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Corporal Seyit By: Tufan oner Seyit was born in 1889 to a middle classfamily. He lived in BalıkesirHavran, a small village where his family had a farm. Seyit didn’t want to stay on the farm and plant vegetables his whole life. He dreamed of becoming a soldier becausehe wanted to help defend the Ottoman Empire in World War I. In 1909 he joined the army and was 20 years old. He was always serious and had few friends in the Ottoman army. He was hard working becausehe trained to be strong. In 1915 France and England ships tried to defeat the Ottoman Empire in the early morning in Canakkale. Canakkale is next to the Mediterranean Sea. Everyone was fighting and almost everyone died. Seyit felt angry becausehis friends were dead. One friend survived but was injured and Seyit asked, “Do you want to pick up artillery shells together?” His friend said, “Are you crazy? Nobody can pick up these shells!” Seyit tried to pick up the shells but was not successful the first few times and then he prayed “No one is stronger or more supreme than Allah.” Seyit tried once more to pick up the shells and then he did it. Seyit lifted three 275 kg artillery shells into the guns and shot the big British ship HMSOcean. The ship sunk. And Ataturk, the president of Turkey, tried to take Seyit’s photo with the shells but was not successful. Seyit became a Corporal and Turkish Hero. After the war was finished Seyit discharged in 1918 and spent the rest of his life as a forester and coal-miner. He died from lung diseasein 1939 at 50 years old. His grave is in Balıkesir-Havran, where he was born. In 1992 there was a statue made of Seyit carrying an artillery shell on the Gallipoli peninsula.

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Seyit was born 1889 in the Bal覺kesir-Havran. Seyit had a normal life but Seyit joined the army and Seyit defended the Ottoman Empire but one morning French and British ships attacking the Ottoman everybody was dead. Just Seyit survived. Seyit had to do something and he got an idea but the machine that picks up artillery shells was broken and he had to pick up the artillery shells. Seyit tried 3 times and finally he picked up the artillery shells and each one weighed 275 kg. He made the British and French ships sunk and Seyit became an Ottoman hero.

Corporal seyit  
Corporal seyit  

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