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Baby Girl On August 20th of last year (Tucson’s 239th Birthday) the largest baby ever born in Arizona came into this world. Her name is Nandi. And she’s kind of a big deal. Just watch her youtube videos. She is a first generation born American/Arizonan/Tucsonan. The child of immigrants Semba and Mabu. Her parents are from Africa, Swaziland more specifically. They were (like a large population of Tucsonan’s) refugees that were offered asylum in the US. The family found its way here from The San Diego Zoo after much work went into revamping Reid Park Zoo. A whole new exhibit and care facility was built specifically to facilitate the size of a growing family of elephants and a birth such as Nandi’s. Maybe it’s fate that she shares the same birthday as her adopted home. One of those signs from the Universe letting her know she’s exactly where she’s meant to be. Reid Park Zoo 3400 E Zoo Ct

Independent Spirit Downtown Tucson will be welcoming yet another enterprise this fall. Completing the final piece to the new Johnny Gibson Market and Highwire Lounge trifecta, The Independent Distillery will finally open its doors for business. Because of the scope of what they are aiming to do, the Independent will be methodically undertaking their grand plan in phases. Phase One: The Bar Opens The turn of the century stylings and influences will become immediately apparent upon entry. Patrons will see a handcrafted menu of curated liquors, that speaks more to an old school pre prohibition era cocktail scene than contemporary mixology. The Independent will take a hands on, old world approach, towards everything from the locally sourced fruits and vegetables for their “farm to glass” syrups, bitters and juices, to their ice program. Yes, even the ice is getting the special treatment. The head bartender in charge Larry Horvath (formally of the Tap Room at Congress) will oversee the day to day operations. And for 5 and 1/2 days a week they will be open for business. Tuesday thru Saturday 2-close with Sunday being more of an afternoon to early evening event (2-6ish TBA). Owner/Partner Don Northrup has plans to be unveiled on that front that you’ll just have to wait and see. Moving On

Phase Two: Major Production Starts Currently off site, the actual chemistry set that is making Independent’s current batches is still awaiting to hear back on a few final federally regulated details (dotted i’s and crossed t’s and whut not). Within 4 months the Distillery will be moved on site and customers will be able to start sampling in early 2016. Phase Three: Gin and Vodka Bowspray Gin and Abstract Vodka will be the first 2 spirits available. Each spirit will be tied to a story and represent a different cause with a percentage of every bottle sold going to its corresponding charity. Phase 4: Whiskey and Rum 2016 TBA Within a very short amount of time Tucson will be producing its own line of spirits and Arizona’s growing family of wineries, breweries and distilleries is about to get a little bit bigger. The Independent Distillery Tuesday - Sunday afternoon 30 S Arizona Avenue Downtown Tucson

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The Tucson Rock N Roll Museum Coming to the Hotel Congress on Labor Day this year, will be a Rock N Roll Museum celebrating the contributions our city’s native and adopted sons and daughters have made to the sonic landscape. The “pop - up” style event is part of HoCo Fest, the annual event that plays host to 3 days of curated indoor and outdoor concerts from local and national acts. The Museum came about when event coordinator David Slutes put the word out for memorabilia from the last couple decades and a flood gate opened in response. Posters, photographs, newspaper and magazine clippings, all came pouring in. Tucson’s rock history unveiled, from the internationally known Linda Rondstat to the almost famous Gentlemen Afterdark. Hotel Congress will house this collected history in the Copper Hall and it will be on display Saturday the 5th. There will be a gallery style showing of gig posters. And the vintage phone booths in their lobby will be transformed into listening booths of music recorded by Tucson musicians from the 60’s 70’s & 80’s. Hoco Fest September 4th-6th Hotel Congress | 311 E Congress

Romo Season 2 It’s July 8th 11:49 pm and Noah Horton is toasting his friend and band mate Steven Romo. Romo and the rest of Asian Fred are about to play a gig at the Flycatcher. It’s Romo’s Birthday. A year ago bartender and avid drummer boy Steven Romo had a dream. He was going to host his own late night talk show. He’d invite his friends and talk about all the things he loves about his city and the people that make it an interesting place. One Year and 10 episodes/shows later the dream was realized and filed away under Season 1. He found a home for the show at the Flycatcher. He found a producer in documentarian & photo-journalist Andrew Brown. He found a house band in Dirty P & the Thunderchiefs. A wizard to his Oz in Justin Miller. He has theme music (available for download on itunes by the way). He also has a magician named Kenny Bang Bang. He’s interviewed artists, adventurers, bands, brewers, burlesque performers and comedians. And apparently he’s just getting started. December was the tipping point. The holiday show was at capacity and the packed house solidified in his mind that his dream had manifested. It was all very much real. The New Year brought #DefaceRomo. An Instagram hashtag art campaign wherein people were encouraged to deface his cover foto of the February issue of Zocalo Magazine and upload the resulting disfigurement. The results were priceless and the community really turned out some creative and unforgettable (Donovan White) reimaginings of his likeness.

July 3rd 8pm Romo stands on stage at the Rialto Theatre refing a Hot Dog Eating Contest. Sassy as per usual. After a brief summer hiatus Romo is back and Season 2 has begun. When asked what he wants to accomplish this time around Romo says there are plans to take the show up the road to test the waters in Phoenix for a night. He also wants to try filming an episode and see how well the magic translates. The tangibility of pitching an idea to Comedy Central has come up. But Romo wants it to be more refined. He gets nervous just talking about it. He started something he didn’t think anyone would care about, but people keep showing up. So he’s going to keep the ball rolling for another year. It’s August 28th 10pm and Romo just played his first DJ set at Flycatcher and he’s hooked. The Burger Bros have turned the place into an arcade for the night and they just made Romo part of their gang. He’s going to bring them on the show. Season 2 is gonna be rad. Romo Tonight Live Every Last Sunday The Flycatcher | 340 E 6th St

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The Underestimated City 402 N 4th Ave

Mast Maker Tasha Bundy What started as gifts for friends has become a business with friends. The leather tassel that started as a Christmas ornament is now a signature style in a line of jewelry. Tasha Bundy’s unique line of delicate yet edgy personal decoration comes from not only finding the right pieces but putting them together so that her aesthetic shows through. There is a kind of unique poetry to each item that makes it it’s own work of art. Vintage Japanese reverse cameo earrings, African brass beads, Jade & Black Spinel Tasha says she sometimes has to wait a year or 2 for the right pieces to come around in the right quantity and price. Even having worked the annual Gem & Mineral show she says there are years where she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for. The elusive “inspirational piece” of the puzzle. The heart that everything else is built around. With

one piece from here and another from there, the stories behind some of her bracelets, necklaces, and earrings can span the globe. Tasha’s jewelry and that of her friends can be found at their storefront MAST, and online at Mast is located at Mercado San Agustin 100 S Avenida del Convento

THe Army Man Project Rudy Flores aka Mosca Rojo aka Bestia Dentro is the man behind The Army Man Project. After hitting a creative brick wall a suggestion from his son and a series of serendipitous encounters lead Flores and his partner Teresea Estrella to scan and 3D print friends, local characters, and a whole slew of metal bands in a form reminiscent of little green army men. But soon providence would step in and it would all become so much more. Mosca Rojo is the nom de guerre for Rudy’s solo artwork. A reference to a story he has yet to tell in completeness. Flores an artist, with a “Man in Black” type quality, has been working as a sign maker for nearly 20 years and has seen the whole industry grow and evolve around technology. Working in that profession he also kept up with changing times. So when 3D printers became available for the prosumer

he immediately new he wanted one and how he could incorporate it into his art. The scanning and printing process involves a scanner attachment for his ipad, 3D modelling software and a 3D printer. There is something that resonates with people about this project. Maybe it’s the frame of reference of the childhood toy, maybe its the ego gratification of likeness, maybe its the passive nature of participation as a muse in an artists work. Whatever the reasons may be, a very successful Kickstarter campaign saw its goal met this summer within 2 weeks. The Army Man Project is now fully funded and an upcoming series for gallery exhibition is being printed. Artist scanning Artist Flores and Rogo

This artistic direction indirectly led to not only getting to meet with many of his musical inspirations but collaborating with them in his capacity as an artist. Eventually bringing one of his favorite musicians Scott Reeder of Kyuss into Rudy’s own living room to be scanned.

left : Metal band Yob getting cleaned up in 3D. Above: Scott Reeder print.

Bestia Dentro is a collaboration Flores shares with his partner Teresa Estrella. They share a dungeon like studio in the lower level of the Toole warehouse. It is interesting to note that Rudy primarily works in black and white (even the modelling program renders in a monochrome grey) while Teresa is a painter of varied hues. Their partnership involves her literally adding color to his life. Both have taken classes from the Stan Winston School of monster making. The Army Man Project as a whole is a great example of a positive feedback loop where an artist inspired by their community gives back via their craft and the community gives back in kind and that reinvestment further perpetuates both craft & artist. Bestia Dentro Estrella and Flores



To the Left a detail of the King Buzzo scan in the rendering phase. Below. Final print output.


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Phat Entertainment For 15 years Ronnie Spece has worked as a promoter in Tucson’s nightlife scene. Booking weekly club nights and bringing DJ’s from around the world to come and share their vibe. A dance cultural exchange if you will. In doing so, Spece was able to help foster and over the years, nurture a community of dance music lovers, both DJ’s and dancers alike. Born of the Arizona desert rave scene, his love for House and Drum + Bass music is what has been able to maintain his interest in promotion for so long. The nature of change has seen those two genres pushed off to the side in recent years to make way for this generation’s Trap and EDM scene. And although his Phat Entertainment brand is involved in the larger events like Gem & Jam and Trap Fest Spece has opted to pull back from booking weeklys to enjoy producing for himself smaller parties that keep him connected to his roots. To that end MVMNT & BaJo were born.

MVMNT is a dance centric quarterly event at Solar Culture that rotates genres while BaJo (which is Spanish for both bass and low, here a double entendre for Lo-end bass) is a monthly. Held on every first Friday at la Cocina, BaJo caters more towards coinsurers of a kind of dance music that speaks more to the person that wants to lose themself on a dance floor and less to the bottle popper scene. It seems the rave kids of the 90s have become the adults of today and and they need a place to dance. Upcoming events BaJo 9/4/15 at La Cocina Sage 9/26/15 @ Solar Culture

Above: Spece at an event in 2009. on left: Table Manners Thomas Brinson & Clay Steele @ Kingdom previous page: Sonario @ BaJo

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