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EDUCATION Master’s degree in Architecture and Interior Design – Final Grade: 9,00 (Outstanding) University of Salamanca – 11/2015 - 07/2016. Extension Course in Retail Interior Design – University of Salamanca – 03/2015 - 06/2015. Extension Course in Residential Interior Design – University of Salamanca – 07/2014 - 11/2014. Training Course – Autodesk Revit Architecture – EspaçoTempo, Brazil – 02/2011 - 05/2011. Bachelor in Architecture and Urbanism – 5 years – State University of Goiás, Brazil – 02/2008 – 03/2013.

WORK EXPERIENCE 2014: Architectural Project of two storey residence in Brasilia. Interior Project of Premier Residential building’s reception in Anápolis. Architectural Project of Residential Renovation in Anápolis. 2013: Architect working in project correction, rendering and video production in the company Contrutora Arcteto in Anápolis, Goiás. 2013: Production of digital models and project presenting videos for the companies Construtora Arcteto in Anápolis and Gomes Carvalho Engenharia in Brasilia.

CONTACT (+34) 654 61 48 65 37008, Salamanca, Spain

ABOUT ME My name is Túlio Serra Lopez, a Spanish and Brazilian Architect, Urbanist and Interior Designer. Born in Anápolis, Brazil, in 1990, and graduated from the State University of Goiás in 2013, I seek inspiration in nature and in everyday life to create projects of contemporary and clean lines.


PUBLICATIONS Scientific Paper Architectural Tecnology in the Control of Nosocomial Infection, A Construção em Goiás magazine, Year XLIV – February of 2013, nº 548.

Revit: Autocad:

Scientific Paper History of Goiás’ Evangelical Hospital Headquarters, Research Notebook – History Museum of Anápolis “Alderico Borges de Carvalho”, Years 4 and 5. Anápolis, Goiás, 2013, nº. 1 and 2.

3DS Max: Sketchup:


Lumion: Photoshop:

Development of complete projects of Architecture, Interior Design, Urbanism and Landscaping

Vegas: Word:

Personal and Corporative Branding

3D Modelling

Excel: PowerPoint:








Proficient Cambridge English C1



Software learning

Time management



Circulation solving

Spatial visualization

Picture and video rendering

Retail Design: Aquarium Store

Showroom Design: Antalia Decora Contest

Retail Design: Nimbus Ice Cream Store

Retail Design: Rolex Store

Residential Design: Kitchen Renovation

Healthcare Architecture: Anรกpolis General Hospital

Healthcare Architecture: Health Centre

Hospitality Architecture: Convention Hotel

Residential Architecture: Smallholding House

Hospitality Design: Hyatt Park Hotel Tokyo Suite

Fish retail area – Ground Floor

Ground Floor 1:125

Fish Retail Fish Tank Display Bubble Tanks Algae Tanks Accessories and Tanks retail – Basement

Reproduction Tanks

Basement 1:125

The design of Aquarium Store is based on the concept of bringing an immersive experience to the users, with aquariums occupying all the walls of the public area. The store uses diffuse illumination generated by aquariums and water tanks to create a neutral environment with soft shadows, allowing the aquariums on the walls to stand out.


Aquatic Coffee and Bar

Informative stickers above the aquariums Store’s Logo Orderly and simple, the Aquarium Store logo of the is the vision of aquariums transformed into an icon, the vision of whole aquatic worlds behind glass sheets.

Panel with the store’s logo

Sales Uniform

Fish tank retail sticker

Product bag

Business card

Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt The Nimbus’ design is based on the sky as a source of cold (altitude cold) and associating the visual proximity of ice cream with clouds.

View from the cash register

Inspirational source: the sky and its colours

To accomplish this concept and create an airy and fun store, the use of colours of the sky, curved shapes, light and soft materials of cold visual sensation, like Solid Surface Krion were prioritized.

Floor Plan 1:50

View from the entrance

Showroom’s front view – complete kitchen and product exhibition

View of the drawers of the kitchen’s island

Planta del showroom 1:50

Inspired by the logo of antalia itself, the black stripes of the kitchen create a path to the visitor’s gaze. The aim of the project was to create a commercial attention area and a showroom that were fully integrated with a kitchen in order to not only create a functional showroom, but also to use the antalia’s aesthetic lines to create a kitchen from which visitors wish to have in their homes. View of the panel with antalia’s backlit logo

Isometric View

Client room

Floor Plan

The angle of the walls intensifies the vanishing point of the exhibition area, creating visual sensation of grandiosity, and directing users look to the centre of the store, the Rolex’s logo. The floor’s radial segmentation, which also help to strengthen the perspective created by the angled walls were inspired by the division into 12 parts of the clock, which converge in a circle inspired by the Rolex’s Oyster Case.

VIP client room

Lavabo de Clientes

Front view of the store

Kitchen’s front view

Ovens in the kitchen’s island

Floor plan 1:50

The customized wall pattern was also applied to the chairs upholstery

Original kitchen

Hospital’s main entrance Aerial view of the building

Designed to meet the demand for hospital beds (especially ICU ones) in the city, the Anápolis General Hospital has a capacity of hospitalizing 200 patients (20 of them in the ICU) in its 20.899,85m². Inspired by a Hypotrochoid, where various loops circulate a central ring, the hospital was designed to have a practical looped circulation and to provide natural lighting and ventilation to its over 400 rooms. Chart of the interaction of the hospital’s sectors

Conceptual process of the circulation

Ground Floor 1:500

Section A 1:500

First Floor 1:500

Section B 1:500

Second Floor 1:500

Section C 1:500

Rendered Section C

Front Facade - Photovoltaic panels with 68 m high

View of the front facade

The Convention Hotel project uses a steel façade, a shape inspired by a mechanical platform and large exposed structure as a tribute to Anápolis’ industrial estate, heart of the city’s economy. The building hosts a convention center, 150 suites, a recreation floor for guests and a panoramic restaurant open to the public. The hotel’s air conditioning is aided by the insulated steel panels facade and green roofs. Large photovoltaic panels with just over 68 meters high on the facades also collaborate with the energy efficiency of the building. Pool in the 11th floor

Ground Floor – Reception and administration – 1:400

10th Floor – Restaurant – 1:400

11th Floor – Recreation

Área de Ventas de Peces – Planta superior

Aerial view of the centre

The project of the health centre was a complement of the urban renovation plan of two central districts of Anápolis - Jardim Vila Bandeirante and Maracanãzinho.

View from the staff parking

Inspired by the movement of waves, the goal of the building's design was to create a simple and functional unit capable of supplying the growing demand for healthcare in those districts.

Floor Plan 1:200

Roof garden

A bay window in every suite

Ground Floor 1:125

First Floor 1:125

Room view

Suite’s isometric view

The project requirement was to find harmony between the activation and relaxation levels of the room. For this both activators (yellow) and relaxing colours (light blue) were used. The graphic panels and fabrics help with the interaction of the colours, while providing the sensation of contextualization for users.

Bathroom view

Furnished industrial shed


Furnished room

Pool room


Portfolio Túlio Serra Lopez Architecture and Interior Design  
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