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98 April 2020




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April Some of you, who are spending more me at home than usual will be picking this directory up for the first me, so a hearty welcome to you! To everyone else, welcome back to what has suddenly become a very different issue than was planned. We are bringing you the same mix of amazing local businesses and editorial features, but this month has a focus on how to get help and how to help your community in this fast evolving Covid 19 crisis. We have le& print to the very last minute to try and keep informaon as current as possible, so please excuse us if events have moved on by the me you receive this… all informaon was correct at me of print. The amazing sense of community in the Three Villages has always been an important part of village life, but has become so vital and upli&ing with the volunteer plans put in place. On the next page you will see the Surrey Heath Prepared details to contact if you need help or if you can volunteer. For more informaon on specific villages and how you can access help or offer your services, please see pages 42-43. We have decided to remove the Community groups and sociees secon this month, as nearly all are acvies that will have to be suspended for the moment. We have, in their place some ideas on how to fill our me when self-isolang (please excuse the una/racve page- it was a very last minute change!), along with the latest government advice and informaon. This is official informaon is from GOV.UK. (A word of warning: please don’t rely on unofficial online advice- some of it has no basis in fact.) I am sure you can imagine the devastang effects this crisis is having on many small businesses in our area. A few are able to connue offering the same service (Gardeners, Windows and doors, builders, car services and IT companies for example) Some are having to find ways to adapt as we will carry on needing their services (plumbers, electricians and hairdressers) and some are finding innovave ways to weather the storm (For example AJH Decorang is sll able to quote for work and is honouring those


quotes unl April 2021, Acv8 are taking their classes online, firstly on Facebook and when possible as a video conference call style workout where the instructor and class will be able to interact). There are so many examples of agile thinking out there in our community. BUT they all need one thing… YOU! Please think local first. Whatever you need, try to use a local tradesperson or provider. “Never before has “buy local” or “collaboraon” been so important for mulple benefits. As a village coming together we can find ways to support the community providing their daily essenals (& providing new service levels) and keep business going as much as is possible.” (Jarmila Yu, LBA) And businesses, I urge you to keep markeng your businesses. Let us know of your innovaons, changes in hours, delivery opons, offers etc and we will let your local customers know. I have assurances from the print and distribuon companies I use that they are confident that they will provide the same levels of service, so we hope to connue providing you with a monthly directory (our rates are VERY reasonable ) , as we are very much aware that there is a secon of the community that does not use online opons. But whatever next month brings in terms of magazine producon, one thing is certain, we will be producing an online version. Here at Tulip Publicaons we have been working on our online presence for a few months now and we will be posng and updang frequently to make sure you are kept up-to-date. Please check out our website: www.tulippublica(ons.co.uk and follow us on Facebook (search Tulip Publicaons and share with all your local friends! We will also be adding extra puzzles and arcles on these plaIorms throughout the month, so please do take a look. I hope to be wring to you all again next month, but unl I do, remember that community is key… and stay safe… best wishes

If you are in need of support of any kind whilst self-isolating or if you are alone, please do reach out and use the network on offer Please consider if you can safely volunteer to help ‌ ...Your community needs you!

Surrey Heath Prepared Books: The Book Nook Fun Quiz: Jack and Jill Technology: Don’t be an April Fool Recipe: Creamy Gnocchi Bake Kids Page Just for Fun Horoscopes The Village Grapevine Acv8: Hunger or Cravings? Baking: Rhubarb Meringue Pie Ask Andy: Tips and Tricks

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Surviving Social Distancing Kids at home? Village Pandemic Crisis Response Coronavirus advice from UK.GOV CAB: Where to get advice Hidato Community Numbers Puzzle Soluons Numbers that Count Index of Adversers Disclaimer

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Each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the numbers 1through to 9 just once. This can be done by applying logic– you don’t have to guess!


Editor's note: In view of the Covid-19 pandemic I would like to point out to all readers that Chrisne wrote this horoscope well before the crisis. I should add that whilst this is a great opportunity to build networks and meet people as Chrisne suggests, please remember, everyone, to comply with government and medical advice. Perhaps it is even more important to support and reassure people through these very diďŹƒcult mes, but it may need to be done virtually.













Surviving Social Distancing... The coronavirus pandemic is upending our way of life and health officials agree that to prevent its spread, social distancing has become essenal. Here are a few ideas to get you through the quieter mes. Set up a virtual book club. Catch up on reading - you don’t need libraries as you can download some e-books or audiobooks. Include your friends and create a virtual book club and group FaceTime each other to discuss. Be a culture vulture. Take a virtual museum tour. Google Arts & Culture has a collecon of virtual walk-throughs for dozens of internaonal museums, from Paris to New Delhi. Open learn. Why not use the opportunity to find out more about open university courses with tasters hps://www.open.edu/openlearn/ Be a film cri%c. Catch up with recent Oscar winners and maybe share your thoughts with some social interacon on Facebook or Twi.er. Choose an actor and watch all their films in chronological order to see if their acng has improved or actually got worse. Learn a language. Probably something you think about doing every me you go on holiday. Learning a few phrases in another tongue keeps the mind acve too. Try hps://www.duolingo.com Tax the brain. There are loads of puzzles online and apps available to test you, even if it’s just to test your vocabulary. Experiment in the kitchen. For foodies out there, make that recipe that’s been si1ng in the drawer for years. Or read your cookbooks and find new recipes to tackle for when this is all over. Use up some of those more obscure ns and packets in the back of the cupboard - just watch those ‘Use By’ dates. Enjoy the great outdoors. Ge1ng out will improve your general health. The fresh air will clear your mind and help you noce things about the world around you that you didn't see before. Na%onal Trust gardens are open and their parking is free, but bring your own refreshments as cafes are closed. If you are really stuck at home, learn the names of plants and trees in your garden. Have a look at the Jobs to be done in our gardening feature on page 30, plant a veg plot. Pop down to the canal for a bit of head space hps://canalrivertrust.org.uk/ Get organised. Not quite so appealing but you could always sort out your paperwork, your Will and your taxes - all the stuff you’ve been pu1ng off for years. Clear out your wardrobe; if you’ve not worn it for a year or two, will you really wear it again? Start birdwatching. Coronavirus doesn’t bother them. Dust off some binoculars if you’ve got some and find out what species nest near you, you may be surprised. RSPB reserves open and info on bird watching on their website hps://www.rspb.org.uk/ Order in. Get all the takeaway food menus out of the drawer and order a takeout, because that way you are supporng local restaurants who need your help right now. Look out for new delivery services in our villages too (Roka, Half Moon amongst others!) Meditate. Now is the me to slow down and empty your mind. Time to relax, have a nap. Carry out property improvements. Clearly if you are on a compulsory self-isolaon you can’t have anyone in the house. But you can sll have stuff done outside – driveways, ge1ng the gu.ers cleaned, garden maintenance and fencing. Obviously if you are just working from home, or spending less because you are not going out, you have hopefully freed a bit of budget for general property improvements.


And for those with children now at home... There is a myriad of ideas online. I asked a few friends with children of different ages and genders to throw some ideas at me. There are too many to fit everything in, but we will add more to the FaceBook page , so do keep an eye out on our page (Tulip Publicaons), but here are a few to be ge1ng along with! • If you have teenagers, teach them to cook, use washing machine, iron etc., generally prepare them for life aDer school! • Start a WhatsApp book club with their friends. • Family Board Games • Video call elderly relaves • Virtual family meals (Bring the grandparents home by faceming family members and placing them at the table by way of an iPad! • WhatsApp book club • Teach parents to use social media such as Instagram/ Snapchat • Write a diary (encourage teens to let out emoons. They may look back and see what resilience this has built.) • Find online exercise classes. Try googling Joe Wickes exercise • Find out how to earn Blue Peter badges: hps://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/joinin/aboutblue-peter-badges • Hold a Kitchen disco- take in turns to DJ • Create a garden assault course • Plan a metable for ’school days’ with your kids allowing for a ‘morning break’ and ‘lunch hour’. Maybe have a clear ‘end of day' • Go to a local wood and build a den • Get them to do some cooking/cleaning (home economics) and simple sewing etc • CraD projects/junk modelling • Do a history project (Titanic/look at a certain country etc) • Science…look at the changing seasons, life cycles, talk about biodiversity and look for examples outside, laws of moon, gravity (marbles etc)

• Money and sums (playing games like monopoly) • Daily walk/exercise (use whatever equipment you have ...bikes/walk/run / races/scooters/footballs/throwing and catching/tradional garden games/skipping etc. • Rock star mes tables app if you have access • CBeebies games and CBBC games/resources • Story wring and planning/poem wring • IT - using computers e.g. how to create a simple word document/learn to touch type…. • Check out this comprehensive list of educaonal resources: hps://kidsac%vi%esblog.com/135609/listof-educa%on-companies-offering-freesubscrip%ons/?7clid=IwAR3GFWQTztr2RVLqDrlK0r95wy3aCcsZR3ODFPoPAQdqPoxZPzsTLAgn0 • Take a look at this google doc of amazing resources from Joy Novack Rosson hps://docs.google.com/document/d/1fce qmG0nYAI8uGm5Uv_Ilv5PI72b8iTmGdKag3 elrDY/preview?7clid=IwAR2npzMBiw0V06 yyL1aFxvjUCPxfFB2df7stLAgPOBMKxoKfYkn Dg7nFwlo • Or try Youtube for Home Learning: hps://www.teachingpacks.co.uk/50youtube-channels-for-homelearning/?7clid=IwAR0zBdead3aWhwoeKr6wsK TJzPdut8oJNszdLjDa7Myf6UYhFKn153aKVG Y • Google virtual zoo tours…. As you can see, there is plenty to keep you going!



Lightwater Resilience Plan How the LBA is Helping & How Lightwater Businesses Can Help Dear Lightwater resident / business owner, The reacon to the Lightwater Resilience Plan has been phenomenal. We truly live and work in an amazing community -spirited village. We’ve been busy connecng some of our LBA members with the organisers of the Lightwater Resilience Plan, and as the first tranche of volunteers are added to the roster to help the vulnerable / elderly / those on 14 day isolaon, we’d like to call on the broader LBA membership and wider local business community and invite all local businesses to consider how to mobilise where you can around the effort. We all have an important role to play helping each other cope during this difficult me. Many businesses are already innovang in the face of adversity to keep our village operang and collaborang with the LRP, to keep our residents served with the goods they need to survive, and to show that we care. Thank you! If you run a local business… Could a staff member volunteer in the LRP, or are you able to offer your products and services with delivery? We need to log your support to volunteer or deliver so please email us so we can do this: cllr.malcauscooper@windleshampc.gov.uk Just posng your new delivery service on Facebook won’t necessarily get your kind offer to all those that need it, as they may not be online. The LRP can help you get the word out by sharing your delivery news with the volunteer network. They can tell people about it and if they produce fliers may be able to menon it there. If you’re sll open for business and offering delivery to help residents stay supplied, then the more communicaon methods the be.er to get your word out. Are you set-up to take remote payments? There are many payment systems available - a google search, chat with your bank / accountant / financial advisor / fellow business owner will give you a steer. Being able to do this will help the LRP avoid handling cash and focus on delivering supplies and help you trade. Can you collaborate with other local businesses? Maybe there are ways to work together and buddy-up resources. Might be the start of longer-term partnerships. Can you extend your reach on social media? Don’t just market your business on your own social media, post to the LBA Facebook Page "Community Tab" too, find us: @LBAcommunity. *At this me, we’re extending access to post to our page to all Lightwater and local businesses (not just LBA paid members) to help local businesses to promote their delivery services, offers & revised opening mes. Is your business consultancy or B2B focused? If you provide products / services that could help people adjust to physical distancing / remote working but allow for social virtual connecon that will help too. Post about your business to the LBA Facebook page: "Community Tab". Are you listed in the LBA BUSINESS DIRECTORY? Can you be found easily especially if you’re part of the hidden business community? Enter your business details in the FREE Directory on the LBA website, here: hp:// www.lightwaterbusinessassocia%on.co.uk/membership/ It’s an extra way to be found online, helping your search rankings and shows you as part of the local business community. And, it’s FREE! Many may need to find new suppliers. You don't necessarily always know what skills you've got access to on your doorstep. Your next client, supplier or business partner could be waing for you in Lightwater! *The LBA website offers a basic free profile OR an enhanced profile which is available if you take paid LBA membership - both opons are reserved for Lightwater and local are businesses only. Please remember to LIKE, FOLLOW & SHARE our Facebook page @LBAcommunity to help us grow together. Finally, many thanks to Cllr Kaa Malcaus Cooper and Windsor Rackham of Lightwater Live & Lightwater Care for their collaboraon in se1ng up and co-ordinang the Lightwater Resilience Plan. We’ll connue to support the LRP and our local business community any way we can. Stay safe, stay healthy. Lightwater Business Associaon To contact us, email: membership@lightwaterbusiness.co.uk


Village Pandemic Crisis esponse In these diďŹƒcult and quickly changing mes, the response from our community has been amazing. The Surrey Heath Prepared (See right) iniave aims to co-ordinate volunteers and those in need of support. The individual Villages also have acons in place. Please take a look for news on help and ways to help in your village:

Bagshot We are pulling together a coordinated response for Bagshot Village to the emerging COVID-19/Corona Virus situaon. Our parcular focus is to support potenally vulnerable residents, especially older people. Volunteering If you already volunteer with Bagshot Care or a local church then they will be in contact soon. Otherwise, if you want to volunteer your me please register via Surrey Heath Prepared (www.surreyheath-prepared.uk). They will collect your informaon and we will then direct volunteers to the appropriate roles and organisaons. We are developing our plans but roles are likely to include receiving requests for help, delivering essenal supplies, essenal transport, telephone chats, etc Organisa%ons If your organisaon would like to help with the co-ordinated response in Bagshot, please contact Stefan Nahajski via Messenger or email (info@bagshotvillage.com) We are, or will be, liaising with the Parish Council, local supermarkets, GP surgery and Borough Council. We are communicang with neighbouring villages to share ideas and support.

Windlesham If you live in Windlesham and are in need of help, please call Windlesham Caring, who are co-ordinang volunteers in your area.

Windlesham Caring 01276 452900 will be manned from 10-12 every day (hours may change as the situaon changes) If you are able to oer services as a local volunteer, or you require help, you can also sign up via :



Please send any updates or additional services to us so we can get them on the Facebook page and website so all residents can benefit from the information in between magazine distributions Thank you! Sophy Tulip Publications info@tulippublications.co.uk 01276 506369

Tulip Publications

Lightwater LIVE Lightwater During the current restricons LIVE will be operang as a telephone service only. If you need any help or advice please phone 07741 455595 at any me and the volunteers will help in any way they can.

Lightwater Resilience Plan By the me you read this you may already have heard of the Lightwater Resilience Plan. Thanks to the sterling eorts of Windlesham Parish Councillors Kaa Malcaus Cooper and Jarmila Halovsky-Yu , Lightwater Care, and Windsor Rackham, co-ordinator of the LIVE Informaon Centre, a plan has been put in place whereby the village has been divided into areas, each area having a group of volunteers who are willing to do essenal shopping or errands, and provide help for anyone who is vulnerable and self-isolang. Every resident of Lightwater will be receiving or have received a visit from their local volunteer to introduce themselves and leave a card with telephone contacts should you need help or advice. The volunteers will help in any way they can, within safety limits both for themselves and for you. This has been a huge logiscal exercise, and we very much appreciate the work being carried out by so many. There are over 80 local volunteers registered as we went to press. If you would like to volunteer, please email

cllr.malcauscooper@windleshampc.gov.uk You will also be receiving, shortly, details of any special arrangements with our local shops which will be aimed at helping make life that li.le bit more bearable during these diďŹƒcult mes.



Community News & Events



Community News & Events



Local groups, clubs & societies

Local groups, clubs & societies


Citizens Advice Surrey Heath has temporarily closed its face-to-face services in line with Government recommendations. Other local Citizens Advice are also affected Advice is still available online via the Citizens Advice website at www.citizensadvice.org.uk Or you can Telephone: 01276 417900 for local advice (Mon-Thurs, 10am to 2pm) or the National Adviceline service on: 03444 111 444 (Mon- Fri 9am-5pm) You can also email client@camberley.cabnet.org.uk As our resources are limited please only contact us if your problem is urgent. In most cases we will take your details and arrange for an Adviser to get back to you once they are available. If you have any specific advice needs, you can contact any of the following services: Benefits: If you need a benefit check - you can complete a benefit check via an online calculator: hps://www.en%tledto.co.uk/ If you need help with an ESA50 or UC50 form you should contact the Health Assessment Advisory Service on: 0800 288 8777 who will help you to complete your form over the telephone. If you need help with a PIP/AA/DLA form there is guidance on our website about how to complete these forms: hps:// www.ci%zensadvice.org.uk/benefits/sick-or -disabled-people-and-carers Universal Credit (UC): The Cizens Advice Universal Credit ‘Help To Claim’ service is available if you need help with your inial UC claim up unl your first payment: 08000 241 220 Emergency Assistance – The Surrey Crisis Fund may be able to provide emergency funding for food, gas & electricity top-ups and essenal travel costs. Applicaons can be made online at hps:// www.surreycc.gov.uk/people-andcommunity/surrey-crisis-fund For foodbank referrals you will need to telephone us on (01276 417900) Debt: If you need help with debt, you can contact any of the other free debt advice organisaons who can give advice by phone or online:


StepChange - 0800 138 1111. They also have a live chat facility on their website: hps:// www.stepchange.org/contact-us.aspx PayPlan - 0800 280 2816. You can also contact them via their website here: hps:// www.payplan.com/contact-payplan/ contact-us-new-clients/ Na%onal Debtline - 0808 808 4000. They also have a webchat facility on their website: hps://www.na%onaldebtline.org/# Employment: There is informaon our website here: hps:// www.ci%zensadvice.org.uk/work/ Or you visit the ACAS website here: hps:// www.acas.org.uk/advice Consumer: Please visit our website for informaon about any consumer issues here: hps://www.ci%zensadvice.org.uk/ consumer/ Or you can contact the consumer helpline on - 0808 223 1133 Housing: Please contact Shelter helpline on – 0808 800 4444 Coronavirus: If you need informaon about the Coronavirus please visit our webpage here: h.ps://www.cizensadvice.org.uk/ health/coronavirus-what-it-means-for-you/ Please visit our website for general up-todate informa%on about office closures: hps:// www.ci%zensadvicesurreyheath.org.uk/


Local groups, clubs & societies

Community Numbers... We have temporarily removed the clubs and sociees pages as groups are predominantly set up for face-to-face meengs, which will, in these strangest of mes not be taking place and we do not wish to mislead or endanger our readers. The details on this page are for reference in me of need. Please do not go to any of these places without an appointment. We invite any clubs and sociees who have made changes to allow virtual meengs or other iniaves to contact us so we can share the details with residents on the facebook page and website as they develop...call 01276 506369 or email info@tulippublica%ons.co.uk

Windlesham Caring 01276 452900



Kids Page:


There are 16 guitars on the page. Noel is the guitarist who is out of tune.

1) Poker 2) The Worst Witch 3) Lee Harvey Oswald 4) Resident Evil 5) Four (a couple dancing on a beach as a maid and a butler hold umbrellas) 6) Adam Sandler 7) Goldfinger 8) Tennessee 9) Reese Witherspoon 10)Alec Baldwin (The Hunt for Red October) , Harrison Ford (Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger) and Ben Affleck (The Sum of All Fears)

Puzzle Solutions

Fun Quiz: Jack and Jill

Codeword Solution

Pictograms 1) It’s written in the stars 2) Whole wide world 3) Wheel of fortune

Numbers that Count

…Surrey Police 101 …Crime Stoppers 0800 555111 …Gas emergency service (Transco) 0800 111999 …Electricity (if your power supply is interrupted) …EDF Energy 0800 7838866 …Southern Electric 08457 708090 …Water 0845 7823333 …NHS Direct 0845 4647 …Frimley Park Hospital 01276 604604 …NCT 0870 4448707 …Samaritans 08457 909090 ...Childline 0800 1111 …Victim Support 0845 3030900 …Citizens Advice Bureau 03444 111445 …Libraries 0845 6009009 …Surrey Heath Borough Council 01276 707100 ...Surrey County Council 03456 009009 …Arriva 01483 506919 …National Rail Enquiries 08457 484950



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Three Villages April 2020  

The April 2020 issue of the popular community magazine covering Bagshot, Lightwater and Windlesham

Three Villages April 2020  

The April 2020 issue of the popular community magazine covering Bagshot, Lightwater and Windlesham

Profile for tulippub