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THE STORY OF THE INNKEEPER The innkeeper is a very essential component to the Tudor Era. As the man who maintains a business that provides comfort, shelter, ale, a warm meal, and a place to socialize travelers and locals, the innkeeper is well known throughout the community. Highly sociable the innkeeper is often coming across a wealth of information as he is surrounded by conversation with a wide variety of people everyday.


He’s gracious and caring

He’s always well-informed

He’s well-established in the community

He’s essential to travelers, hunters, soldiers, tradesman, etc.

He’s often times a family man


Made of 100% cotton muslin and features elastic cuffs

Very full sleeves with ruffles at the wrist and a yoke with drop collar

Available in white, natural, or black


A common garment of the Renaissance

worn over a shirt for extra warmth and style

Made with rustic, canvas style fabric for ease of comfort and care

Available from Small to XX-Large (up to 37”–56”)

Machine washable, tumble dry


Carry pouches, favors, mugs, and whatnots with the use of a ring belt

Serves the need for both fashion and function

A really nice ring belt will be handmade and dyed in order to give it those authentic details that we all like to have in our outfits


For both men and women

Made of 100% cotton

Features a drawstring waistband and elastic cuffs

Machine wash and tumble dry

IN CLOSING Without the innkeeper, communities would certainly suffer. Without a credible inn in town travelers would avoid these places as there would be no place for them to find sustenance and rest. The innkeeper is more than just a man who waits on tables and cleans rooms. He is a businessman who provides countless people with comfort and hospitality.

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SUMMARY This presentation highlights some of the major features of the Innkeeper.

The Innkeeper | This presentation highlights some of the major features of the Innkeeper.