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in invisible nylon, disabled while the fish are jumping around you. On this small planet, so heavily manipulated that you can have strawberries at Christmas and turkey in June, where the seasons have lost much of their meaning, fishing remains tightly anchored to the phases of nature. In October, when the trout are preparing to spawn, you put away your rod, tidy your fishing bag, and settle down to tie flies for the winter. You accept the discipline and frustrations of the closed season, and yearn for March. The draw of the river and lake goes deeper than reason can reach. Belloc touched it when writing (in The Path to Rome) of the sense of order and accomplishment which attaches to a day one has opened

by Mass: The most important cause of this feeling of satisfaction is that you are doing what the human race has done for thousands upon thousands of years. Whatever is buried right into our blood from immemorial habit, that we must be certain to do if we are to be fairly happy and, what is more important, decent and secure of our souls. Thus one should from time to time hunt animals, or at the very least shoot at a mark; one should always drink some kind of fermented liquor with one’s food – and especially deeply on great feast-days; one should go on the water from time to time; and one should dance on occasions; and one should sing in chorus. For all these things man has

LIGHTING THE FIRESWomens Study/ Research Project There is money available for

done since God put him into a garden and his eyes first became troubled with a soul… Now in the morning Mass you do all that the race needs to do and has done for all these ages where religion was concerned; there you have the sacred and separate Enclosure, the Altar, the Priest in his Vestments, the set ritual, the ancient and hierarchic tongue, and all that your nature cries out for in the matter of worship.

Some things have changed since Belloc. Mass is no longer in the ancient and hierarchic tongue, some animals have been wiped out by hunting, and he writes as a man, not a woman. So he sounds politically incorrect. But for anglers, he rings true. ■

Helping the Dominican Sisters in East Timor

women within Aotearoa New Zealand who are wanting to undertake a research study or project that fits within the following guidelines: ◆ empowering women to challenge oppressive

structures in the global community, their country and their church;

◆ affirming women, through shared leadership and

decision-making, theology and spirituality, in their decisive contributions to communities and church;

◆ giving visibility to women’s perspectives and

actions in the struggle for justice, peace and the integrity of creation;

◆ enabling churches to free themselves from racism,

sexism, and classism, from teachings and practices that discriminate against women;

◆ enabling the churches to take actions in solidarity

Applicants need to provide:

◆ evidence of appropriate research skills and

background experience

◆ a 500 word description of the research study

or project

◆ names and contact information of two referees ◆ a proposed budget and timeline

To apply or for further information, write to: Lighting the Fires, Womens Study Project PO Box 173, OTEPOTI/DUNEDIN

There are many young women who want to join religious life and become Dominican sisters in East Timor. At this stage, there is nowhere for them to live. The East Timorese Dominicans own a small piece of land in Dili and they hope to build a simple house there, but they have no money. The New Zealand Dominican sisters, their ex-pupils, families and friends, have launched an appeal to raise US$130,000 to build a house of formation for the East Timorese sisters.

If you would like to find out more about this project, please ring: Roxane Parkinson OP (04) 477 1897 or Maureen O’Hanlon OP (06) 355 0272. If you would like to contribute to the project, please send your donation to: East Timorese House Project, PO Box 13-688, Johnsonville, Wellington 6032.

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Tui motu 2003 february