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The meaning of Tui Motu People often ask why we chose this name. So, to start a new year, we are reprinting Pa Henare Tate’s explanation from our first issue.


e humans are put together according to the way we relate. Our primal relationship is the way we connect with one another. We are linked by blood to our whanau or iwi; but we are linked to others of a different family or race who are on the same journey as ourselves. We have to encounter them too. We are linked also to the land – this is the significance of motu. Sometimes we are thinking of the separate islands but sometimes of te motu, the whole land. In terms of our whakapapa, our genealogy, we Maori have strong links with the other Pacific peoples. And we are linked too with all those who came here from afar – their blood is in us.

The third thing which binds everything together is the link with Atua, with God. The word tui brings this all to mind: the binding, the sewing, the stitching, the bonding. A person is only a person because of his/her link with God. God made us so. In pre-Christian times it was the link with God which consti-tuted the sacredness and the dignity of our Maori people.


he gospel has brought Christ into the whole fabric of Maori belief. We relate to Christ as tuakana, the eldest, the firstborn. This helps us understand our link, our tuitui, with God the Father through the person of Christ. We recognise a process of growing together into Christ – a binding, a weaving of the weaker part of the fabric, which is us, to the stronger, who is God.

the physical boundaries. The knitting with God is also a process of stretching: it means a surrender to God. Unless we stretch we cannot be joined to God. It is this surrender to God which is the essence of faith. A piece that is sewn onto the garment has to ‘surrender’ to whichever way that garment is going to move. The stitching together of the peoples, too, is a process of stretching and involves a surrender. We are at a crucial stage of the journey. No one walks alone; we are all in this together. So, to be knit together means to help one another along the road. If we fail to respond, then we hold people back, and we miss the ‘moment’, the kairos offered us by God. Part of enjoying the dignity of being a human person or a people is to be able to restore

Stitching is also a painful process. Stitching entails stretching – beyond

Henare Tate

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