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FINANCIALFUTURE As we enter into a bear market for the first time in over 10 years at the hands of the COVID-19 outbreak, many investors are wondering what lies ahead. History tells us that not all bear markets are created equal, and the trigger of the market sell-off can tell us a lot about what to expect. In the past, event-driven bear markets, similar to what we are in now, don’t last as long as Addressing Your Financial Concerns Around COVID-19 structural bear markets. As we enter into a bear market for the first 2me in over 10 years at the hands of the COVID-19 outbreak,

Types of Bear Markets & Their Triggers many investors are wondering what lies ahead. History tells us that not all bear markets are created

equal, and the trigger of the market sell-off can tell us a lot about what to expect. In the past, event-

Structural: The result of a market player causing a systemic driven bear markets, similar to what we are in now, don’t last as long as structural bear markets. problem, such as over-leveraged banks or consumers. Types of Bear Markets & Their Triggers

Cyclical: A natural slowdown in economic activity after a period Structural: The result of a market player causing a systemic problem, such as over-leveraged banks or consumers. of growing production and profits. Cyclical: A natural slowdown in economic ac2vity aMer a period of growing produc2on and profits. Event-Driven: An unpredictable shock to the markets, such as a Event-Driven: An unpredictable shock to the markets, such as a natural disaster or health crisis. natural disaster or health crisis.

While investors may react differently to fluctuations in the While investors may react differently to fluctua2ons in the market, many can benefit from working with market, many can benefit from working with a trusted financial a trusted financial professional to support the re2rement planning process. Let’s scheduled a mee2ng to talk through worst case scenarios, your tolerance for risk and any other changes to your financial picture professional to support the retirement planning process. Let’s that necessitates refining your current approach. Together we can put a plan in place that will help you scheduled a meeting to talk through worst case scenarios, your live out the re2rement of your dreams. tolerance for risk and any other changes to your financial picture During this 2me of increased need by our clients, we that necessitates refining your current approach. Together we can Together we can address your market vola2lity put a plan in place that will helphave expanded our availabilty in addi2on to offering you live out the retirement of your concerns with these simple steps: fully remote mee2ngs. You can schedule a mee2ng with dreams. us between 8am and 8pm, Monday through Friday, by • •

Do a por[olio check

using our online scheduling tool at hUps://

Look for ways to op2mize spending During this time of increaseddanielmaUhews/introduc2on or by calling need by our clients, we have • Balance the need for cash reserves with 720-206-6556. expanded our availabilty in addition to offering fully remote the opportunity for growth • Discuss how Social Security could meetings. You can schedule a meeting with us between 8am impact re2rement income and• 8pm, Monday through Friday, by using our online scheduling Review protec2on planning tool at or by calling 720-206-6556.

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Daniel Matthews, Financial Adviser offering investment advisory services through Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser . Registered Representative offering securities through NYLIFE Securities LLC (member FINRA/SIPC), A Licensed Insurance Agency. Agent, New York Life Insurance Company 3200 Cherry Creek South Drive, Suite 700, Denver CO 80209. 303-744-2000 High Peaks Wealth Strategies, LLC is not owned or operated by Eagle Strategies LLC, NYLIFE Securities or any of their affiliates. Eagle Strategies and NYLIFE Securities are New York Life companies.



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EDITOR'STAKE MOTHER'SDAY In Celebration of Mothers (especially at this time)... There are so many things that can be discussed and so many reasons to celebrate mothers. The first word that comes to mind when thinking of my own mother is sacrifice. Mothers sacrifice so much time, personal convenience, schedule, sleep, and more. At this unprecedented time of quarantine and virtual communication, mothers are having to sacrifice even more than usual to give emotional support and provide for the many different needs of their family. Moms are busy: suddenly jumping into a larger role in educating kids from home; helping kids remain connected with friends and family; maintaining health and safety guidelines; taking on extra cooking and cleaning; and in many cases working from home to provide financially. All the while still attempting to think up a long line of fun activities to keep kids entertained. Good job and keep up the good work! Thank goodness for the technology to continue in so many good causes while we are separated. No one has been unaffected by our current world situation, and so many are doing so much for their loved ones and for our community. In hearing from a few mothers, some have said that clear thinking is essential at this crazy time. One mother shared how important daily family dinner, prayer, and discussion are. Several shared how important it is to be an example to your children of what you are teaching. Another mentioned the power of schedule and productivity. Others are feeling the joy of service to others. However you are coping and despite all the challenges - fun, family time, and love are in abundance while we stay at home. These things are a gift. Mothers in our community encompass all ages and stages. Maybe you are a new mom and are concerned about the health of your little one. Perhaps you are the mother who is now working from home along with homeschooling and all your other duties. Maybe you are a mother who works at an essential business and are balancing going to work and trying to keep everyone healthy while kids are home. Or maybe you’re a young mom trying to keep little ones entertained. You could be a mother with grown children who can only connect with kids and grandkids through technology and miss seeing those you love. Maybe you fall into many of these categories. Whoever you are, thank you!! We love you! You give so much and you are involved in shaping lives and shaping futures. Happy Mother’s Day 2020! 8 SEARCHCASTLEROCK | MAY 2020


Kindness, togetherness, and hope for the future. Although we are maintaining safe distances, we are still together and supporting one another.

Please call for a virtual tour. 303.996.8000

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Daniel Matthews Financial Adviser

Helping you plan for all of life’s changes Daniel can help to make your financial goals a reality by creating a customized plan based on your unique situation. Contact Daniel today to start your plan.

720-206-6556 Daniel Matthews, Financial Adviser offering investment advisory services through Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser . Registered Representative offering securities through NYLIFE Securities LLC (member FINRA/SIPC), A Licensed Insurance AgencyAgent, New York Life Insurance Company 3200 Cherry Creek South Drive, Suite 700, Denver CO 80209. 303-744-2000 High Peaks Wealth Strategies, LLC is not owned or operated by Eagle Strategies LLC, NYLIFE Securities or any of their affiliates. Eagle Strategies and NYLIFE Securities are New York Life companies.

Take charge of your future Planning for your financial future isn’t about numbers – it’s about you. Your situations and goals are the basis for creating a solid plan for your future financial security. I can help you get the peace of mind that comes with step-by-step guidance based on your goals. Call today to get started!

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AROUNDTOWN THINGSTODO Taking things online -

During this time of quarantine and wearing masks in public, so many of our local businesses have had to close their doors. They are getting creative to be able to continue with communication, classes, and services. Here are a few examples: Dance and music studios are offering online dance or music classes. Art classes are being offered remotely as well. Many physical trainers are offering one-on-one virtual sessions. So many are offering Facebook training sessions. Planet Fitness and 9-Round are offering free at-home workouts for all. Party stores are delivering items for your celebration. So many of our restaurants are offering curbside pickup or delivery. Even grocery stores are offering deliveries. Although lobbies and stores are not open, many businesses are still serving. With extra time at home, let’s research how our local businesses are adapting to the Covid-19 challenges and how we can support them!

SUPPORTLOCAL PRIDE auto carePride Auto Care is considered a Critical Service and is open for Business! They, too, have had to adjust their services for health concerns to protect the safety of staff and customers. They offer rides within 10 miles of their locations. Pride Auto Care has locations in Parker, Littleton, and Centennial, along with a Mr. Transmission location in Parker. Pride Auto is following the CDC recommended guidelines for sanitization to make sure everything stays clean and everyone stays healthy. They are also offering a no-touch service option where you can drop off your car and leave your keys in the slot without having to physically go into the shop. Communication regarding the vehicle will be over phone, text or email. Another added service is a pickup or delivery option. In order to limit interaction, this service simplifies getting vehicle repairs. It is a great option to help those working from home or taking care of others. To keep our cars in good shape and to protect our own health, these measures are an important addition! Visit for more information and to see the specials they are running.

OPPORTUNITYKNOCKS adopt-a-senior - 2020 strong It is a challenging and emotional time for graduating seniors who have had their last year of high school cut short and have missed out on some special experiences. In honor of the class of 2020, Sheli Silvius started an Adopt-A-Senior program in the Parker area. There is one started in the Castle Rock area as well. Sheli said, “I am inspired by the power of people coming together to help one another. Kindness is a very powerful thing and it is evident that this little initiative is spreading way faster than Covid-19.... This has brought happiness and joy to a community who needed it.” As described online, the site was created from the heart FOR the hearts of our seniors. It was created to build memories and positive energy around something that is completely out of our control. Join on Facebook: Adopt A HS Senior 2020 - Castle Rock, Colorado. Go on to post your senior “for adoption.” Members of the community can then sign up to adopt an individual senior and do something kind to brighten their day or week or month. Join in this cause to spread the love around our community. Congratulations, Class of 2020! 10 SEARCHCASTLEROCK | MAY 2020


off any vehicle purchase Offer expires May 31, 2020. Not valid with any other offers or discounts.

1.9% Financing Available or No Payments until April 10311 S. Parkglenn Way • Parker, CO Phone: (303) 951-2131 • Fax: (303) 951-2149

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COPINGWITHCOVID “Are we living in a movie? Is this really our reality now?” These are a couple of the questions that I’m asked by most clients during every session. “This has to be a bad dream. I know I’ll wake up tomorrow and it’ll all be over.” Unfortunately, over the past month or so this has become our new norm. There is an influx of conflicting information, news sensationalism, and local closures. We are living in a world packed with uncertainty, fear, and chaos. People are stockpiling toilet paper and Clorox wipes and shelves are empty at the store. The news and social media are regularly blasting headlines that cause citizens to feel like the end of the world is possibly days away. Despite being isolated, we are inundated with information that would spike anyone’s deepest fears. Despite this uncertainty and unpredictability, it is imperative that we begin to take stock of what control we do have as well as begin to incorporate ways to manage our worry and begin to dive into this new norm.


Elizabeth Schane MS, LPC, LMHC

Well Roots Counseling

The first step to regaining control over our lives is becoming aware of what feelings are surfacing. Are we worried all the time? Are we finding ourselves ruminating over specifics of the virus? Do we find it difficult to step away from the news and social media updates? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then we may be experiencing anxiety. While we must abide by the stay at home order, it is also important to recognize how we can maintain some sense of normalcy during this period. Overall, any feelings related to anxiety are uncomfortable and difficult to sit with. Feeling inundated with worry may not be something we’re experiencing. Instead we may find ourselves feeling sad, finding it difficult to get out of bed, or taking a shower and changing out of our pajamas. Maybe we are beginning to feel like there’s no hope that this quarantine will ever improve; that life may NEVER return to what we were previously accustomed to. These are some of the common symptoms of depression. In truth, we could be feeling a mix of depression and anxiety at the same time or one feeling could prompt the other to surface. No matter what feelings are coming up, if they’re causing us to feel out of control, it’s important that we don’t ignore them.

Next is when we are able to begin recognizing what we do have control over. We cannot make this pandemic end, however, we do have authority over how we respond to it. Firstly, we need to recognize how difficult of a time this is. In some capacity we are all grieving the loss of our daily lives. We are missing the ability to see our loved ones, go into work, drop the kiddos off at school/day care, or even sit down in a restaurant and have a leisurely dinner. Vacations we may have planned have either been cancelled or placed on hold. We are cramped in our homes and those close quarters can begin to feel confining after being around the same people 24/7. Others may be living on their own and the feeling of lonliness is ever present. Morevover, due to furloughs and layoffs, many individuals are not only grieving the life they once led but also experiencing financial insecurity. Overall, we as human beings are greatly missing connection, freedom, and space. The way to begin to work through this grief is by allowing ourselves to experience it. It seems simple, however, recognizing feelings and not stuffing them away can be more challenging than it appears. The more we try to push the feelings aside, the stronger they will return. If we need to cry, we must give ourselves permission to cry. If we feel scared and helpless about the situation we need to recognize the feeling, allow ourselves to experience it, and then attempt to replace it with something realistic/productive. We can’t dismiss our feelings and thoughts, but once we allow ourselves to feel them we can then replace the negative feeling/thought with something more productive and nurturing. That leads me to additional strategy we can use which will help us persevere. We can exercise. When we exercise it provides a boost in endorphins which are hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system. Endorphins bring about a feeling of euphoria and general well being. So exercise not only helps us to get off the couch, but also improves our mood. It’s a win win. But what about when we are feeling lonely and truly missing the people we love? While we can’t visit friends and family directly, we can find alternative ways to connect. Technology has opened up many options at our fingertips so now is the time to use it. While this time may be difficult for everyone, it is important to recognize that we are not alone or stuck and we do have options. As owner and clinician of Well Roots Counseling, located in Parker, Colorado, I have been seeing many clients virtually who are struggling to cope during this quarantine. Some struggling may continue to suffer in silence because they feel like counseling won’t be helpful since they don’t have mental health issues. Counseling during Covid-19 is not your typical therapy session. It simply offers a safe space to talk about all the feelings and thoughts that have been surfacing, and you can learn new ways to make it through this time successfully. This is new to everyone so we need to figure out what we can do to find comfort and normalcy in this time. Well Roots Counseling is currently accepting new online clients and offers a free phone consultation. Feel free to reach out today. 12 SEARCHCASTLEROCK | MAY 2020

We have everything a big bank has but what we don’t have are monthly fees.

It’s a FREE BUSINESS BANKING ACCOUNT! We are locally owned, operated and prefer things in person ... with a handshake. Every one of our customers is important to us.

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Selling? I’ll give you a break on commission due to the current situation in our economy... Call to discuss! It’s your equity...lets save you thousands of dollars! Sell your home for as low as 2,995* when we help you sell and buy This is the deal I give to my Friends and Family. I am now simply offering it to everyone! Always less than 1% when I help you Sell & Buy! Helping Veterans with $0 down! I sometimes get you money back at closing...CALL ME FOR DETAILS! I’m sponsoring experienced agents if your looking to switch companies. You can earn more than 100% commissions!







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Good soil is a must Never skip on providing good soil. If you’re planting in garden beds, work in two to three inches of compost when the beds are dry. If you’re growing in containers, it’s ideal to replace all of the soil each season. But if you’d like to stretch your gardening dollars and the old soil is free of insects and disease, thoroughly mix in half new soil.


Grow what you know you like Be sure to include what you and your family love to eat. Cherry tomatoes for the kids, maybe? Herbs for cooking or cucumbers for great summer salads? But if room permits, be adventurous! How about little shishito peppers for stir-fries? Or tasty scarlet runner beans that also bring in the hummers?

How to Help Your Veggies Grow Avid Gardner and Tagawa Garden Ambassador Luan Akin

Five Tips for Home-grown Veggies In our enthusiasm to get our veggie gardens up and growing, now’s a good time to dust off some basic do’s and don’ts before we start to plant. Give your plant the right light Whether you’re growing in containers or garden beds, the right light makes all the difference in how well a vegetable crop will do. Fruit-producing crops like tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers and beans need six to eight hours of full sun. Leafy crops like different varieties of lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard and other greens prefer four to six hours of sun. They’ll appreciate some protection from the harshest after light. 14 SEARCHCASTLEROCK | MAY 2020

Dry roots won’t make for tasty veggies If you’re planting from seed, this is critical: Without enough water, once seeds sprout, they don’t wilt. They die. Never let your seed bed dry out. A light watering two or even three times a day may be needed until leaves are clearly visible. If you’re starting from small veggie plants, make sure their tiny root system never dries out. As the plants grow, give them enough water to soak down to the lowest roots. Fertilize properly Don’t love your plants to death. Follow the feeding instructions on the product’s label. Too much fertilizer can easily burn your plants or invite hungry insects and ruin what could have been a great crop!

Elizabeth Schane MS, LPC, LMHC

supporting women in all stages of life

During this trying time, we are altering our practice to best accommodate our clients needs. We are scheduling online appointments to help people through the feelings of confusion, uncertainty and worry of this unique situation. You are not alone! 19751 E Mainstreet #395 Parker, CO


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