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Turkish tea, called çay,(pronounced Chai) is black tea is produced on the eastern Black Sea coast, which has a mild climate with high precipitation and fertile soil. Turkish tea is typically prepared using two stacked kettles ( çaydanlık) specially designed for tea preparation. Water is brought to a boil in the larger lower kettle and then some of the water is used to fill the smaller kettle on top and steep several spoons of loose tea leaves, producing a very strong tea. When served, the remaining water is used to dilute the tea on an individual basis, giving each consumer the choice between strong ") or weak. Tea is drunk from small glasses to enjoy it hot in addition to showing its colour, with cubes of beet sugar. Turkish people like eating some homemade snacks in company with tea at teatime (or any time during the day). Here we present you some homemade Turkish snacks for large family meals or for your guests in important days 1


Ingredients: -Cheese -Dill -Parsley -Yoghurt -Milk -Olive oil -Phyllo pastry


Phyllo is laid flat. Mix dill, parsley and cheese in a plate. Thus, iner ingredients are ready. Mix yoghurt, milk, olive oil in a seperate plate. Spread this mixture on the phyllo pastry by using brush. Cut phyllo pastry into two. Put the mixture with cheese on the lip point of the half of the phyllo pastry and infold. Apply same procedur to all phyllo pastry. After sprinkling sesame and nigella, cook them in the oven heated at 180°C.


(Made by Beril DurmazoÄ&#x;lu)

Ingredients: -2 water glasses of rice -2 onions -2 tomatoes -500 gr of mince -One spoon of tomato sauce -Parsley -Mint -Salt -Black pepper -Vine leaves

Directions: After cleaning rice, mix it with other ingredients. Then put the mixture into the leaves little by little and wrap. Then put them into a saucepan and cook until the rice gets soft.


(Made by Beril DurmazoÄ&#x;lu)

Ingredients for dough: -Flour -Salt -Water -Yeast

Ingredients for soil mixture -500 gr of mince -2 onions -2 tomatoes -5 peppers -Parsley -Salt -Black pepper -Half tea glass of oil

Directions: Leaven dough with flour, salt, water and yeast. Turn the fermented dough into small puffs and roll out them one by one. Mix the ingredients for soil mixture. Put some of soil mixture over the rolled 4

puffs and spread it. Close the lip points of dough and make the form of pide. Cook them in the oven at 200 °C.

MOLE CAKE (Made by Beril Durmazoğlu)

Ingredients: -2 glasses of flour -3 eggs -Cake cream -One package of cacao (25gr) -1,5 glass of sugar -Baking powder -Vanilin -Banana

Directions: Scramble sugar and eggs in a saucepan. Then add oil, cacao, flour, baking powder and vanilin and go on scrambling. Pour the cake paste into a large baking tray and cook at 175 °C. After it is baked, cut the cake paste into smal circles by the help of a round pattern or 5

glass. Turn some of the cake paste into powder in the food proccessor. Align banana slices over the round cut cake paste. Spread cake cream over it. At last pour the cake paste which has been a powder over it.

CAKE WITH BISCUIT (Made by Sıla Karaoğlu)

Directions: First prepare the puding. Lay flat an aliminium folyo over a tray. Align the biscuits after dipping into the puding. Then envelop the cake with aliminium folyo. Leave it in the fridge for half an hour. Eat with real pleasure.

POTATO SALAD (Made by Ebrar Sert)


Ingredients: -6 medium sized potatoes -1 cucumber -2 tomatotoes -Enough lettuce -Enough fresh onion -Lemon -Salt -Olive oil -Cumin -Red pepper -Pepper -Black pepper

Directions: Wash the potatoes and put in a pot filled with water. Boil them for 30-50 miuntes. After boiling, leave them getting cold in order to be peeled easily. Then cut all the ingredients into small pieces and put mix them. You can add spices optionally. And ready to serve. 7

BROWNIE (Made by Sümeyye Özkan)

Ingredients: -3 eggs -1,5 glass of milk -One package of cacao -2 glasses of sugar -2 packages of baking powder -1 package of vanilin -3 water glasses of flour

Directions: Scramble eggs. Then add sugar and go on scrambling until it foams. Add milk ad oil and go on scrambling.

Seperate 1,5 glass of this

mixture. Add flour to the remaining ingredients and go on scrambling. Add baking powder and vanilin. Pour the mixture into the oily tray. Bake it at 180°C for 40-45 minutes. After it is baked, pour the 1,5 glass of mixture which is seperated before adding flour over the cake. Slice it. Eat with real pleasure. CAKE WITH BANANA

(Made by Zeynep Sena Karadeniz)


Ingredients: -8 eggs -8 spoons of flour -8 spoons of sugar For the cream: -1 lt of milk -1 egg -3 spoons of sugar -3 spoons of flour -3 bananas -1 package of whipped cream -vanilin


Mix the ingredients for the cake and pour into the pattern. Bake in the oven. Cook milk, egg, sugar and flour by mixing at a medium heat. Add vanilin. Cut the baked cake in the half. Spread the cream. Slice the bananas and align over the cream. Reunite the cake and cover with the remaining cream. Decorate as you desire.

CAKE WITH WHIPPED CREAM (Made by Zeynep Sena Karadeniz)


Ingredients: -2 eggs -1 water glass of flour -Half water of milk -Half water of oil -1 package of cacao -1 package of baking powder -1 package of vanilin For the cream: -2 cups of flour -2 cups of sugar -Half water glass of milk


Mix the ingredients and pour them into a pan. Bake the mixture at 175°C. Cook 2 cups of flour, 2 cups of sugar and half water glass of milk for the cream. Wait until it gets cold. Mix 1 glass of milk and 1 package of whipped cream. Scramble it with the cold cream and pour over the hot cake. Pour hot chocolate while you serve it.



Ingredients: For the cake -4 eggs -3 little cups of sugar -4 little cups of flour -1 package of baking powder -1 package of vanilin For the cream: -5 spoons of flour -5 spoons of sugar -3 water glasses of milk (When the cream is cooked and when it gets cold, one package of whipped cream will be poured and mixed with it. It will be cooked in a big oven tray. Convenience cream may be used arbitrarily.) -1 package of cake sauce -1 banana


When the cake is ready, leave it to get cold. Pour and spread half of the cake sauce and cream over it. Put banana in the middle. Wrap it in the form of roll. Spread the remaining cream over the cake. Leave it in the fridge for 1-2 hours. Decorote and serve. (If the cake is baked in the oil paper, it would be easy to wrap. Cook the cake until it turns pink.)


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This e-book is prepared in the content of the Comenius Project "Piece of a Whole" by Turkish Food Team of Düzce Cumhuriyet Secondary School....