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Environmentalist Angela Cameron, on a pre-Christmas New Zealand tour, reports from the World Summit of the opportunities lost – and future hopes

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Johannesberg Summit The good things which came through belong in a deeply spiritual sense to the with the many other organisations, were the commitment to conserve whole journey of the Universe. All the with Greenpeace and so forth. But an American NGO delegate told me that water and to eradicate poverty. There blood in our veins comes from the first in their groups they would progress has been a step forward in attitudes, moment of the Big Bang! so far, but then one section would in the sense that at the subsequent drag the chain and it became very meeting on the World Economy at The loving hand of God has guided Monterey they could no longer ignore us right through, and that makes frustrating for them. So, when finally the environ-mental aspect. The Summit God closely present to us at every Colin Powell got up to speak, it was the Americans themselves who led has at last brought these three areas moment. He is there in the blood racing through our veins. the demonstration against him. They were simply not メThe solution (to economic and technological problems) can be found God is in every aspect of being listened to by their only if we undergo in the most radical way an inner change of heart, nature. That must be our own people! To us all it which can lead to a change of lifestyle and of sustainable patterns starting point. And we are all interconnected: became glaringly obvious of consumption and production.モ (Pope John Paul) with each other, with the that one major problem is animals, with trees, and the giant corporations who with God. together: trade, the economy and the really rule the world. environment. Another sign of hope was We believe that we should not be et there were positive outcomes. the young people – especially young exploiting the earth because the earth is We met some Indians who had women – who were prepared to take sacred, but so often the politicians are spoken with their own official responsibility for their own country. driven by short term advantages and the delegation. They said, “let’s not worry There is real hope for the future. mighty dollar. I felt the real message of about all the ‘hogwash’ that is going Often, people are fearful because these Johannesberg is to go home and get on on here; let’s go home and do what is needed there!” And so it was for world problems appear too vast. And with it ourselves. Gandhi said My life thousands of others, who could not have that’s where a sound spirituality come will be my message. The call today is to returned home without having the will in. We need to realise we were not born commit ourselves to living in peace and just on the day of our natural birth. We embracing a simpler style of life. ■ to do something tangible.


What Johannesberg decided The good: ・ halve those without safe drinking water and sanitation by 2015 ・ cease destructive fishing practices and establish marine protected areas by 2012 ・ maintain or restore fish stocks by 2015

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・ significantly reduce biodiversity loss by 2010 The satisfactory: ・ halve those living on $1 per day by 2015 ・ provide medicines for all ・ reduce HIV in young people by 2010 The bad – no commitment to serious conservation ・ voluntary regional and national targets only

Tui motu 2003 february  
Tui motu 2003 february