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Mallory Tucker Client Proposal: The ‘nPlay Foundation Coordinator, ‘nPlay Foundation Programs and Initiatives:

Issue Statement: The state of Kentucky has long struggled with childhood obesity. Ranking 48 out of the 50 states for overweight or obese children as of 2007 ("Kentucky state fact," 2007). There are many national nonprofit programs to help combat childhood obesity, but ‘nPlay offers many diverse opportunities to educate and activate our children. By working with and encouraging administrators, teachers, parents and students to incorporate hands-on activity and education into both school and everyday life, ‘nPlay gives us the opportunity to help reshape our culture with a focus on wellness and lead our children into the healthy futures that they deserve. The benefits brought about by physical activity go far above and beyond just health alone. Student achievement and test scores, self-esteem and other psychological conditions and financial situations are all improved by increased physical activity in children ("About 'nplay foundation," 2014). With a physical education curriculum approved by ‘nPlay, schools are able to easily implement lesson plans, improve activity and reinforce healthy choices ("Achieve!™ physical education," 2013). Local Mission Statement: The ‘nPlay Foundation’s first and foremost goal is “Making Kids Healthy and Ready to Learn.” Led by professional athletes, The ‘nPlay Foundation is fighting to end the childhood obesity epidemic in America. Our belief is that every child should have the opportunity to play and be active on a daily basis. It is this belief that guides us in making schools a place where kids integrate wellness into their every day routines.

Ideas for interviewing: 1. Michael Conley, Health and P.E. Teacher for Murray Elementary School; runs the physical education program for grades K-3. He would be a good source because he could tell me what they are currently doing and outline their future plans, in addition to getting his thoughts and comments on how we could specifically target the local youth. 270-753-5022 2. Ted Booth, Physical Education Teacher for Murray Middle School; reasons: See above. 270-753-2391 3. Dr. Alison Epperson, Health and Physical Education Program Coordinator for Murray State University; she would be a great source to interview as she is a professional in the field of Health and Physical Education, and may have done/know about studies on issues such as childhood obesity. 270-809-2795 4. Elaine Russell, Program Coordinator: Partnership for a Fit Kentucky; she would be a good source as she may know more statistics about Kentucky’s issues with childhood obesity and how the state is handling it within the education system. 502-564-9358 ext. 3843 Sources About 'nplay foundation. (2014). Retrieved from Achieve!™ physical education curriculum. (2013). Retrieved from Kentucky state fact sheet. (2007). Retrieved from

Client proposal  

Client proposal for The 'nPlay Foundation

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