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==== ==== Get more Information about My Team ==== ==== Team Marketing on the Internet Every Team needs a leader. It is usually a person who is has a vision and the ability to convert these ideas into web pages, auto-responders and follow up messages. Quite rightly the leader will benefit most if these ideas prove to be successful. But on their own, one person cannot test these ideas and so he needs help. Next there are a handful of lets call them "Founders". They will test these ideas on the market, discuss strategies and suggest amendments and improvements until they have something that works. They will be rewarded for their extra work by being at the top of the Tree. So now they need to build a Team to be successful because in this instance, success is a measure of how many you can help to be successful. Lastly, the Team Members, They should not be looking for untold wealth quickly. They need to see progress and will know what to expect from their Membership and efforts. They will expect to advertise for the Team but would like to know when their Team responsibilities can be ended. What would an ideal strategy consist of? Ideally it should have a one-off small, initial cost and progress into a number of income streams. This inevitably means that earnings are going to be slow initially and Team Members need to be informed. Suggested Strategy 1. Initially join a games program and deposit the minimum amount to become active. Usually this amount is doubled and when you expend the deposited amount, playing say Solitaire, your Sponsor receives up to three times your deposited amount as commission. 2. Next join a program where you can be promoted through various levels automatically. Your sponsor promotes you one level using his Commission from Program One. He also earns a similar amount from your promotion in Program 2. 3. At this stage you will be required to promote the Team Squeeze Page and you will receive your own referral in Program One. 4. You receive your commission from your Referrals Deposit and Promote Him in Program Two and earn from his promotion. 5. You repeat this until you have Four Referrals in Program Two and then if you wish you can stop promoting the Team Page and concentrate on your own promotion. 6. You will have earned sufficient funds now to upgrade in a Third Program where you earn commission from your referrals upgrading in Program Three. 7. This can be repeated through further programs as required. The advantages of this kind of plan are: You become a team leader yourself coaching your four referrals to duplicate the scheme. In this way it is self perpetuating.

You are not required to join a large matrix, paying monthly where it can take six months to a year before you are breaking even. You can try it and even if you fail, you only lose your initial deposit in the First Program. The income from say six programs can build up substantially over time. The disadvantage is that you are not going to make a lot of money quickly, but you were told this when you joined. Of course the reason for telling you all this is because I am involved with such a Team. The initial ideas were not mine, but I am one of the Founding Members. We have our own Forum where any changes and or Help can quickly be passed to all Members.The Forum includes Details of the programs involved and we report any changes being made to these programs by their owners. It has suggestions for promotion and Members are expected to contribute regularly. You can get more information about our Team by following the link at the top or bottom of this article.

==== ==== Get more Information about My Team ==== ====

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