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Which Different Materials Are Used To Build a Roof - Tuflite Polymers There are lots of materials that are used to build roofs. These include wood, stone, clay, glass, metal, polycarbonate roofing sheets, and many more. You need to be very sure while choosing the material for your roof, because you want a sturdy covering for your home that lasts longer, and doesn’t have you repairing it constantly or replacing it earlier. Here is a list of the most common roofing materials available, along with the pros and cons of each.

Wood One of the most traditional materials used in roofs is wood. Being made from redwood, cedar, and southern pine, it offers a rustic look. However, wood can be a concern in areas that observe wet climate, mold, rotting, and fire.

Slate Slate is available in a variety of colors like black, gray, red, green, and purple; thus enhancing the visual appeal of a roof. It is a durable, fire-resistant material, but is at the same time, heavy requiring additional framing and professional installation. Slate is, in fact, a hard rock that can

be split into thin slabs varying between ¼ to 1 inch. With the characteristic to last more than 100 years, slate is a very expensive material.

Metals Metal roofs are another popular roofing material, used specially in commercial applications. They are available in two types – panels and shingles. The various types of metals available for roofing include copper, aluminum, and steel. Metal roofs are lightweight, long-lasting, recyclable, and resistant to extreme weather conditions. However, they are also expensive.

ALUMINUM – Light in weight and resistant to rusting, aluminum is a great option for roofing. However, it is also soft and brittle, as compared to other metals.

STEEL – Durable and heavier than aluminum, steel is a better option. However, it requires various kinds of coatings for protection. For example, a coat of zinc is applied to protect steel from rust; and a coat of epoxy primer is applied to fight adhesion.

COPPER – Copper doesn’t need any finishing; it is naturally resistant to corrosion. Also, it is flexible and can be easily bent as it is soft in nature. But, it is also relatively very expensive.

Asphalt Asphalt is economical and easy to install. They are available in a variety of colors, thus you can make a choice to improve the look of your home. However, you will need to have them reinforced with fiberglass or organic materials. The disadvantages of asphalt include a shorter life span and zero insulation.

Clay and concrete tiles If you want to add elegance and texture to your roof, clay and concrete tiles are a great option as they are available in great varieties like flat, ribbed, and scalloped. They are a very durable and long-lasting option, but are also heavy, requiring additional framing and installation done by professionals. They are also energy efficient and non-combustible. However, these qualities also make them very expensive.

Transparent Materials Glass has been the most traditional material used to build roofs where transparency is required; like in greenhouses and conservatories. However, glass is a heavy, brittle, and rigid material. So, to replace glass, the construction industry has come up with a new alternative for glass since the past few years – polycarbonate. This contemporary material provides maximum transparency like glass, but without the other disadvantages that glass has to offer. This means that polycarbonate is transparent, yet strong, durable, impact resistant, and flexible. Moreover, it comes with an additional UV protective layer that lets in maximum sunlight, while keeping away the harmful UV radiations of the sun. This has made polycarbonate the best transparent roofing material today! If transparency is what you need for your roof, you can get in touch with Tuflite Polymers to get the best quality polycarbonate roofing sheets that are available in a variety of types, textures, and colors.

Which Different Materials Are Used To Build A Roof - Tuflite Polymers  

With a wide range of options available in the market for roofing materials, you need to make sure you make the right choice so that you can...

Which Different Materials Are Used To Build A Roof - Tuflite Polymers  

With a wide range of options available in the market for roofing materials, you need to make sure you make the right choice so that you can...