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PASTA MADE GREAT In 2011 the Pasta Factory was established on the principle of providing a fresh approach to pasta preparation. Pasta Factory sauces are all individually blended, using only the finest, freshest, locally produced ingredients, and they are made in the traditional way; by hand. This gives all the sauces in the range a distinctive character and depth of flavour that far exceeds the majority of sauces available elsewhere. The great flavour is only half of the story, the meals are healthy and nutritious and the recipes are designed in conjunction with a registered dietician to ensure they are balanced, and meet all regulatory guidelines.

FOOD WITH INTEGRITY Food with integrity means that the Pasta Factory is committed to sourcing only the very finest ingredients in an environmentally respectful way. Our philosophy is to provide food that is delicious, healthy and nutritious, represents great value and is sustainable. We work closely with our suppliers and farmers to ensure the produce we select is grown in a way that respects the land. We use local farmers to minimise our carbon footprint. The meat is supplied by farmers that treat their animals with respect, whichis free-range where possible, and free from added chemicals and hormones.


FRESH SAUCES Unlike many other Pasta concepts, we do not use powders or pastes to make our sauces. Pasta Factory sauces start with the finest, freshest ingredients, lovingly prepared and blended by hand to produce sauces of exceptional quality. All of our sauces are made in the UK.


Pasta Factory pasta is made from 100% Durum Wheat and water. There are no added preservatives, colours or artificial flavours. We do not even add salt. With the Pasta Factory equipment tailored to meet the needs of the outlet, perfect pasta can be served at a rate of up to 150 portions per hour.

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MARKETING POSITION The Pasta Factory was established because we recognised that catering professionals were desperate for a quality pasta solution to offer their customers. We understood that a premium quality pasta meal, presented in an appealing and attractive way, would drive sales and generate profit. We set out to take pasta to a higher level, and we strongly believe we have achieved this, just ask any of our customers. We are so confident in the Pasta Factory concept, that we operate with no minimum order periods, and if you are not entirely delighted with the results, we will collect the equipment without charge. There is no risk attached to this concept, just a great deal to gain.

NUTRITION It is important to let customers know exactly what is in their meal. As part of the merchandising package, all the Pasta Factory meals include a traffic light information system that communicates the number of calories, amount of sugars, fats and saturated fats, and the salt contained in each meal. This helps customers decide what is right for them, and demonstrates to commitment of the Pasta Factory in producing healthy and nutritious food. Our school menu has been designed with our registered dietician to ensure the Pasta Factory meals meet all current TNS guidelines, and are packed with extra nutrients. We are constantly developing our range of sauces to add more exciting variations and to further reduce salt and fat content to make them even healthier.

GRAB ATTENTION The branding and merchandising materials supplied by the Pasta Factory to support the offer have been designed by industry experts to deliver high impact and grab the attention of consumers. Recent case studies indicate that the use of the branding increases sales and maximises profitability.

THE ULTIMATE IN EQUIPMENT The equipment supplied by the Pasta Factory has been designed specifically to maximise service, whilst minimising time in the queue and reducing potential waste. There are a number of flexible options to suit all catering operations and all venue types. The countertop unit has one of the smallest footprints available; just 65cm wide. There is a trolley unit that can be located away from the main servery for units that need to reduce queuing, and there is a super-fast system that can deliver up to 150 portions per hour. The Pasta Factory equipment is tailor maid to suit any environment.

TRAINING With the Pasta Factory, we support you every step of the way. We offer a training programme to ensure you get the most out of the system, and to make sure the pasta is served perfectly every time. We offer on-going support to help you maximise the opportunities and develop the business. Help and advice is never more than a phone-call away.

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GET IN TOUCH We would love to tell you more about the Pasta Factory, and answer any of your questions, and if you feel the Pasta Factory might be right for you, we can arrange to come to you and show you how easy the concept is, and how good the pasta tastes. Take the first step to a fresher, healthier and more profitable pasta offer by calling our customer service team on 0844 264 0908, we look forward to talking to you.


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