock box.


Provided by: • Electromechanical Lock • Keypad

Power Control & Data Processing

Provided by: • Converter & Battery • Microprocessor WIRE Power Generation

Provided by: • Hub Dynamo



Provided by: • GPS Module • Cellular Module

Safety and Utility

Safety: Rear LED Lights

Safety: Reflective Paint

Utility: Carry Basket


Lock Installation The lock can be attached to nearly any bicycle. It attaches to the bike frame securely with two parts and does not require welding.

The mounting clamp swings open and attaches around the seat tube. Nearly all seat tubes are the same diameter, making it the ideal mounting location.


A rubber gasket on the mounting clamp ensures a secure seal.

The lock body closes around the mounting clamp.

The body is locked into place, preventing the mounting clamp from opening and the box from being removed.

A support post extends from the hub to the back of the lock. The wire from the hub dynamo runs through the support post and into the lock box.


Bicycle Storage Bycykel Mobil bikes are free to roam the city but they can also be found in regional hubs. A minimum of 10 bikes can be found at each hub and they are restocked according to demand. Bicycles are redistributed between hubs by an electric assist industrial tricycle and trailer. The regional hub system eliminates the need for centralized warehouse space and tricycle transport replaces fossil fuel burning trucks. These modular structures can be installed on-street in parking spaces, along parks, or in public plazas. Arcing bike racks form the skeleton of the structure with 20 to 30 bikes stored along the walls. The facilities are built from certified recycled steel and wall cladding is a combination of polycarbonate and perforated aluminum panels. Hubs provide work space for Bycykel Mobil staff to service bikes and have an attached kiosk to register new customers. Photovoltaic cells on the roof provide power for charging lock box batteries, operating tools, and running he kiosk. Overhead sectional doors can be closed at night so that equipment can be secured.



Fleet Management Tools The position data available from each bicycle allows for advanced system monitoring and fleet management.

Bike Density

Travel Habits

A live ‘heat map’ showing relative bike density. This information can be used by the staff to redistribute bicycles.

A retrospective display of frequent paths traveled by users of the system. This information can be used to better position the system hubs and services.

Red - Low bike density, need bicycles

Blue- Frequent travel paths

Yellow - Normal bike density Blue - High bike density, surplus of bicycles

Inventory Status

Fleet Alerts

A live numerical display of the bicycle quantity at the system hubs. A financial reward is offered to users who bring bicycles to hubs with low quantities.

A live display of icons representing system alerts.

Needs Repair

Bad Parking Needs Relocation

Red -Low bike quantities, reward offered Blue- Normal bike quantities



System Outlier

Missing Last location

Low Battery


Typical User Profiles The registration and reservation system is flexible, allowing access and use from a wide range of users and scenarios.

:sa ni deg goL htimS nh oJ



:oT nruteR


John the Commuter

Logged in as: John Smith

Harry the Copenhagener


John is able to reserve a bike for his arrival at Central Station. He unlocks the bike by making an automated call and enjoys the 3 km bike ride to meet his client.

Return To:


After Harry has his bike stolen, he uses his iPhone to find and unlock a bike. On this hectic day he uses several bicycles and travels directly to meetings all over Copenhagen.

Isabella the Tourist 18 bikes Available Bicycle ID: 212965 Unlock this bike?

Isabella uses the helpful kiosks throughout the city to find bikes, and unlocks them using direct keypad entry. She uses the website to share maps of her trips with friends back in Italy and interact with locals and other travelers in Copenhagen.

3 bikes


Read more about John, Harry and Isabella in the Bycykel Mobil powerpoint presentation.


Bycykel Mobil  

Bycykel Mobil enhances personal mobility by using wireless technology to set city bikes free.

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