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What's it like staying at our house?

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We aim to provide a world of wonder, opportunities that don't exist in normal life, experiences that will last a lifetime. We aim to educate the whole boy. We are special. We are boy-centric and proud of our heritage. Our House Pool Po ol Te Tennis enn nni Dining ng Hall all Ac Activity A cctivi tivi ti vity Gym Gym Quiet Quie et Reading Re Medl Me Medley dl


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VISION STATEMENT: By caring, Tudor House will nurture in each boy... a love of learning a wonder of the world a respect for self a compassion for others ...turning caring boys into well-educated, fine young gentlemen equipped with the life-skills for success in the 21st Century.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome to Tudor House


Director of Boarding


Our Family


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Boarding expectations


Ethos of the School




Student Induction and Mentoring


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Boarders’ Leave Policy


Boarders’ daily and weekend routines


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WELCOME TO AUSTRALIA'S ONLY STAND-ALONE PRIMARY BOYS' BOARDING SCHOOL Tudor House is a unique and wonderful environment for boys. It is the only stand-alone Primary boys’ boarding school in Australia! Our boarding arrangements are specialised in caring for younger boys. At Tudor, you will be part of a special community. Your son and you will form friendships for life. The experience of boarding is incredibly fulfilling. The opportunities and the environment are second-tonone. We offer termly, weekly and casual boarding from Years 3 – 6. We focus on educating the whole child. Our vision is to provide opportunities and experiences that will last a life-time. As one Old Boy (R. Royce 1930-33) states:

"Apart from schoolwork, we were taught the importance of good manners, respect to women and our elders – and in sport to be gracious when winning and to take defeat with a smile. Personally, I will never forget my Tudor years. They were by far the best schooldays of my life."

OUR HISTORY Tudor House is special. Since 1897, Tudor House has been concerned with the education of primary aged boys. It has always been the mission of the School to prepare boys for the next stage of their life. We nurture, encourage and foster each boy’s confidence, resilience, independence, tolerance, honesty and the desire to do well whilst looking after others. Our founder, Wilfred Inman, started his teaching career in 1884. He was one of many British school teachers who came to Australia in the late nineteenth century, accompanied by his wife Mary (daughter of Sir James and Lady Martin – Premier of New South Wales). Their teaching philosophy drew on the notions of ‘manhood’, taken from Ancient Greece and Rome. The students studied the classics, Christianity, Mathematics and English as core subjects. They were well disciplined, were taught to be leaders, worked well in a team environment, were loyal to the monarch and Empire and worked tirelessly in the local community. Carrara, the original school dwelling, was situated in Rose Bay, Sydney. The grounds (370 acres of Crown land) were a gift from William Wentworth to his daughter on her wedding day. In the 1850’s the architect, John Hilly, built an Italian style mansion on the land for John Hosking. For 20 years the property remained in the Hosking family after which it changed hands several times. In 1888 it was bought by Arthur Allen (Grandson of George Allen, founder of the Allen and Allen Law firm). A succession of tenants then leased the property, until Wilfred Inman leased it for his new boarding school in 1899. In 1891, building work for Hamilton House (just outside Moss Vale) was commissioned by Alick Osborne. However, in 1895 and 1901 respectively, Alick Osborne and his wife Isabel died. The house was then put up for lease. Wilfred and Mary Inman took possession of the lease and opened the house (now renamed Tudor House), as a preparatory boarding school for boys. 4

DIRECTOR OF BOARDING The Director of Boarding at Tudor House is a new, nonacademic position specifically implemented to target the needs of our young boarding students, and pursue the highest standards in boarding and pastoral care. Whilst a student’s academic progress remains our priority, our aim in the boarding house is to separate everyday school life from boarding life. After all, the our House is the student’s to enjoy - we endeavour to give the boys the opportunity to relax and unwind in a caring and homely environment. As Director of Boarding, I live with my family (my wife Clare, son Hugo and daughter Beatrix) in Medley House, directly beneath the boys’ dormitories. We believe Medley provides a safe, fun and caring ‘home away from home’. As a mother and father of a young family, Clare and I ‘open our doors’ to the boarders and encourage them to interact with our children – much to the excitement of Hugo and Beatie, and the Boarders themselves!

The Germaine family joined us in Term 2, 2010

The Boarders often push Hugo around on his tricycle and scooter, construct Lego buildings or play with his farmyard set (a very popular pastime indeed!). I have a love for Science, Music, Literature and Sport and being an experienced classroom and specialist subject teacher (Maths, Science and PE), Grade Co-coordinator and Director of Boarding/Housemaster, I believe our Boarders receive an outstanding academic, cultural and spiritual experience during their stay at Tudor House. Having worked at all boys’ schools, I know what makes boys ‘tick’ and how to help them reach their full potential: academically, socially and emotionally. Boarding offers boys independence, routine and an opportunity to forge lifelong friendships. Boys thrive on routine. At Tudor House, we set out definitive routines and boundaries to which the boys respond positively. We hold weekly ‘House meetings’ at Medley where the boys are asked to reflect upon and try to act on the theme of the week, such as, ‘Leadership, Commitment and Inspiration’ etc. The students enjoy our weekly meetings, as it also gives them the opportunity to express concerns or difficulties they may be facing. The weekly Director of Boarding Blog, which can be accessed via the Tudor House Community Portal, is a means of communicating news for the week/upcoming weeks and focuses on various issues in the boarding community.

Mr Germaine helps boys with their homework

We have experienced and caring boarding house staff. Mrs Julie Urquhart (weekdays), Mrs Julie Maloney (weekends) and Mr Sam Goodfellow are the assistant House Mothers/Master and are responsible for the day to day running of the Boarding House, along with evening supervision and prep. They are all dedicated professionals and provide a stable, home-like environment for all our Boarders.

Mr Simon Germaine Director of Boarding

"We chose Tudor in the first place - to build the character of our children whilst still allowing them to be little boys. I wanted the Tom Sawyer experience for my kids. My son the other day was becoming very sentimental and said, "I would not have been able to do all of these things ANYWHERE." 5


Boarding at Tudor House is based on the principle that it should act as an extension of the child’s family.

Our House has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere which provides a happy and structured environment ‘separate from everyday schooling’.

At Tudor House, we strongly believe our House offers boys brothers. As such, it should be fun and social.

Our facilities and opportunities on offer to the boys are wide-ranging. In today’s world, boarding school for primary boys is a caring service of which we are very proud. One fundamental factor lies at the heart of all we do, which is that we are sharing a great joy the development and life of a child.

We want to give our boys the best experiences, which includes: special guest speakers for dining, opportunities in the afternoon to practise sports, play with a readily available group of team-mates, enjoy and be adventurous with weekend rostered special events develop sound habits and attitudes be attentive and well organised - yes, our boys do chores!

This is a fun House; it is a happy house - it is Our House.

Medley House is the primary residence for boarders, with the House Master's flat and Health Care Centre downstairs Boys can be boys together

Tudorians are free to: Run canoe Camp fish for yabbies Build cubby houses race around our BMX track Swim climb trees Explore creeks study native flora and fauna Race billy carts farm crops and livestock Learn bush skills... or simply relax and read in the cool shade of a gum tree all under the watchful eye of the residential staff. Add to this our organised trips to the beach or a friend’s farm, etc. – a Tudorian’s life is NEVER dull! 6

LIFE AWAY FROM HOME – WHAT TO EXPECT For some, going away to boarding school may be the first time they have n extended period of time away from their family and friends. It may even be challenging for some students, especially as they will have to learn new routines etc. Below are some topics and skills that you may find helpful to discuss with your son, in preparation for boarding school:

• • • • • • • • •

Being able to make your own bed Being able to organise yourself and get ready for the day ahead Showering/ washing and cleaning your teeth everyday Changing your clothes/handing them in ready for washing Keeping your own individual space tidy Demonstrating courtesy to the Boarding Staff and your peers To not be afraid when talking to new people Ask questions if you’re not sure about what’s happening Participate in as many activities as you can.

Open plan dorms allow our boys to share experiences and learn more social skills

HAVING FUN... BOARDING EXPECTATIONS At Tudor House we regard Boarding as an extension of a student’s own family. This requires all Boarders to live, play and work co-operatively and with a sense of ‘brotherhood’. Below are some expectations for all students in the Boarding House:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The Dorms are homely and comforting

Follow routines and rules that pertain to the boarding community Keep communal space clean and well maintained, i.e. personal living area, common room, dining hall, showers/bathroom Make sure that dirty clothing is put out to be washed Shower/wash and clean their teeth everyday (twice a day for teeth) and seek help from the Boarding Staff or Nurse if needed Care for personal belongings Work as a team Resolve personal conflicts in a positive manner – seek help from Boarding Staff if required Be respectful to all Staff Communicate honestly with the Boarding Staff concerning weekend leave, etc. Communicate with their parents/guardians using email, telephones, etc. Maintain sensible usage of the internet and computers Show respect for their peers Complete homework quietly and to hand it in by the deadline Enjoy recreation and sporting activities safely 7

ETHOS OF THE SCHOOL... At Tudor House boys are encouraged to adopt a personal philosophy based on these values. SPIRITUAL A love of the Lord Jesus Christ fostered within the Anglican tradition. INTELLECTUAL A love of learning, an open mind, a strong work ethic and the pursuit of academic excellence. CULTURAL A love of art and the beauty of music will be encouraged and fostered. PHYSICAL A love of games, a sense of adventure, physical fitness and a consciousness of the need to live a healthy and active lifestyle. SOCIAL A love of community expressed in co-operation, personal organisation, courtesy and service Boarding grows friendships - good mates - that last a lifetime.

DISCIPLINE... At times, children make mistakes. We view mistakes as learning opportunities. Sometimes, these mistakes have an impact on others and, as a result, are unacceptable. Discipline is only successful when the child learns a lesson that they can carry with them into adulthood. This is the assertive approach. We follow a judicious model.We expect all our children to follow the simple advice: you don't have to be friends, but you do have to be friendly. Where behaviour is deemed to go beyond the day to day management of the Boarding House, we take an involved stance, drawing on our experience to act as advocates, talking through issues with the children, representing and guiding the child. We will integrate strategies associated with restorative justice, such as mediation. We find such an approach builds trust and understanding. The Boarding Staff deal with 'everyday' matters that are central to the Boarding House. Staff draw on the children to take responsibility for their code of conduct, creating Boarding House rules as a 'family'. This focus is commonly referred to as a Judicious Model - or one that focuses on Rights and Responsibilities. The Director of Boarding is the primary focus responsible for overseeing our discipline procedures. Our discipline approach is sensitive to the age and needs of all parties, and includes a number of strategies so that a child learns to take responsibility, make better decisions, and grow in their understanding of right from wrong.


STUDENT INDUCTION AND MENTORING All new Boarders undertake an induction into the Boarding House. This is usually carried out by the Director of Boarding or Assistant Boarding Master. The induction involves learning new routines, such as meal times, study periods, emergency evacuation routes etc. In addition to this, all new Boarders will be allocated a Senior Boarder (Y6). The aim of these mentors is to be supportive and a ‘friendly face’.

HOMESICKNESS To feel a sense of homesickness is a perfectly normal emotion for students living away from home. Many students, including long term (‘old hands’), weekly or even casual boarders may experience it from time to time. All students experience homesickness and it should be expected. However, on a positive side, family connections and friendships are often strengthened when students return home. Below are some suggestions that may help overcome homesickness: • Reiterate to your son that homesickness is perfectly normal – everyone suffers from it. If your son is feeling homesick, encourage him to talk to the Boarding Staff or his fellow boarders. • Parents should be prepared for ‘teary’ phone calls and must always show encouragement and be positive. • Emphasise to your son to participate is as many activities as he can – he’ll make many new friends. • Set up specific phone/Skype call times and try to stick to them – boys thrive on routine.Encourage your son to get quality sleep, so that he feels refreshed the next day (long phone calls are detrimental).

Boarding allows our boys to explore, camp and enjoy our acreage.

• Poor academic grades can often be attributed to homesickness. This can be worsened by anxiety about academic expectations, standards and homework. Academic staff recognise this and will often propose strategies to help. • During leave weekends etc, try to keep the routine ‘normal’, i.e. don’t plan special events (unless it is a birthday etc) – this often heightens the anxiety of returning to school. • Mid-week visits can help, but don’t commit to visits every week – your son needs to make friends at school.

Boys get the chance to ride and skate

With cases of long term homesickness, the Director of Boarding, School Counsellor, Deputy Head and Headmaster may become directly involved and design specific management plans to help.

KID-SICKNESS Be aware that parents - and families - can go through stages of 'kid-sickness', too. Going past an empty bedroom can develop this longing. Focus on the positives - your relationship with your son will be closer as a result of the distance.

Our boys engage in a world where they can explore


LEAVE ARRANGEMENTS Weekend leave is encouraged at Tudor House. We also encourage these students to invite a ‘long distance Boarders’ to stay for the weekend, as it strengthens friendships and gives these Boarders a break from the school environment. At the start of the academic year, all parents and guardians are requested to complete a consent form allowing their son to visit other families. They will also be asked to supply a list of host families with whom their son may be permitted to stay. Additional requests from families and friends may be sort, providing that the Director of Boarding has been informed by both sets of parents/guardians. All leave, with exception to academic leave, is at the discretion of the Director of Boarding. Leave request forms can be downloaded from the School’s internet page. All Boarders are requested to sign out before they leave and sign in on their return.



ARRANGEMENTS/CONFIRMATION OF LEAVE: • Emailing or phoning the Director of Boarding or School Admin Office (Inman House) no later than Thursday afternoon of each week. • Ensuring that any unusual requests are directed to the Director of Boarding well in advance of the leave being taken. • Weekly Boarders need only inform the Boarding Staff if they are not leaving on Friday night as normal • Students must return to school no later than 7.30pm on Sunday unless special permission has been granted by the Director of Boarding.


RATIONALE: • The following policy is aimed to provide security and safety to all Boarders. Tudor House, along with all Boarding Schools, is part of a ‘larger family’ and the Leave Policy has been designed to harness this. • Leave is not advised before academic examinations unless it is deemed that it will beneficial the student.


GENERAL GUIDELINES: All leave applications will be subject to the following criteria: • Parental/guardian permission has been sort and given to the Director of Boarding in writing • The host family has confirmed the leave arrangements with the Director of Boarding before Thursday afternoon of each week • Host families can demonstrate ‘reasonable care’ for the student whilst he is under their care • The Boarder has demonstrated appropriate behaviour in the Boarding House and on previous excursions (if any). • Leave is not to be requested at such times as it may be detrimental to the student’s academic progress • Leave requests do not conflict with School functions • Boarders must sign out before they leave school and sign in on their return. Failure to do so may result in future leave being refused • Boarders are not permitted to sign out or travel in a car with any person under the age of 21 years • All boarders need to have returned to school by 7.30pm on Sunday night, unless special compensation has be granted by the Director of Boarding.


WEEKEND LEAVE ARRANGEMENTS: • Students will be given permission to stay overnight with a host family providing that the host is over the age of 21. • The Director of Boarding may approve leave at his or her discretion. • Host families may contact the Director of Boarding to discuss the leave arrangements if he or she is unknown to them. 11

BOARDERS’ WEEKEND ROUTINE FRIDAY NIGHT: 3.30pm 4.30pm 5.10pm 5.30pm 6.00pm 6.30pm 7.30pm 8.00pm 8.30pm

Classes conclude Boarders permitted to email Hand washing/role call for dinner Dinner (Term1 and Term 4 BBQ Y6 outdoor camp) Activities/games in Common Room Phones on Showers Boarders to their dorms Lights out A focus on boy-friendly but nutritious food is offered.

SATURDAY: 5.45 – 6.45am 7.00am 7.20am 8.00am 12.30pm 1.00pm 5.00pm 5.30pm 6.00pm 6.30pm 6.30pm 8.00pm 8.45pm

Wake up (times depend on location of sporting fixtures) Dorm check Breakfast Sport commitments (depending on location) Lunch Activities or free time First Siren call to wash hands for dinner Dinner role is marked Dinner Showers followed by DVD/Video night. Students permitted to receive phone calls Tuck given out after showers Boarders into dorms for quiet time Lights out

Boarders have access to our fields and equipment for games.

SUNDAY: 7.00am 7.55am 8.20am 8.50am 9.30pm 12.30pm 1.00pm 5.30pm 6.00pm 6.30pm 8.00pm 8.15pm

Wake up Dorm check Breakfast Breakfast concludes and free time Chapel (if not in the evening) Lunch Lunch concludes and excursion free time or activities commence Dinner role is marked Dinner ends and Chapel (if in evening) Showers. Students permitted to receive phone calls Boarders into dorms for quiet time Lights out

Tradition brings respect for the past and appreciation of Tudor's history.



Parents or Guardians whose sons or wards are absent during term time must contact the Director of Boarding to report the absence. If a Boarder is absent during the School day, parents or guardians must contact the School office.


The Boarding House, including all common areas, dormitories, showers, toilets etc are cleaned daily (Monday – Friday). All Boarders are required to keep their personal spaces tidy and free from obstruction, as well as making their bed.


All meals (including recess and afternoon tea) are provided for boarding students. Special dietary needs are also catered for. All meals are nutritious and healthy and menus are rotated on a 4 weekly cycle (see website). Basic catering facilities are available in the Common Room for toast, toasted sandwiches, hot chocolate and Milo.


Students are permitted to email every day before breakfast. Boarders wishing to use Skype must contact the Director of Boarding or Assistant Boarding Master.


Students are not permitted to bring their own collection of DVD/videos to School, as many films are inappropriate for general viewing by younger students. The Boarding House has a wide selection of films for use during film nights.


Students are not permitted to bring their own TV, DVD players, laptops, heaters electric blankets etc. iPods are permitted, but the School will not accept responsibility for their loss/damage.

Ask any boarder and they will state - the best thing about Tudor is the freedom to be a boy!


GUARDIANS It is a requirement that all boarders whose parents do not live in Australia, to have designated guardian. At Tudor House, we require that all proposed guardians be over the age of 21 and reside in Sydney. The Director of Boarding will ask all families wanting to assign a guardian to their child, to attend an interview. It is important that parents and guardians alike understand the School’s philosophy and care of boarders, prior to enrolling their son. Tudor House encourages and expects good communication and involvement from assigned guardians.

GUIDELINES FOR GUARDIANS To maintain regular contact with the student and liaise with the Director of Boarding with matters pertaining to parental leave and home stays: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ensure that the student’s holiday accommodation is organised well in advance of the upcoming holiday. Provide emergency contact details to the Director of Boarding Inform the Director of Boarding when the guardian is away from Sydney and state departure and returns dates Provide an alternative contact person when away from Sydney Inform the Director of Boarding immediately should guardianship cease and provide contact details of the new guardian Inform the Director of Boarding immediately in cases of emergency Make regular visits to see the student at school Liaise with Government departments, e.g. Tax office, Immigration etc, with matters pertaining to the student’s travel arrangements and general welfare etc Ensure that all travel documents e.g. passports are current and up to date Ensure that any health insurance is up to date Attend parent/teacher interviews etc Promote the student’s social and emotional well-being Foster awareness of cultural issues and behaviour Ensure that all student travel is within the parameters laid out by the School

Tudor offers time, space and mates. Tudor is learning of life for life.


HEALTH CARE At the start of each academic year, parents are required to complete a Health form for their son. This ensures that the Nursing/Boarding Staff can identify symptoms and illness quickly. When necessary, the School Nurse will make arrangements for the student to visit a GP in Moss Vale. Boarding Staff will monitor student’s health and welfare outside Health Centre hours. In emergencies, students will be taken to the nearest hospital (Moss Vale or Bowral) and parents/guardians will be informed immediately. Students on prescribed medication must register the drugs with the School Nurse. The Nurse will monitor their administration accordingly.

Our treatment room is new and well-resourced

DENTAL CARE When making dental appointments, please consider the distance and travelling time from School. Alternatively, we can arrange dental appointments for students.

Our new Health Care Centre is central to boarding.

A registered nurse tends to any illness.


At the start of each year, all rural NSW boarders must fill out an application form for free travel on the rail and bus services. Boarders will then be issued with a travel pass that entitles them to free travel at weekends and holiday periods. The card must be carried with them at all times. If the card is lost, a replacement must be paid for.

The Director of Boarding makes bookings for rural boarders at the start and end of each term. All other travel is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.


International students must provide details of all flights to be undertaken. Students must not book flights that result in them missing school days. Parents and guardians must consider the most appropriate method to collect and pay for tickets. Please avoid giving large amounts of money to students.


At the end of each term, all boarders will be required to submit travel plans to the Director of Boarding. 15


All boarders are required to complete homework/prep in the designated classroom. The Boarding/Duty Staff are on hand to assist with homework.


Boarders are required to complete scheduled duties throughout the term. These range from being waiters at mealtimes, setting tables for meals to Common Room cleaning etc.


External contractors launder school uniforms, bedding, towels and linen etc twice a week. Students are responsible for putting out their dirty laundry ready for washing and collecting their clean laundry once it has been returned.


The Captain of Boarding is selected at the start of each academic year. Their role is designed to support and guide younger boarders, as well as act a conduit between Staff and Students. Weekly Boarders’ meeting are held in the Common Room and any issues brought to the attention of the Captain of Boarding are discussed.


Students have many opportunities to participate in the religious and spiritual life of the school. Chapel is held twice a week (Tuesdays and Sundays) and students are welcome to use the School Chapel for quiet reflection at anytime.


Our Boarders shouldn’t need pocket money. However, occasionally we do organise excursions and pocket money may be required. If you would like your son to have pocket money, please place it in a labelled and resealable bag and hand it to the Director of Boarding for safe keeping.


All students are provided with a lockable storage space. Students should provide their own padlock/number lock. Spare keys/codes should be given to the Director of Boarding We ask that valuable items are not brought to school.


Occasionally, parents like to employ tutors to help their son in a particular subject. It is our hope that the afterschool prep sessions will overcome any difficulties your son may encounter and we urge parents to approach our academic staff for assistance, before employing external tutors.


Boarders are permitted to have visitors. All visitors must be introduced to the Director of Boarding and Boarding Supervisor. Visitors must sign in using the permitted Visitors Book, located in the entrance hall of the Boarding House. Visitors are permitted in designated common areas of the Boarding School.


WHAT TO BRING TO BOARDING SCHOOL (refer to clothing list) CLOTHING • • • • • • •

Casual clothes for weekends (kept to a minimum due to storage limitations One smart outfit for special occasions Shorts Tops (t-shirts etc) Jumpers Hat/cap Swimming kit


Shoes (dress pair, casual pair, trainers) Volleys are the footwear most favoured and keep "status of trainers" away from life.


Sufficient underclothing for school and casual wear Pyjamas Dressing gown

SUNDRIES • • • • •

Toiletries (shampoo etc) Duvet and covers Own pillow covers Beach towel Sleeping bag/swag (Y5 and Y6)


As required, e.g. two medium suitcases School bag for sports kit and everyday usage

The Box Room is where all the boys' laundry is stored and labelled.

The laundry "Throw-Out" is collected each evening and sent to King's for cleaning.

Boys can bring in their own bike, which is stored under the new Library, close to the staff area for supervision and safety.


TOGS UNIFORM LIST TOGS @ TUDOR HOUSE – uniform requirements

DESCRIPTION Dress Blues Uniform Blazer Navy Jumper School Socks Baggy Hat Sun Hat Blue Long Sleeve Shirt Dress Long Grey Trousers Dress Grey Shorts Moleskins (T2 and T3) Lumber Jacket Opt. Tie School Raincoat Woollen Beanie Black Belt Brown Belt



1 1 5 1 2 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1

1 2 14 1 2 5 1 3 3 1 1 1 1 1 1

Sports Uniform White Polo Shirt Blue Cotton Sports Shorts White Sports Socks Tracksuit – Top Tracksuit – Pants Rugby Jersey Football Socks White Long Trousers (Cricket) White Long Sleeve Jumper Striped Rugby Jersey (from Yr 3) Navy swimming Speedo’s

1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

2 3 3 1 1 2 3 1 1 1 1

Play & Prep Uniform Khaki Short (from Yr 3) Khaki Shirt (from Yr 3) Grey Long Sleeve Jumper

2 2 1

3 3 2

Additional Requirements Comb Handkerchiefs Garters School Bag Name Tapes

1 24 1 pair 1 12 doz

4 24 3 pairs 1 16 doz

Boarders Additional Requirements Underpants Singlets Summer PJs Winter PJs Slippers/Ugg Boots Dressing Gown (woollen) Toothbrush and box Toothpaste Plastic Soap Box Shampoo/Conditioner – All in one Deodorant (stick form only) no aerosol cans

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

14 9 2 2 1 1 1 As required 1 As required As required 18

OUR STAFF The Boarding Staff aim to support your son, maintain high standards in behaviour, maintain daily routines and answer questions. The Director of Boarding oversees the running of Boarding House as well as the Boarding Administration and is the key contact for all boarding parents/guardians.



Mr Simon Germaine Manages the Boarding School

Mr Sam Goodfellow Manages the daily needs of the Boarders



Mrs Julie Urqhart Oversees the daily running of the Boarding House, along with the laundry requirements, etc.

Mrs Julie Maloney Cares for the boys' well-being on weekends, including collecting eggs, fishing and bike riding!



Sister Shirley Jones, RN Cares for any boys feeling unwell, and dispenses medications.

Mrs Anne Stanley Caring and supportive for boys and families, here with Headmaster's wife, Sophie Stewart


QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 1. How will I cope when my son has homesickness? Homesickness is a very common phenomenon. All students will experience some sort of homesickness during their time away from home. We recommend that you keep in close contact with your son via phone, email or Skype, but slowly reduce the call time over a period of time. Call your son on alternative nights and ensure that you keep the ‘date’, so that he feels secure in the knowledge that you will call. If you have any concerns, please contact the Director of Boarding. 2. Does my son need money whilst at school? Whilst at Tudor House, your son will not need any money. 3. What do I need to do if my son requires prescription medication or a doctor/hospital appointment

or emergency care? When you register at Tudor House, you will be sent a medical form to complete. Any information regarding medication, dietary needs etc will be recorded and kept by the School’s nurse. The nurse will then ensure that the medication is administered at the appropriate times. Should your son need to see a doctor, you will be contacted in the first instance by the School’s nurse to inform you of the situation. An appointment will then be made for your son if you agree. 4. Is my son allowed a mobile phone, iPod or any electrical equipment at school? No electrical devices are permitted at Tudor House, although boys are permitted to have an alarm clock. 5. Am I allowed to visit my son whilst he is at school?

Parents are permitted to visit their sons during the week and weekends, providing that they seek permission from the Director of Boarding prior to the visit. 6. What happens if my son is sick during the night? The Housemother or Director of Boarding will ensure that your son is escorted to the hospital and made comfortable. The duty a staff will monitor you son at regular intervals during the night and pass on the relevant information to the School nurse in the morning. Sister will then contact you if further action is required. 7. Can we call our son at night?

The Boarding House has 5 phone lines. Phones are connected from 7pm to 8pm (weekdays and Saturdays) and 6.45pm to 7.45pm on Sundays. 8. What activities will my son be involved in over the weekends? Weekend activities depend on numbers of Boarders onsite during the weekend. The activities range from bicycle ride, bush walks, art and craft, trips to the cinema, swimming and canoeing (summer months) and free time. During Closed Weekends, more structured activities are organised, e.g. excursions to rugby matches, visits to Canberra or Sydney etc. 9. Can our son return home at the weekends? All Boarders are permitted to leave school at the weekends (unless it is a closed weekend), provided leave has been requested from the Director of Boarding. 10. Is my son permitted to use email and Skype? All Boarders are permitted to contact their parents and friends via email. Students are only to permitted to use Skype to contact their direct family. 10. Is my son permitted to invited other Boarders to saty over for the weekend? Boarders are permitted to invite their friends to stay at the weekends, provided that permission has been sort and give by both sets of parents and the Director of Boarding has been notified. 20



(61) + (02) 4868 0000


(61) + (02) 4868 0003


(61) + (02) 4868 0075


0423 780620


(61) + (02) 4868 0046


(61) + (02) 4868 0009


(61) + (02)

4868 0054


(61) + (02)

4868 0055


(61) + (02)

4868 0056


(61) + (02)

4868 0057


(61) + (02)

4868 0058


(61) + (02)

4868 0059



Tudor House Boarding Handbook  

Boarding handbook for Tudor House

Tudor House Boarding Handbook  

Boarding handbook for Tudor House