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Oct & Nov 2013

reminders Completed all 4 areas? human resource & Sign up for an IC here: org dev. Once you’ve done your IC answer this to get sorted into your Tugon House:

reminders For for all

The last day for Make Up Area for the first semester was Nov. 16, Congratulations to everyone who made it and thank you for sharing your time with our kids! If you have any questions, contact our EVP, Yra Saavedra 09176331952.




GIRLS AREAS ECPAT Area Head: Choco Cabrera Assistant: Christine Tiu


Laura Vicuna

Cribs RH

Meritxell Area Head: Kari Lim Assistant: Rob Parungo Area Head: Sam Dizon Assistant: Tria Garcia

Reds Area Head: Dirk Gomez Assistant: KC Castillo Area Head: Ella Trias Assistant: Reg Galvez Area Head: Geoff Cruz Assistant: Aimee Tan

Cribs NB Area Head: DJ De Joya Assistant: Celina Santos

ALL AREAS To all Tugon Alumni, we’re looking to you to sponsor the institutions Christmas parties for our babies and girls. Contact Yra Saavedra for details 09175331952.

Babies Areas announcements


Come to area and see their new home!

Girls Areas

announcements ECPAT Visit ECPAT Philippines new website at

U N O CE M TS N N A EN special projects

Apply to be Project Head or a Core Member for Our Projects! PINWHEELS FOR CHANGE

We’re looking for 45 members to join our core team! If you’re game to promote our advocacy through pinwheels and have creative ideas, join us!

Thanksgiving Dinner

We are looking for 1 project head and 4 core members to join the team. The thanksgiving dinner is our chance to acknowledge and thank the partner institutions for all that they do for the babies, girls and for our shared advocacy.


Download the app kit and email completed app form to

holistic formation

Apply to be Project Head or a Core Member for Our Projects!


We need 2 project heads who are ready to create bonding moments that can deepen our relationship with each other and our understanding of Tugon.


For this yearend project, we need 2 project heads and 8 core team members. This is the last hurrah for the Tugon members and our graduating members to celebrate another year making kids happy!


Download the app kit and email completed app form to

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR PROJECT HEADS! AWARENESS TALK Cris Reganion FORMSEM Kayla Mariano and Jude Paulite TUGON WEEK Alyanna Chuatoco Second TUGOn GA Papap Garcia and Chino Fragada

This week we’re launching our new home on the world wide web! You better believe it, is comming to town!

CONGRATULATIONS to THE FOLLLOWING: JONAS TRINIDAD - ADVOCACY Head For constantly supporting all Tugon projects, being friendly to everyone, being there to help with anyting and all while heading the Advocacy Team.

Lazir Caluya - PROMOS GENIUS For always delivering the best work in timely fashion. We thank you for all your hard work put into Sportsfest, Tugon Week and the House Emblems!

RAPH MENDOza - MR. AREA Your eagerness to always join area is a reminder to all of us about the love and warmth our babies and girls need from us.

PAPAP Garcia - Mr. Hard worker For working hard in all aspects of Tugon, from the 2nd GA to Team Aztec at the Tugon Formsem. We admire your work ethic and team spirit.

Chino Fragada - All Around For stepping up as area leader, to helping Team Aztec win in the FormSem, for your hard work in the 2nd GA and to being everyone’s favorite tambay at the org room!

Thank you for all the time, love and warmth you’ve shared with our babies and girls and for your commitment the advocacy and the organization!

TUGON HOUSE Get Sorted. Housesorter

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Kidtalk: The Tugon Newsletter (October & November 2013)  
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